Oh yeah...Halloween.

I apologize for the lack of well crafted (or not so well crafted) posts. I've been really busy for the past 2 weeks with an upcoming pitch-more on that process later. 

I have nothing really to talk about. My costume....is a warn out AD looking to drink heavily. Hoorah!!!!! Below are some pictures of a faux Sarah Palin being hung Halloween house decorations. I forgot that people even did that here on the East coast...decorate their homes. Cha. Well, it's not funny but at least half of America isn't calling her a Socialist, right?

Anyway...happy Hallows Eve kids. I'm going to get me some Jamo. Chow.

P.S. Happy BDAY Aiofe. 

Question: When are you allowed to knock out a guy with downs syndrome?

Answer: According to the gas station footage....it is when the said DS  kicks a random person's (or your) kid.

Learning lesson to all.


fun and simple ads (if you're not too slow).

My brain is so fried right now...I did not get this campaign for like 30 seconds. 
I HATE illustrator. Hate. Hate. Hate it. It's 11pm and I am sitting at my job waiting for car service. My mind is numb. 

Anyway...these are simple and funny, no?


Madmen, meet the Simpsons.

Awesome. Two of the cleverest shows on TV meet.

Yesssssss....another video.

there are no words to describe how frightening this picture is.


The Linkdown.

This is my attempt to break the sad monotony of video posts. Sorry guys...I have entered the eye of the storm...and I have officially changed my name to Tobe.

1. remember when you carve letters into your own face...you gotta do the opposite of what's in the mirror.

2. if you put all the Gays and Lesbians in one school....doesn't that make them, like...sitting ducks for discrimination? Just a question.

3. I (thesuperficial) found the real terrorist. Talk about stealing natural resources...(ba-dum-ching).

4. Bill has had one too many cups of pudding. Sadly, I actually think he actually lost his mind.

5. Shannon's out. "Can stop, will stop..eh, eh, eh." *single tear*

6. $100 G for what!?!?!? Swimming. You dont want to know what I would do for $100 Gs.

7.the first attempt on Obama's life. Yes, I said first.

Okay...I gotta get back to photoshop. Call me crazy....but is an AD's deadline a little bit stricter than the average copy writers? Cause, hot damn I'm in a crunch and my copy writer is watching SNL skits. Whap. Whap. (I jest...but really though).


Grandpa McCain and his love affair with the "C" word.

I'm all behind and ish, so I apologized if I am all behind, but this is hysterical.

he just said the word "CUNT" on his campaign trail. How does one recuperate from this? If this man is elected, we the people of America do realize that we elected a man who has said (and has the potential say, at any moment) the C-word on national tv.   

Hussein Strikes again.

And by Hussien, I mean Wisconsin McCain supporters. This time they are dropping bogus Obama letters into the mail boxes of registered democrats. The letters look like this (please read them). 

Very classy middle America. Very classy. But don't you media guys dare worry....just like you said, RACE is not an issue.


you remember the Bud WHAAAASSSUUPPP guys? They were a colossal force of advertising that does what alot of ad people dream about...they transcended into everyday culture.

8 years later, they are back and struggling and apparently supporting Obama.

Poor Dookie. 
What a wonderfully funny spot. Truly genius. 


Little Boy: "Bill, why can't you have any milk?"
Vampire: "Well, I guess you can say...I am lactose intolerant."
Little Boy: "Oh, you're just like my Aunt Fern. But she don't like Mexicans."
-Trueblood (Season 1)

pepsi has an idea.

"...Its (Pepsi's) strategy involves three years; $1.2 billion; a complete packaging, merchandising and marketing overhaul of its soft drinks -- and a reduced reliance on BBDO, the shop that put it on the map nearly 50 years ago."

Damn, if I was a pepsi fan, I would be heated. They are changing the look of all thier brands, and judging by some of the comments at the bottom of that linked page-"The pepsi bottles sure do resemble wrinkly penis,'"- I don't think they asked their loyal drinking base first. 

And to the $1.2 billion...I thought we were in a recession?

Average Joe.

meet the person of the day...Joe McCain.

