keepin it real: America is Not Racsist.

ever woke up with a burned cross in the yard? Strange stuff.

in a "harmonious and diverse" Long Island Community, you may or may not be one of thirty cars to have "kill Obama" spray painted on them. Ewww....the same thing happens in Hollywood. How lucky.

North Carolina State student shares on a university sharing wall. His shared thoughts just happen to racist and hateful. Slap on the hand, he must've wrote something racsist that wasn't all that bad.

How about some swastikas on your public sidewalk and walls in the morning. Your city budget for beautification must be substantial.

Racial slurs sometimes get spray painted on you home in Florida. Must be some type of initiation or something. 

Throwback...a letter from the KKK. Weird, I thought...

A University of Texas student writes, "all the hunters gather up, we have a nigger in the white house" as a facebook away message. But that's ok...it was a joke. A really funny joke.

Yes, racism is no longer a problem in America. Every American should keep telling themselves that. Skin color is no longer an issue. We jumped that hurtle years ago, and look...we even elected a mixed Presidential elect. By the way...do you know how to do the George Jefferson walk? 

Get real people.  

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