The LV child.

But unlike the last small starving Vuitton child, this piece of "art" beckons my inquiry. 

What exactly is the point of this? Why would someone make it? And why would someone put it in their home? 


Mister Maya said...

sometimes art isn't meant to be in homes, but in exhibits . . . they're statements not keepsakes. In a place usually visited with some level of silence and reverence, an artist is able to provoke thought, loudly. Realizing the power of where the message is distributed, i.e. medium or media, an artist has the complete freedom to share their message with willing listeners. I dunno? Maybe???

shaun. said...

ok fine, your smarter than i am.

but they are selling these.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that they are selling them is part of the "statement". I hope so. Because if the artist doesn't realize he is capitalizing on the starving kids that would be wild. I mean, of course he realizes, he is cashing the checks but - you know.

I'd be interested to know if all the money from these pieces is going to help the people he is so interested in.

And LVMH can suck it. (Even though they own everything lol)

shaun. said...

i think it would soften the blow for me if the proceeds were going to help someone.

Anonymous said...

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