Yes, he is John McCain's brother. Yes, he called 911 to complain about being stuck in traffic. And yes, he cussed out 911. Read more hear.
Personally, I am a little distraught about the lack of creativity in the McCain family when it comes to picking baby names. John and Joe? How boring and conservative can one lineage be? Being a hot head obviously runs in the genes, but couldn't momma McCain at least consult a baby book? 

Or maybe there were no books back then. Or hospitals. Or electricity. Or monkeys. Because...you know...he is all old and sh*t.

*hat tip to anonymous commenter for putting me on to this story.


SNL isn't getting better. It's just got a good Muse.

I attributed to the highest ranked SNL since 2002 (ummm, that's 6 years) last Saturday. The show...sucked monkey balls. Sarah Palin did not do anything. Mark Walbergh is a douchbag. And Amy Poehler is way too pregnant.

But anyway...this is the funniest thing Will Ferrell has done in a long time.That's all.

I'm at work on a Saturday.

this is an epic f*ck you to the world.


LOST 2009.

I just peed on myself. Just a little bit.

*hat tip to Kelly (the guy)

raise your hand if you live in "Fake America."

John Stewart has light comedic rants about Palin's latest "more American than you" comments

*Sorry guys...I'm a bit busy this week, hence the lack of great blogging. Meh come back soon, ya hear. 


religious ads.

There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” 

Say hello to the new Athiest Bus Campaign. Apparently, across the pond, there is a lil problem with freedom of religion. The campaign's goal is to, "help raise awareness of atheism in the UK, and hopefully encourage more people to come out as atheists... also [to] counter the religious adverts which are currently running on London buses, and help people think for themselves."

Wow, it makes me wonder, just how radical the religious ads are in London... that the head atheists of the town had to make a rebuttal by instituting an ad campaign? Are there pope PSAs and catholic guerrilla movements being launched on the daily? Cause if there are....I would LOVE to see them. I read about them briefly, but what I really want is to experience them.What is the art direction like? Does anyone have any insight? I am delightfully intrigued! (I may make my own religious ads).

Now, I know religion is a touchy subject for people. Are these relevant? I dunno, I thought atheists couldn't read (I kid). But as a graphic designer (which I am not), I do see the correlation between "coming out (of the un-rightfully condemned closet)" and the bright ass colors used on the type of that bus sign. 

Good job, kudos and God Bless.


about a decade too late.

Geee wiz golly, I wish I had this convenient audio book guide about the whens and whys of having sex for the first time back when i was a kid. It would have shaved at least four year off of my current sex life. Because according the accented narrator....I am still not ready....

Oh, and when your done, you must check the Q&A section. It contains nuggets of gold such as this:

Q. How can I tell if my penis is big enough?

A. The simple answer is that it's almost certainly big enough, boys are all kinds of shapes and sizes. Remember people are interested in your personality, too. Have a look at some of these links for more information.

Phewwww.....that's one down. Now you must excuse me as I figure out everything there is to know about girls (or atleast Jill).

chuckle ads.

the gloves are off...and PC is loosing.

"We believe that the best of America is in the small towns that we get to visit, and in the wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, very pro-America areas of this great nation."
-Sarah Palin

this is a good idea. this is exactly what I hoped the future VP of our nation would say outloud... what a f*ckin idiot(and you can file that under opinions). 

pic cred: 30 reasons.

virtual ad space. obama vs. mccain.

so, on the hoopla surrounding the Obama ads in video games: i think it is a little silly. Innovative? Yes. Does it deserve the media placement award of the year? Perhaps. But is it relevant? Ehhhh...video game addiction is a tough opponent. I don't think the placement carries any more value than hearing their favorite song as they kill a cop and steal his car. It's just part of the game-their own world of shallow perceptions.

Whats more exciting I think, is the ad space McCain took out in response:

ok, they are fake....but come on, if McCain did try the same stunt, these would be the games he'd be keen to. Cause...you know.... he is all old and stuff. More executions here. McCain is so "the cartridge game that you have to blow before it works properly."

