The Linkdown: That wierd time between Christmas and New Year.

1. Have a very Zombie Holiday!

2. Yeah....Prancer would do that. He is totally gay.

3. This is pretty cool. Disney's Christmas Parade...time lapsed.

7. Snow Penises are illegal? Since when?


A Few feet of Snow.

This is not my picture...but NY had quiet the snow test yesterday. And it failed. When people are sliding into the subway station, it's called a fail Mr. Bloomberg.



Throwback Thursday: AlI want for Christmas...is you.

Leaving the office for the last time in 2010? You need to be playing this. Mariah might be a little cray cray now...but this is a classic.

A Stella Christmas.

Santa's driving drunk this year. Don't bring no sloppy ish to my house Nicholas. Thannks Puerto Rico for the warning.

Agency: Eje Sociedad Publicitaria, Puerto Rico


Creepy Santa: Nicholas was....

39 Degrees North: Christmas Card 2010 from 39 Degrees North on Vimeo.

I knew it, I knew, I knew it......

As a kid, I use to try and tell people that this man could not obviously like doing this each and every year. It seemed more like a chore to me. And low and behold, now that I am an adult...it turned out to be, another chore. And I only have to get like 6 gifts. I'm just glad Santa thought (was cursed into it) so to.

Zombie. Fela Kuti.

So...you'll have to excuse me. I just took the parents to the Broadway play FELA...and I have been playing the soundtrack on replay since. Which is something I do (you shoulda saw me after I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway- the movie, of which is also my favorite thing ever). Anyway, the play is about the Nigerian revolutionary activist/singer Fela Kuti and his life...more or less. That's all I'm giving you, cause this isn't a wiki page. The play itself, it's pretty good. The older folks love it.

So...I guess this is my cleansing. And it's about time this blog went just a little global. Pure africo beat (with a message). That's right...I'm cultured b*tches!


A Separate Reality.

Awesome paintings by Alex Andreyev.

Irina Shayk for GQ Spain.

The end.
Apparently GQ photoshopped her cloths off. And the problem would be....

The 365 days Emoticon Calendar.

Fill it in yourself. Nice thought.

Every Zombie Death in "The Walking Dead.

Great show. Great video. I love Zombies.

Watch, "I've got no hands."

No when people ask you for the time...you can say. "Yes, I do have the time...but I still can't help you...sorry." I love it.

A Christmas Song from Kanye.

I live in Harlem. But I will not be playing this song at all this season. Lol. Maybe it grows on you or something....but I'm not impressed.

VIA antiquiet

Snooki likes nuts.

Keep making that money Snooki. See some other semi famous people go on and on about Pistachios. My opinion...."meh." It's definitely not as good as the Emeralds nuts campaign. Nut vs Nut.

Electric Screwdriver Wine Bottle Opener.

"The Bosch IXO Vino is a cordless screwdriver with a very special attachment. Specifically, a corkscrew that allows you to open wine bottles. That's right, you can pass this puppy off as a fancy wine opener. Otherwise, it's a pretty nice little screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery for cordless operation. Unfortunately the $63 price tag seems a bit salty for what it does."

Genius Christmas gift....if you are still looking.

Cool Editorial.

An editorial called “Cut & Paste” by Damien Blottiere featuring all Calvin Klein pieces

VIA trendland

O'Reilly tells us about Jesus.

Ewwww, just intime for the holidays (in response to this). The scriptures apparently tell us to give tax cuts to the rich. Well ofcourse they do....

VIA mediamatters


Sneaker Swag: For the Ladies.

Ladies....you know what you need to do.

Movie Time: Good or Bad....their coming.

Battle: Los Angeles: What we need to do is... figure out a way to foil Daft Punk before they team with the Aline nation that chooses to use hand-to-hand combat to take over Cali. Take that...city of Angels.

The Smurfs: Yes. This is still happening. Put this up there with the Yogi Bear movie. And we can make a bon fire for all the classics to burn into complete and utter uselessness.

Limitless: So let me get this striaght Bradely Cooper...the magic pill that you dont know a good damn thing about, was a bad idea????

Thor: So there's a new poster.....but did you guys here about the controversy surrounding actor Idris Elba (the Brit) about playing the role of a traditionally white Nordic God? This is a fictional comic book. And this is a fictional movie. But hh yeah...but this is also America.

The Tree of Life: It's true. At first you feel like you are watching a commercial. And then....whoops, Sean Penn. And then you dont know what the hell is going on.

