how to desensitize kids.

Concentration camp legos. How quaint.

This is nothing like how it happens on Madmen.

Sex in your office theoretically seems like a good idea. I mean...it can be pretty kinky and spontaneous and all that. It always seems to go smoothly in pornos. But in real life....not so much. People actually end up catching you. Video taping you. People get fired. And mayhem ensues...even at a liberal work offices around the world called ad agencys.

"It was my cell phone, so my co-worker was snapping pictures with his iPhone and I was taping with my cell phone and there was a third guy who was just watching. It was like the Little Rascals just peeping over the wall giggling and running away and then coming back. It lasted about a good 20 minutes."
-an interview with the actual videographer (a creative with an iphone) of Deep Desk Dickin' 3.

So whats the lesson here?
  • If you are going to have sex at work, make sure you have your own office.
  • The best viral videos involve good content (office sex).
  • Iphones get you in trouble.
  • Switching positions every now and then is a good thing.
  • Creatives are always the first to get fired.
and there are so many more....whatcha got?

Here is the actual video.
Reason why you are not in the video, here.
I really wish I knew what agency this was. I have my book ready...

Black James Bond (Jamal Bond).

Diddy used his video blog (barf-in-mouth) to promote  his new fragrance: “I AM KING”. There is a mini-movie involved that he claims doubles as  his audition tape for an upcoming role to be the next “Black Bond”. 

Damn...first it was golf and tennis.
Then it was the White House and the CMAs...
Now it's Bond movies....white folks just cant get a break, they are losing things left and right....

I kid. But seriously...niether Diddy or Jamie Fox are qualified for the role. I choose Denzel (I play a mean troubled detective) Washington or Will (I fight zombies and robots) Smith. And just for fun...what do you think the title of the first Black Bond would be?


"Your hair is like the sunset after an atom bomb went off....
you know, pretty."
-True Blood (season 1)

post turkey day funnies.

ok...this cartoon is kinda tragic/funny...but come on, yall black Friday shoppers are insane. Can someone explain to me how "getting a deal" on a consumer good justifies trampling a man to death?


"What the f*ck??? Look at Mr. and Mrs. Carter with their faces fixed in a not so attractive expression. And why does Jay-Z insist on walking around with those n*gga naps in his head and those bookworm glasses on?"
-Bossip staff,
a celeb gossip blog receives 1,247 comments in response

Nigga Naps???? Wow.

VIA bossip

Word Ads.

When Barrack Obama was elected, Martin Luther King's dream came true. This ad was release the day after the election.

I get it.
But as social commentary...

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada

Yes mam.

I cannot find one thing wrong with this picture. 


Thomas Turkey and Pals.

This is the day. This is the day the lord hath made

....for me to stuff my face, drink heavily with family members (without being judged), watch the new york turkey day parade (the best in the nation...I proclaim), think momentarily about the genocide of the American Indigenous people, play life catch-up/what's the word/who's dating who with the cousins, arduously define my life to all older relatives ("so what is it you do again?"), take a thousand pictures of my little monkey butt god son while he gives me the mean mug and then.... stuff my face again with seconds.

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it. Anyway, I wish you all... a great and safe holiday!Baked Mac & Cheese....here I come!

P.S. i posted this in advance. I'm not some loser sitting around writing posts on my computer while I should be interacting with real people. I'm that other loser who does the previously stated a day in advance.


nice illustrations...again.

Paris-based illustrator Emmanuel Polanco.

Sick LeBron Shoe Spot from Nike.

I tend to talk alot of sh*t on Nike. Not that W+K doesnt make good work for them...it's just that it all looks, sounds and smells the same. But I just watched this spot on kissmyblackads, it's 10am and I got really amped. Who knows what would've happened if I caught it on actual tv...perhaps a "no one is looking, I am in the comfort of my own home" dance. Perhaps.


“I don’t even listen to rap. My apartment is too nice to listen to rap in. I have to be in a way more grimey environment to turn any rap music on”

-Kanye West

Good to know. Makes me feel that much better that I down load your songs Kanezzy.