*side note- i was really good at Duck Hunt and i miss it greatly.

trippy ads.

in an age where milk just isnt getting the play it use to, DDB Canada made some seriously trippy spots to remind us that "milk, does the body good" and so does a true acid trip. 

Now, while I dont necessarily dislike any of them, I do like this last one the best. But I am struggling with the reasoning behind making the spots so weird. Did it add anything? Or were they just trying to keep interest? How good is the idea if you have to make people a little bit creeped out, just to keep watching until the end? Or maybe its a Canadian thing. I don't know....

But I do however have this funny urge to watch Nickelodeon's Real Monsters. Man...I loved that show as a kid (and now). 


there is always some pop cultural relevance.

I personally think that I'm a Slave for You Britney, is the best Brit thus far. But perhaps that equivalence ratio is reserved for the gods.


going nuts.

this old lady deserves to get her face eaten off. found here
i hate squirrels. 


How did I miss this?

I wouldnt ever vote for a laugh-snorter....and niether should you America. lol

zombies........the calendar.

Forget the Naked clown Calendar 2008, how about some zombies.  I kind of have a thing for zombies....but this is like...a good Halloween gift.

round 3: my friend joe.

So, I did it again. I allowed the future of our country, to take precedent over another one of my favorite show's finale. I will not mention the show, as it could lead to ridicule. I watched the final presidential debate last night. This will be brief, as I'm kinda tired of talking about the same thing over and over (and I actually have work to do).

1. If Joe the Plumber is real, I expect Joe Six Pack to get some media coverage as well. I do not think they are the same person though. I'm just saying.... 

2. My anxiety was put to ease when I tuned in to see both candidates sitting down and not roaming the floor like I was at some type of seminar and the Self Help speaker was telling me how to manage my bills. Bob Schieffer did a good job at keeping the ball rolling and allowing both guys to speak their minds....or roll their eyes, "air quote" etc. Just an fyi...my 13 year old niece "air quotes" when she is arguing with her mom. She is a freshman in high school and she never wins the argument.

3. Unlike the last debate...there was a very interesting question which sparked some drama. Regarding "negative campaigning" McCain exposed some raw emotion about some of the things Obama has been saying about him. But on the reverse side, he basically said that Obama brought the negative campaign messages on himself by not agreeing to have town hall meetings with him early in the campaign trail. Did anyone catch that? He said Obama mas being called a terrorist, because he didnt do what McCain told him to do. Very old boys club of him. 

4. In my opinion Obama won, hands down won this one. He was cool and collective (except for the occasional stutter) and explained everything (except for ACORN...which I refuse to look up fro myself). There is all this talk about the "undecided voters" and McCain was way to revved up to truly gain their allegiance last night. He seemed angry with the situation. How did it all come to this? My hopes and dream....arghhhhhhh. A fav blogger of mine sums it up with a nice little song- the remix to Deborah Cox's 1998 hit "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here." McCain is

How did this Obama guy get here?
He's not supposed to be here.
It's bad enough I got beat by Bush last time.
My Purple heart says no, no.
He's not supposed to be here.
Then Obama came along making me lose my mind.
I really wish there were verses. Did anyone else notice how Michelle and Cindy were all cold to each other. Cat fight? I'd pay to see that. 

someone got paid to make this....

VIA thefranklynblog

You can't call yourself a maverick when all you've been is a sidekick...”
-Joe Biden 
(on McCain's economic policies )

Ewwww, stab. 
I think Joe just called McCain Launchpad McQuack. And that's funny. 

VIA news


This is fun and light hearted and a bit trippy. I'm into it.

Minilogue - Animals from ljudbilden on Vimeo.

Check the artists blog here

nude lady truck ads.

when advertising meets, target audience, meets media placement...good things happen. Real good things. I like this because it's smart. 
And of course, its not made in the states.

Agency: Atletico International, Barcelona, Spain


another nike ad.

