The Linkdown: Halloween Edition.

1. Oprah has a new logo.

2. Creepy Fashion. Just in time for Halloween.

3. Rubber bands that make shapes....for grown ups. Wait, so the dinosaur one i wear on my risk is for whom exactly?

4. The Obamarator. Yes...that just happened to the current President of the United States.

5. You may have thought you were a loser when you lost your job because of face books Farmville. But atleast you arent shaking your baby to death.

6. Not even Jimmy Choo can un-ugly Uggs.

8. Being a wine prick gets you nowhere. Isn't that right JC?


Loving You No More.

This song is dumb old. It's just now having a video Diddy...really? This is why all of your music group ventures fail.

Still like the song though.


I Have PSD.

I Have PSD from Hyperakt on Vimeo.

I would own... literally own the world if it was based on my skills and love of photoshop. So...you are all lucky.

VIA oneplusinfinity

Halle "these young b*tches still cant handle" Berry.

I mean seriously. It's been damn near a decade and you just refuse to fall of the 10 hot women list. Damn. Your hottness is persistent. Her...recently at some award show or something...looking hot.

I mean....how many years will this woman reign????

One In a Million. Ne-Yo.

1. For some reason I love this little song. Even though...the beat is directly stolen from the one hit wonder Truth Hurts.

2. Does anyone else get a little nervous for the video girl? When they are on the street...I feel like she couldve blown her rape whistle or something. Ne-Yo, that's called stalking....

3. You cant really expect to win a girl over when your back-up dancers are clearly flamboyant. No hate. But when was the last time you used to dancing gay guys as your wingmen while you were trying to pick up a chic? (or maybe there is something, I dont know).

That is all.

ADC does Toy ads.

Ive been meaning to post these for a while. At first I wanted to show the teddy bears rough last minute sex on the couch. But the the cocain squikys made me laugh. But you cant just ignore the rule of threes. So I posted them all. These are for the AD Club in Germany. It's the latest self aggrandizing sex ads for people and from people who make ads themselves. Things doing sex seems to be a running truth for people in advertising. Line: For those who play seriously.

I Love my Friends: Jason.

So...one of my genius friends from New England raised a provocative, yet logical question on facebook last week. He has a rep for a certain type of question. The last one of this grandeur was "What would win in a fight....a bear of a killer whale if they where both standing in 4 ft of water?" Tough right? Well this time he set himself to the face book status. And he supplied ups with this brilliance:

Who would win in a fight, Aang from Avatar:The last Air Bender or Goku from Dragon Ball Z?

And this lengthy status debate was what followed went on for several days:

Though the names have been changed to protect the innocent and their views...I am the one with Mojo Jojo as my profile picture. Some major quotes from perhaps the best debate I have had in months. A few jems in the convo:

no, Avatar has the ability to control the Elements. Goku can shatter the planet right from under him with the spirit bomb. and remember UNLIKE Goku, Aang isnt superhuman or can resist massive physical injury. the instant transmission and a Kamehameha wave would Kill AAng
He controls the elements that runs the planet man...everything that goku thouches avatar controls...plus that spirit bomb takes time to charge up...the avatar aint goin to sit there and let him charge that shit up.
dude, have you even watched Dragonball? Goku BLEW UP AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN WHEN HE WAS ONLY 6!!!!!!
Less you forget, Ang can water bend. If we break it down, all beings are made up of at least 90% water or something. All ang has to do is remove all water from goku's body and he is DONE!!!
um.. again those are HUMANS, NOT ALIENS. the part that you guys are missing is that most of the stuff that aang has done to affect humans.

With life being as busy as it is now for us 90's babies.....convos like this are once in a life time. Luckily, I have aligned myself with friends that ask trivial yet completely relevent stuff like this. More importantly....what do you think? Who would win?


VW 'Milk Run".

Sam Peacocke | VW 'Milk Run' from Rokkit on Vimeo.

So let me get this straight...VW is trying to tell me I pick my nose in the morning? VW...you dont knoooowwww me. What the f*ck.