UPDATE: His explanation for not listening to rap. 

I was going to do this...I swear.

I pulled a pleasant picture of the white house onto my desk top (that's Mac terms for right click -save) on November 4th. But alas...a real agency go to it before me....for paint (not the faux client I would've mocked something up for). *I still have one idea remaining.....

Agency: Amen Creation Montreal 

As for the name of the agency responsible...theology and advertising have no place in the same sentence. Just my opinion...

Tennis, no... Fashion, no... True Love.

This spot confuses me. Or maybe the brand confuses me. Adfreak has a not so enlightening blog post about it. They talk about Bjon Borg the fashion house. Then they talk about Bjron Borg, the dating site. Then they make reference to Bjon Borg...the tennis player. And some how...they are all connected.

I assume the spot is about the fashion line with the tag: Love for All. But then there is some crazy tennis theme to the swanky (sounding) dating site and on the fashion site...Borg, the tennis player is posted all over it. So, is this line from Bjorn Borg or are they simply selling cloths specifically for gay priests?

I'm just trying to wrap my head around it. What exactly is the thread of consciousness here. All things aside...those Swedes sure do know how to stick it to the Catholic Church. Toto...we aren't in California anymore. Don't know the agency.

"Limited Edition"

Introducing, the Nokia 96, a special "limited edition" phone that costs $1,200. It comes with an action figure, Nunchucks and rare photos of Bruce Lee. Here's the thing...limited Edition does not equal viral. Over priced limited edition makes it even less viral. AKA....stuffing a bunch of sh*t in the bag with the product doesn't make it anti-mainstream or more interesting. You are just trying to justify the absurd cost of your fanatic niche phone. 

The only thing you are missing in that months rent of a goody bag, are fridge magnets and bumper stickers. Your kid may have graduated with honors, but mine just dropped over a grand on a phone. What a f*ckin idiot....

Cant hate on the Spot though...

cool illustrator.

This is for you design heads.

50 Stunning Examples of great redesign.....interesting enough...

for the rest click the link quote below...

via WAS

Shiba Inu Dude Cam.

I must apologize, the Internet was down at work today, so I'm doing all of my posting kinda late. BTW, I realized today that a 9-5 without the Internet is very similar to hell. Very. Anywho...remember when I did that post on the the puppy cam? I bet I cheered up alot of people. Well I have another cam for  you guys...and its just as adorable. 

The Dude cam. They sleep. They yawn. And they Sleep.


This...is how you make a viral. Cha....

This is a cool viral for Guitar Hero.

Agency: Droga 5....possibly my dream agency, that's all.

I want it: studded vest.

I dont care what any of you say...I deserve to own this. 
It's by Public School....any of you fashion gurus want to give me a lead....ahem... Aoife...Cas...(Maya)?


"This wasn't any different than going on a date with someone you barely knew and hooking up with them..the only difference is I can pay my rent."

- Ashley Dupri in an interview with People

I respect her gangster. Keep riding that pros popularity wave gal.


Unofficial Zune Ad.

This is so disturbing, that you can't help but to like it. I kinda makes you cringe, and then you smile due to pure ridiculousness.  

Zune Paint from Sibling Rivalry on Vimeo.

What it has to do with the brand or digital music? I don't know. But still....nice. 

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky (allegedly)

Well, we atleast found one of Victoria's Secrets.

Victoria/Victor hires freaks to walk in the nudie show. And when I say "Freak", I don't mean the good kind. Recently Victoria Secret reps confirmed that Karolina Kurkova  has no belly button.


 I had my doubts about the truth factor, like you are probably having now. But I googled it and it's all over the news (well, the entertainment news). I don't want to discriminate here, the "girl" is a hottie. But she was hired to be in a bikini and lingerie for a living. And she is missing a crucial body part both appreciated and needed for the field. I want to get over this...I really do.

But technically speaking...she's an alien. Can't Victor/Victoria find a human with a belly button? We are in a recession and really should'nt be outsourcing. So my question to you dear reader...Should I start a human models union?