W+K spits out some more "gold" for Nike. And by gold, I mean the same ole same ole. Nice story. Good music. But they always do this...the same equation with a line (Leave Nothing) that literally leaves you with almost nothing- unless you play that sport.
But hey...if it aint broke, why fix it?
I do like how bad ass that one kid is though. If I ever intentionally broke my mom's living room table by jump stomping on it, I would've been beat so bad, sports would not have been a future career option for me. I would've been a quadriplegic.

VIA scamp

piper palin for president.

Piper...showing the nation how dedicated, effective and attentive her mother is. 
Piper....not giving a f*ck and bad to the bone.

Piper Palin....mini person of the day.

*hat tip to Ericka.

tennis meets the street.

Ok, I try my best not to talk about celebrity stuff on this here blog. Infact, I try to keep it to quotes and life lessons/persons of the day. But lets talk about the relationship b/t Serena Williams and Common.

Like Ive stated earlier...I consider Common to be like one of the coolest cats in the world. Sure, he stays being in movies and only has about three lines on average. But he is my idol (in coolness). So....imagine my surprise when I was informed by a being of an older generation that Common and Serena were dating. 


And I happen to love myself some Serena, on the tennis court, grunting and barreling to net for a short ball. I love it. But Common....is too cool to be dating Serena Williams. While others would say that Common is dating Magilla Guerilla....(ahem, you know who you are)...I hold steady in my opinion that Common is simply too f*cking cool and should be paired with someone of higher stature (think Brad and Angelina).

 I dont think Serena is ugly, but this blog post from thesuperficial.com made me laugh long...and hardy. I had to share.

Tennis star Serena Williams went surfing yesterday in Hawaii with her rapper boyfriend Common. Whoa, wait. I understand she's built for strength not beauty, but she's dating Common? Jesus, I wonder how often they have this conversation:

COMMON: Baby, I did it again - with a grizzly bear. I really, really thought it was you this time. Honest. I'm so sorry.
COMMON: Damn! Gimme that sugar.
COMMON: I'm gonna make this right, girl.
SERENA: *enters room* Common?
COMMON: Go away, bear! I'm trying to love my woman.

I was laughing so hard...I couldnt breath. 


mccain supporters.

raise you hand if you've been to Missouri.
*raises hand*
raise  your hand if you are not surprised by this sign.
*raises other hand*

need some more racism? click here.

Madmen, hot women.

One of my parental units reads the New York Post everyday (I wont say which one, to save the embarrassment). And I am always trying to deter her/him from public humiliation. I have been known to say things like...."It's got more pictures than a comic book," and "Would you like a juice box with that news paper?" And then I add my own ba-doom-ching. I may or may not say that to their face, but I am definitely ALWAYS thinking it. 

But whatever, situation: I'm at breakfast with said parent and I literally  rip the paper from the assailant's hands to find Christina Hendricks, the b*tchy cold traffic girl from Madmen bearing her chest to the public. Click here if you would like to read about her interview. Or....just do like I did and read with your tongue.

...and just like that, a red head is added to my list of hot celebs.

f*ck football...take 2.

ok...I have good news. And then I have more good news. 

Remember when I was pondering the realness of the Lingerie Football League (LFL)?  I was filled with doubt. Because...well, you know, with all the bizzare marketing out here...you can get caught up. 

Well, CNN just did an interview on it. So its real.

Real awesome!!!!
Who do you think I need to talk to, to be a towel boy?

blue bull balls.

someone spray painted the bull in Wall Street to have blue balls.  
And almost immeadialty, I felt bad for the big guy. That's some painful ish.

banned ads for no reason.

the people of the UK have spoken. another one bites the dust. With 32 official complaints (that's whopping),"Viewers complained the adverts condoned teenage pregnancy and under-age sex." I however, thought it was funny. The spot is trying to promote an alternative to water with this rebellious Cactus Kid character and his white trash girlfriend  (no worries, I'm in the clear for usage of the term white trash - as a native Texan gave me the authority). 
But the Brits seem to be missing the blatant flaw in logic. Besides this being a fake movie trailer, with a make believe character made from a cactus....the simple fact that cacti cannot have sex...should put an end to this debate. Unless there is cactus protection. And specialized cactus KY gel. Or was the cactus sperm artificially inseminated? 

