What in kitten hell?

I experienced a range of emotions within this spot. The first was fear. Then I went on to utter glee when they began to battle. Then there was confusion.  According to the agency this campaign, "tells the story of a kitten headed hero who battles a gang of feral baddies.

OK....I did see that. But what do these fighting kittens have to do with a car? In particular, what does it have to do with a Toyota Corolla? Oh, but don't you worry, there is a micro site. On the site you can see some print stuff with the same treatment as Sin City and a tag that says Corolla, Packed with a lil' action

I mean....I just don't know what's going on here. I enjoy a good fight scene. Kittens are ok (when they are not cats). But what the hell is going on here? And why is this a car commercial again?

Agency: Publicis Mojo, Sydney Australia

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