This is the future of America.

I feel bad for the poor boy that has to date these little b*tches when they grow up. Eh...how embarrassing for America. 

life-1, shaun-1

Recently, I have been trying to keep personal stories off of this here blog, but I must share...I just got an apartment in Harlem City, New York. HOLLER!
This is epic, because as you may or may not know...I was a grown up in Chicago, and was forced to downgrade myself for my job. Well...it appears as if I am moving back on up but to the west side.

*(cue life story)
After recieving the apartment, i was waiting for the Metro North at 125th and a bum lady approached me for money. What she did not realize was that she had approached me at the same time, in the exact same place, with the exact same story last week. And last week, I was so elated due to the new apartment find...I gave the bum lady $5 (I know, I know...very not me). The encounter went something like this:

Bum Lady: Sir, I hate to be a bother and mean no disrespect, but I am trying to collect money to get on a train to go up to a hospital, cause I'm pregnant....

Me: I don't have any money.

(she stops her story and begins to walk away)

Me: Didn't I give you five dollars last week?

(she looks back, and continues walking away)
(I raise my voice [a lil hoodish] so that all the platform hears me)

Me: I mean...did you go and come back? Or are you trying to collect for a plane ticket...

So....learning lesson, I may be gullable if I have just found the apartment of my dreams. But I'm no idiot. I refuse to get bamboozled twice, in a row. And I refuse to let you get away with it. And you guys should do the same. 

After party at my spot!

Life: 1, Shaun:1 (see the last score)

Bushy go down the hole.

The President (Bush) at the G20 summit from the past weekend. The entire world thinks he has "cooties."

BTW, I can't even begin to explain my thought process to come up with the title of the post.


Happy BDay Mickey!

This week marks the 80th bday of the creation of Disney. And I must give them props.

Disney had a tremendous impact on my upbringing. And I don't think there is a franchise in the world that has done what Disney has done with it's brand. It has literally reached every household on the planet and implanted itself within the individual cultures. Not even Sex and the City can do that.  Though they seem to be falling off of the map these days (loosing their magic)....I can only wish them luck. I would hate to see a future generation grow up without the magic of Disney to lead them and spur their imaginations. I've decided that my "future children" will only watch classic cartoons (not the garbage on tv now). And therefor my "future children" will be better human being and far more creative than yours.

This is a funny skit from SNL regarding Disney's "Vault"....its funny. 

I actually own Song of the South on VHS. Anyway, HAPPY BDAY(s) MICKEY!

“That’s exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany and it’s exactly what the Soviet Union did...when he’s proposing to have a national security force that’s answering to him, that is as strong as the U.S. military, he’s showing me signs of being Marxist.”
- Georgia Congressman Paul Broun refering to Pres Elect Obama reign

Hate or fear?

VIA the news (lol)

LOST 2009...Print.

I just peed on myself a little bit...again

Racial Ads (PDA ads).

Ok, I was trying not to post this, since interracial dating seems to still be a BIG THING, but this spot makes me nauseous and uncomfortable. 
Making Out Is Legal

I made it all the way through once....but now I can't even look at it. I just listen to girl who clearly hails from a HBC, breaking her parent's heart. What would her Sorors think? But seriously....the PDA is grossing me out. It doesn't matter what color you are...if you are making out like this in public and you have graduated from high school, you need to be arrested. Forget about declaring yourself, lets try declaring your maturity. 

Just for chuckles...Chris Rock sheds some light on the subject.

Agency: AGENCY Mammoth Creative Inc.


Throw Back Thursday presents Jean-Claude Van Damm (again). But for good reason. He did a recent interview about an indie film he is in, about his own life. It is called JCVD. If we can get over the initial hurdle of "making a movie about yourself and titling it as an abbreviation of your name," then we can move onto the interview. Here is a snippet of my favorite part. And the reason why Jean makes the list for the second time. 