Exactly. 32 people across the pond didn't have enough tea and crumpets for the day and just wanted to cause a ruckus. Because lord forbid you spend less time quipping up letters of complaint, and more time talking to your kids about...hmmm, I don't know, maybe sex. 

BTW, this is still a bad ad. I get the hyperbole, but Who doesn't like water?

Walk It Out.

ok...so I have this soft spot. It's comparative across the board, but in particular...I can always enjoy a good dubbed over music video. Especially when its to a rap song. 
This...is genius. 

columbus day.

3pm, 10/13

Mom: "Did you go to the columbus day parade."
Me: "Ummmm... parade? I just got out of bed."

I hope your holiday was as perfect as mine.


"....the dirtiest campaign in American history."
-Cindy McCain 


you betta sang....

August Rush....I just finished watching this movie. It's like the feel good movie of the century. Great for a boring Saturday at home. Its about this music mutant or something...
But this little girl.....she can sang....
Sang.......Jamia Simone Nash...you better sang.....


_ _ _ _ _ ads.

I will let you guess what type of ads these are...

see them in full here. I'll give you a hint though
...the ads contain PENIS.

Agency: Troy, Brussels, Belgium

Womanizer. Britney Spears.

the fact of the matter is....I refused to me beat out my 20/20.
My Spears video premier uncensored.

Apparently, she is back and causing everyday people to break out into dance moves. This video however, kinda scared me. She basically f*cks with that dude for like 4 minutes and then, at the end I'm pretty sure she killed him. Am I right....?

I know...I know, how main stream of me to even acknowledge pop culture with an entire post. You're just gonna have to suck it up. I just needed some soft ice cream. Deal with it.  

a typo.

Hundreds of absentee ballots sent to voters in New York State’s Rensselaer County, near Albany, were printed with Barack Obama’s last name spelled as “Osama." 

County elections officials tell the newspaper that it was a typo that made it by three rounds of proof-readers. They also said the error affected just a few hundred voters, and that they will re-send corrected ballots on request.

Three rounds of proof readers? 
 1. I find it funny that my agency's proof reader is more efficient than the governments.
2. Just a little fyi, on my keyboard, the "S" key, is no where near the "B" key. Im just saying...


take a few minutes to checkout the direction america is heading in right now.

"Kill Him".
that's called a mob people. A mob.

Mccain smiles and continues speaking as the crowds yells "terrorist" and "traitor" in between is speaking points.

3:09, a little boy says "And you need gloves to touch him."

People, nay...citizens of the United States, truly think that in 2008, a candidate running for the president of the United States, is a terrorist. So much so, that McCain is forced to defend his opponent and then have the audience turn on him

"I don't trust Obama," an elderly woman said at McCain's rally today. "I have read about him. He's an Arab.

That, is some scary sh*t.

Universal Mind Control. Common ft. Pharrell Williams

yo, truly....Common is f*ckin cool. I would give my life, just to chill with him for like, one day.

Wicked! He's got a new album dropping.....Am I the only one excited about this?

P.S. Did you guys notice...the zune? Whatever Pharrell, mr. "I'm a PC."

these are nice.

UK illustrator, Russ Mills

minority advertising.

one of the things they tell you in ad school, is not to get caught up in "segmented" agencies when looking for a real job. You know...the phrama, the minority, the B2B...yada, yada, yada. But sometimes, I think minority based ads really hit the spot. It's about more than simply putting the minority in an ad and tacking on some urban slang. You really have to draw on a real cultural connection. And they did that in the spot below. Mary J. Blidge, in every part of here life....that's a cultural heart string. This ad was made by someone who understands the culture. Check the expressions on each of the Marys....it's on point.

And for the record....it is smart, relevant minority targeted advertising like this spot, that makes me cringe when I am forced to watch hispanic puppets sing for 30  secpnds. And you know what else.....putting a pack of gum in Chris Brown's premature dancing hands, isnt cutting it either. 

That's called...stepping up your game.

Agency: Sanders/Wingo

the truth about vegans.

Makes me wonder....what about those vegetarians?