I kid. This is nice.

*** in Public.

*** stands for art. Geeze, get you mind out of the gutter.
Art about being in the gutter by, Claire Streetart. See more here.

Toot it and Boot it to a Rap Song

Here is the Official Humpday playlist for the week and what lyrics are filled with prostitued thoughts.

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1. hey girl I can have you feelin right
I can supply the pipe
just make sure its tight
2. Enough class for wine, still handle patron
3. Yo' baby mama payin' all yo' bills, you'z a busta
4. Bitches love me cause I'm fuckin' with their best friends
5. (this is for the rihanna song, i forgot to delete far east movement)
I need a boy to take it over
Looking for a guy to put in work, uh
6. and girl you know you dealing with a veteran have you ever been broke off
7. I'm diggin' in ya coochie while we listenin' to Gucci on a rap song


What should you do LeBron?

Nike has decided to give Lebron a platform to tell the world yet again...."I dont care what you think...Imma Get a Ring son."

Do you man. In the end...it's just a game.


The World's Largest Gummi Worms.

I know, I know. I should be grossed out. But I'm really not. It's girthy, but not intimidating (no homo). Big, but not too long (no homo). And color is not an issue if it's going in my mouth (also no homo).

Wait a minute....did they just make the world gayest mutant candy.

Halloween Countdown 3:Doggy Costumes.

Top 40 Best Dog Costumes. I cant promise you that all the dogs look happy, but I can promise you that what youre about to see is the most acceptable form of pet torture known to man. And...the Antoin Dodson doggie above, is only ranked number 14!

Runaway. Kanye West.

Aqui. Watch it...before someone takes it down. Or blogger sends me a message telling me about infringement. Yea...that happened the last time I posted a Kanye video. It's called the internet blogger. The internet.

Oh yeah...and I hope oyu have 30 spare minutes. But if you dont, the video starts at minute 13. You are welcome.

Hummmannnn Figgght!

Ha. It's only fair...after years of prejudice.

Rape Ads.

So, I guess in Australia this ad above for CK denim is waaaaaay to racey. Australia's Advertising Standards Bureau said the following about

"...The Board considered that whilst the act depicted could be consensual, the overall impact and most likely takeout is that the scene is suggestive of violence and rape...The Board considered that the image was demeaning to women by suggesting that she is a plaything of these men. It also demeans men by implying sexualised violence against women."

Ouch. Four malnourished models in one place. They were probably trying to eat each other. Cause you know....CK jeans are tight. And you have to be skinny to fit them. Anyways....seriously, in this case...it appears that America has a thicker skin than the rest of the world. Wow. I must admit, as I get older Australia is losing its coolness...more and more.

The Coke bottle Sex Toy.

There. I said it. We were all thinking it.
Bottle concept designed by French designer Jerome Olivet


35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

35mm... a 2 minute journey through the history of film. Nice stuff.

R.I.P. Cassette Player.

The Sony Walkman has finally been laid to rest. I could do a whole, I remember the time I use to listen to thing. But seriously, I dont think I feel any remorse. They shoulda toke the discman down first.


Covering Nov.

Boobs arent out? Surprised, I am.

I like the idea here. But I dont agree with the love shown to the particular artist in question.

Ha. When grown men send pics of thier privates via text, is when the NY Post shines.....

Kim Kardasian on the cover of W's art issue. :::Blank Stare:::

Hmmm. I cant remember the last time I posed with a male friend of mine...and decided to put my arm around his bare shoulders. Im just saying.

This is the cover of Kanye's new album, that was allegedly banded in the US. But then wasnt. But now its confirmed that Walmart will not sell it. Wait...this just in, who cares?

Harry Potter....

This album cover reminds me of It.

Pee Wee, I'm guessing the world has forgiven him for getting caught masterbating in a public space.


For you on the Weekend.

Sorry for the lack of posts.
Crazy work sitch happening.....enjoy. See it nice and big here.


The Linkdown (I have been trying to do all week).