Aliens vs Cowboys: Raise your hand if you feel like you just got a little bit stupider. Or is it more stupid?

Branding Santa.

Pretty funny. Find out more...
or just see the pdf

"Dont Waste your Sperm (on all those koalas)."

I'm guessing there is some type of lack of sperm epidemic in Australia. Because when a sperm donor clinic has to place an ad (an gross ambient at that)....there has to be a dire situation going on.

"A fertility clinic in Australia placed an ad in FHM that caused the magazine's pages to stick together. When unstuck, the pages revealed a woman posing in lingerie...The message being—donate it at the Repromed fertility clinic instead."

I don't want to be that creative that nit picks. But....being a man, I must point out a simple truth. Men don't jerk off into magazines. We are evolved biengs. We use high class apparatuses (apparati?) like....tissues. And....paper towels. And....well, bed sheets. Also, I wish the line was different. "Waste of sperm" is not the incentive to make a dude anonymously donate his sperm. Lack of money is. You'd be surprised what you'll do in college for a quick $300.

cough:: Not that I would know or anything :::cough:::

Agency: Jamshop, Adelaide

I want it it: Zombie Attacked Hoodie.

A necessity for the apocolypse that obviously must happen.

This is a great gift for your designer friends.

Unless ofcourse they are digital designers.....

The Linkdown: My Gift yo You on Xmas.

1. Yep, that throwback just happened.

2. And you thought you had a good time at your holiday party.

3. Why fix the saggy pants craze when you can make money off of it. Introducing the man garter belt suspenders.

4. I would like to that Santa for Megan Fox. That's it.

5. Ok...I hate posting baby crap. But this some cute shit.

6. Should guys groom their pubic hair? A winter discussion indeed.

7. Playstation kinect gets kinky. It was only a matter of time.

9. Top Google searched of 2010! Next year Im gonna be on this ish.

11. The UAE doesn't quiet understand Christmas....but they spent alot of monay anyway.




Creatives: Why we are crazy.

As you stroll the halls of an ad agency you often encounter people wearing baseball caps, wandering aimlessly and muttering to themselves. We call these people "creatives." They are the ones who make the ads. They are always confused. Here's why.

-They are pressured by their leaders to do "great" work. But when they do, they usually get reprimanded for not being "on strategy."

-They are encouraged to win awards. But when they do, they are dismissed as childish narcissists.

-They are highly paid, but rarely listened to.

-They are told that it's "all about the work" but come to learn that it's "all about the metrics" or "all about the relationship" or "all about the conversation" or "all about" whatever the cliche-of-the-month is.

-When they say advertising is an art, their clients say it's a business.

-When they say it's a business, their clients say it's an art.

-When they finally get something good produced, it fails.

-When they produce mundane crap, it works.

-When their friends like it, their clients hate it.

-When their clients like it, their friends hate it.

-They are encouraged to be collaborative. But the more people touch their work, the worse it gets.

-They are counseled against becoming prima donnas. But they see that the people who get good jobs are often disagreeable monsters.

If they weren't confused they'd be crazy.

I loose my mind atleast three times a week. However...I am not highly paid.


Dogs and the office Christmas party.

Sorry guys...crazy week. Not alot of posts....I hope this hold you over. Be back soon (if I dont contract alcohol poisoning at the office xmas party). Yes...in my mind, a cute dog youtube video inspired a booze joke.


Thor 2011.

What do we think? Im a big Marvel dork...but I must admit, I dont know jack diddly about Thor. Or his comic story....


Dang Woodchucks!

I like this spot. Cause I'm a dork. I also know the answer to how much wood, a woodchuck can actually chuck. Do you?

Covering Dec.

It's weird to see Jason Stackhouse all cleaned up. Isn't it?

I personally cannot wait to go through the new security measures at the airport.
And I WILL choose the pat down. I've got no shame.

Keri is turning out to be a freak. And I like it.

Katy Perry does Bazaar. Least slutty picture I've ever seen of her.

Meh....Kanye. Meh.

Don't like the red wig (just my opinion).

Eve? Where'd you come from?

Pamela Anderson's 13th Playboy cover. How many times could her vagina have changed since the 5th time (and the porno tapes).

The cover makes seems to make the metaphor that Palin is missing pieces of her brain. Am I the only one catching that? Don't read the words. Just look at the cover. Haha, hysterical. Cause I completely agree with it.
Interesting idea. Shapes.

Awwwwwww......Raven got her own cover.
She's all grown up now.