Beautiful? Why?
I really opened myself up in "JCVD." I peeled back the skin of the fruit, cut the pulp and then took that very hard seed. In this film I cut that hard seed, and inside that seed was a kind of liquid cream substance of the man I am, or the woman you are.
OK —
It was like being naked—I would love to be naked in front of you.

Well, I —
Not being naked being naked. I say such things in
Hong Kong and they thought I was being a crazy Frenchman. Being naked of protection.

So you've no regrets at all?
Believe me—I've done very good stuff and very crazy stuff, and I don't regret the crazy stuff. So are you in New York?

Yes, I am.
And are you 27, or 32?

I 'm 22.
Oh, fuck. That is very young. Will you come to the premiere?

I don't know. When is it?
I don't know. You will wear all black, a black dress and high heels?

Uh —
You can come find me, I will be the one with the very broad shoulders, dark hair and a simple suit. We can have some champagne, you and me.

This is gold, and it makes me hope that Jean is capable of re-entering the lime light of celebrity greatness. The same celeb greatness he had back when he made Street Fighter

*Fingers crossed*

The Quebec Federation of Milk Producer Ads.

Line: "Milk, a natural source of comfort."

1. I thought that America was in the sh*tter, but apparently Canada is stuck in a perpetual Tim Burton movie. And that sucks. 

2. Those goth twins toward the end of the spot were the creepiest thing I have seen in a long time. And I blame it on milk

3. The music...ahhhhhAHHHHHahhhhh *piano* ewwwwEWWWWewww (please repeat)

Agency: BBDO Montreal for the Quebec

That Clumsy King.

BK (Burger King not Brooklyn) has a new reverse pick pocketing spot that's actually pretty humorous. I have always found "the King" spots produced by Crispin Porter + Bogusky to be just... just too silly, for no good reason. But the King seriously just stepped up his game a bit with a new marketing ploy.

So, BK hires these undercover agents that roam around dropping thier wallets in high traffic areas. When an unsuspecting good Samaritan picks it up to return it, the agent tells them to       "keep it, it's on the King." Inside the wallet there are a few object: a note from The King to keep the wallet, cash ranging from a $1 bill to $100 bill, a gift card to Burger King, a “driver’s license” featuring The King, and a map of Burger King restaurants in the area in which the wallet was dropped. 
The best part is the details on the license. And the free wallet isn't a bad plus either. I need a new wallet. For now, the marketing ploy lives in Orlando and Chicago only. Chicagoans (ites) would go out of their way to return a wallet. If it was here in NY...say, if it were me, I'd probably gut the thing and take the wallet and cash (and clever license). Don't Judge me. 

I applaud this idea. This is true guerrilla marketing. 



One would think that Snoop and Martha in the same place would be awkward.
Nope. It's hilarious.

I wanna hang with Snoop and cook some sh*t. Looks like fun. 

In 2012, they will pick the final four hosts (cue the end of the world).

I just got back from Quantum of Solace. I will write a detailed review on it later. But right now, I have a bone to pick with movie marketing people. I just sat through the teaser trailer above. And I must say....it got me. Immediately upon returning to a computer with internet I did as I was instructed and googled 2012. This is what I got.

NCAA was the leading result on Google for my search. Several links down, I was able to pull together enough info within my damaged and filled brain to realize that there was reference to some type of Mayan doomsday. Youtube is filled with virals. And sure it looks like every other end of days flick. There may even be Aliens (cause we have never seen that before). 

My problem....they told me (a captive audience member) to google something for answers. And when I did, the first result did not help me. You can't do that to consumers. Don't tell them to google something, when you haven/t brought enough media space to fulfill your promise. It's stupid. Your movie is stupid (and done before) and I, refuse to waste my money on it. 

Good day sir.

"...a heavy legacy of failure and crimes awaits you." said a representative of Al Qaeda about Pres elect, Obama. "In you and in Colin Powell, [Condoleezza] Rice and your likes, the words of Malcolm X (may Allah have mercy on him) concerning 'house Negroes' are confirmed."

Is this American Propaganda? House Negroes? I'm not sure I completely believe this?