2. Steve Jobs, "I know...lets just make it smaller, again."

3. Another Rhianna video. The real question is who do you think makes more music...this chic or Drake?

4. Don't ask. But please...do tell!

5. The kids of Glee spice it up (kiddie porn). Cause how long can you go on doing karaoke on tv?

6. Did you guys see 30 Live last week? Hysterical (watch the west coast one right after).

8. I'd vote for him. He definetly seems to be the most together of the bunch.

9. What's better than watching Juice heads in their natural habitats on reality. Watching douche bag massholes.

Marvel meets Tron.

See...this is the outcome of Disney owning marvel. Mash-ups that shouldnt happen. Hooo-hummm. Next they'll have Princess battling Sentinels. Or Micky Magnetos. Or like....Beast from Beauty and the Beast vs. Beast from X-Men. Wait...that would be an interesting battle. My money is on the blue one. See more here.

Sneaker Swag: Hendrix Chucks.

Jimi Hendrix’s career was short-lived, but his music left an everlasting imprint on all of us. Worship rock and roll with shoes adorned with Jimi’s album cover art from "Are You Experienced", “Axis: Bold As Love” and “Electric Ladyland.”

I literally just brought a pari of shoes, so I really dont need to be getting all giddy about another pair. But these are hot. No?


Kids React to Viral Videos.

It's a video...of exactly what the post title says. And...it's gone viral. Next they should have kids, watch this video....of kids watching videos. Jigga whaaaa.....

VIA bestweekever


Mad Men Illustration.

by illustrator, Stanely Chow.
Joan is still hot as hell, even as a chartoon. Errr......

Girls are Pigs.

But only if you wear these cloths from this particular vendor.....riiiigggghhhttt. I know exactly how this guy feels.

Sidenote: The guy's accent made it so, I couldnt think of anything but Lord of the Rings the entire spot. My precious denim.....

VIA thedenverwgoist

Ewwww, take that Old Spice.

Two completely different demographics. That's why this call-out doesnt work. What's this all aboot?

Whip My Hair. Willow Smith.


Ok...so the first video is the actual one for the song (if you couldnt figure it out). Dlisted says it best "...an ode to kindergarden whiplash." But seceretly....we are all wishing we were the children of Will and Jada Smith, right? Am I lying?


You should listen to this.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC tells some truths about Muslim, terrorism, war, american ignorance and the media influence on them all.

Sh*t is Getting real for Harry Potter.

These set of posters have been floating around for the new and "final" two parts of the Harry Potter movies. I just wanted to do a comparison real quick. THis is what the posters use to look like. A family friendly movie, with smiling children and a choo choo train. Now....

Where will the future generations of pre-pubescent kids learn their magic tricks, if the school has literally been blown up? And all of this happened because this Potter kid showed up at my school one day. That f*cker.

Halloween Countdown 2: Bedroom Intruder Costume.

I mean...it's kinda ridiculous what people become famous for these days. But if you recall Antoine Dodson who had a most ridiculous news interview ever, that was aired and then autotuned into fame. Well, if you thought performing the smash youtube hit at the BET awards was ridic, there's a Halloween costume. And you can buy it at bedroomintruder.com, where it's already on sale.

"Run and tell that."

VIA dlisted


finally its friday

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally
Uploaded by Hakunamatata67. - Watch more music videos, in HD!


Better than pictures. Thank you Calvin Klien.

:::My mind: keep your cool, bunny rabbits, keep your cool, knicks in the 90's....:::


South Park Strikes Again.

Erase Me. Kid Cudi ft Kanye.

Mmmmm, whiskey.

Rainy Mood.

When I was a kid, I use to love the rain. It meant alot of different things to that I could not describe at the time. Now that I'm older...it's just a pain in the ass. Like snow. While kids look on in awe, I say "Fuck, where are my tims, this adds 15 minutes to my morning commute."

But hey, if you are into that type of thing....check on RainyMood.com. Perhaps you can plug it up to some speakers...and take a nap. They hint that you should play some music at the same time. I'm currently doing it, and looking out my window at a sunny day. My head is about to explode.