Idiots on Thanksgiving.

....the true story of Thanksgiving is how socialism failed...

And people listen to this. Willingly. And regularly. Be frightened....

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Newsflash: God gets Tweets.

For dropping a pass in a football game. I'll blame god. VIA tweet. GOAAALLLL!

Japanese Synchronized Gymnastics.

To start off your Tuesday...the majestic Japanese.

Conan goes black.

So, Conan realized that while he is indeed funny, and has made some really memorable spots to promote his new show on TBS, he may have a gap in the market. You see, he has never made any "black commercials." So with the help of one of his writers (a black guy), she has since launched like three involving classic black scenarios like card games and the Apollo. But the one below....is my favorite. It reminds me of a Hennesy commercial. And we all know....black people love their cognac.


Can't tell you how true this is.

Murakami in NY.

"...among the usual floats in the macy’s thanksgiving day parade were takashi murakami’s kaikai & kiki characters. the japanese designer specially created the giant floating balloons and rode along with them dressed in a green flower costume. macy’s began their collaboration with murakami in 2008, but it wasn’t till this year that he was free to work on the floats..."

I love this. Among the classics were these little nuggets. Genius.

The Simpsons strike twice.

The Sunday before last:
This past Sunday:

That's two....two times a funny.

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Can't you just image Spidey saying.."Boop."

The Time (Dirty Bit). Black Eyed Peas.

I think I've said it before. Black Eye Peas aren't about anything. I would never buy their album, because it all sounds the same. But with that said....this fact should be embraced. And they make fun videos.

The Fold.

This....is very cool. In it's simplicity and usefulness. But it's not $95 worth of cool.


"We regretted never doing something for Nolan's awesome movie Inception, and we wanted to do something special for Thanksgiving, so we combined the two! Hope that you guys have a great holiday season! "

Equality Ads.

Line: "Let's do something about discrimination." Probably not as complex as it could be(the line could def do a bit more work)....but, what do we think about this attempt at social equality campaigning.

Agency: Publicis Conseil Paris, France

Thanks alot Adidas.



Turkey...you are so dumb, you are really dumb, fo real.

Happy Turkey day guys and gals! This is the exact holiday, when we put back on the winter weight that we just lost over the summer. Oh, and the awkward family moments. Lucikly, I am secure enough in my oldness of age to drink heavily without regard to public opinion. Hurray! Enjoy.


4th Amendment Underclothes.

This is interesting. Call me old fashioned....but I dont want to be on a plane that will blow up. The fact that it's flying thousands of feet above the ground is crazy enough for me. But I dont need to be sitting next to people with bombs in thier tube socks. That said....I just want to make my flight. So if you guys are gonna protest on the security lines, use these.

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Green Lantern.

I must say...I was never a fan of the Green Lantern in particular. His time on the Justice League...sure, but this....this doesn't look all that great. Or am I just be a douche? Oh I know, maybe it's the fact that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (from Gossip Girls) are the leads. That's all too unbelievable in and of it self....

PS For the ladies (and select gents). Word on the street is that Ryan Reynolds is nakey the entire time. He is not wearing a suit at all. It's all computers.....EWWW La La.

Battle Of The Lords: Vader Versus Voldemort.

click and see it bigger, or see it here.

Holiday Ad Gone Wrong.

Now....if I were put in charge of making a men's underwear ad for the holiday season, the logical situation would be "models partaking in actions done among consensual adults." But in Brazil....this is what you get. Menstruating mom's back up boy-toy secretly stealing a glance at the kids in the middle of the night in his boxer briefs.....


I'm thankful for Fun Promos.

"The latest collaboration between illustrator/director Nathan Love and NBC to wish their viewing audience a Happy Thanksgiving holiday is this 30 second promo which starts airing today."

I'm glad to see things like this start making it back to tv. It reminds me of the late 80s early 90s...when people had fun with thier brands. It's cute.

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Pretty Girl Rock. Keri Hilson.

I liked the song before.....it was catchy. But now that I have seen the video, I'm really into it. Reintroducing the music videos with a concept. Josephine Baker to TLC (though she really shouldn't have touched that particular Janet song if she cant dance, lol). Very nice.

Sneaker Swag: Puma Urban Motus.

Damn, these are all me, all day.


The Linkdown.

1. After you take in the picture. Please note that the Situation has made it onto GQs Men of the Year list. This just in.... GQ has lost all credibility....

2. It's 10 am, did your kid get strip searched today? How do you feel about the TSA?

3. "Lick the most elegant way!" Oh word...we just went there.

4. You look DELICIOUS.

5. Drop the word "Little"...and you have Underworld, seasoned in The Village, baked heavily in Twilight with a side of Mean Girls. Red Riding Hood.

6. Let's inspire street racing shall we.


8. The Haroshi Nike Dunk is sick to death. Wowzerz.

9. Nom Nom Nom......cemetary...Nom, Non, Nom...

The True Clean Towel.

This....goes at the very top of my list of useless things that are very, very, very important. And the spot...is ridiculous. So...that's a win.

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For Sneaker Heads.

Sneakerpedia Trailer from Sneakerpedia on Vimeo.

SNeakerpedia.com, for Sneaker-Heads. Ok...footlocker.


A Rising Star.

You guys know all about the goat that screams like a man right? But do you know about the goat that does Usher covers????

Zing. And now you know.


"Barack Obama's presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history."

-Rush Limbaugh

Unbelievably scary that you can openly say these things about the President currently in house. Oh and then you have fucking Sarah Palin writing a book calling the President and his wife "unpatriotic" and "racist". Really scary.


Ohio artist Christian Faur

Hot Chics: Yasmin Deliz.

I just finished watching Next Day Air. And this "actress" was bad. That's all I know about her. If you are into Boricuas from the Bronx. This hot chics editions is for you!