Pretty Intense Barbie Wedding Album.

It's a little scary how indepth it is. See the rest here.

The Knowing. The Weekend.

The Weeknd - The Knowing (Official Video) from xoxxxoooxo on Vimeo.


Happy Turkey Day.

Have a good one. I know I will (already drinking to numb the family pains).


SNL funny: Kardashian Divorce.

Funny, Ha Ha.


Fucking Best Song Ever. Wallpaper.

I just love this song. That's all.

The Link Down.

1. Poor Siri stuck in the middle.

2. Like I always believed....babies are evil.

3. Religion in the 2000, introduces the Moses Bridge.

6. First it was Penn State...now Syracuse. All colleges I considered going to. Hmmmm.....

8. When as Super Hero themed kids party goes wrong.


25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!

No seriously....I know this is probably for women, but hot damn I needed this. Consider yourself informed.

There's nothing like a good street riot...

... break up the work day.
And here I was looking online for good pictures to post and they came to me.

I Love This.

R.I.P. Heavy D.

Sid enote...I'm form Mt Vernon. And we will remember Heavy

Today's Controvesial Ads....

I think they are pretty good, for what it is. I like you now...let's make out. "UNHATE." This is the doing of Europe obviously. You know catholics are gonna go batsh*t crazy. But Obama with that closed mouthed-have a good day kiss, it's fooling anyone. See other executions here.


"Is it a villian you want? I'll play the part. What is a drama without a villain? After all, what is the building of this grand road if not a drama? This business...is not for the weak of heart. What is a thorny brutal affair... awards the lion for it ferocity.

But what of the zebra? What of the poor zebra? Well the zebra is eaten as it should be....the Lion shall prevail. You see, the secret I know exists... all of history is driven by the lion. We grab the poor zebra, kicking and praying. With its cheap blood. History...doesn't remember us fondly. But then history is written by the zebra, for the zebra.

100 years hence. When this railroad spans the continent. America rises to be the greatest power the world has ever seen...I will be remember as a... caitiff, a malefacto, who only operated out of greed for personal gain. But remember this...without me and men like me. Your glorious railroad would never be built."

- Hell On Wheels, AMC

I am not a big Western period piece man myself...but, this show is pretty solid. AMC is bringing it's A game.

Ninja Swag.

Pretty Cool.

VIA thedenveregoist

Ever wonder what Legos Go Through?

"Yeah Ok" Halloween Costume.

We are still talking about Halloween right? If so...check out this scray muther f*ckin costume.

I just want to say that I was not always the zombie loving scary movie fanatic I am today. If I saw this thing walking down the street when I was a kid....CHA! And I don't know when Halloween became a day time thing, but I use to go when the sun went down.

Let's just say...my clutch white ninja costume I wore from '92-'96 , would not have been able to be recycled the following year.

Drunk Baby Ads.

Ok....so on the tail end of my last child friendly post....comes this. Now, I was was flipping through archive and I saw ads for this booze filled candy, and I thought they were smart. I was going to post them. Then I googled...and I found these.

Now....I know my morale compass is low. Because I would these wildly entertaining. They are also non-american so......


Christmas Already.

The Christmas spot are coming. I was sitting down to watch some Sunday tv yesterday, and it seems like it's already Dec 24th according to primetime. But anyway....here's a good one to start off the season. It's should warm your cold little hearts.

"For gifts you can't wait to give."

VIA adfreak

When Font Love Goes too Far.

This is actually an art school challenge all the way from Tokyo. Make a font without using a computer. Hairy fuckers.

USB Cork Drive.

My first thought, "This is good for me not loosing my usb drive."


Snow White and the Huntsman.

Snow white.....the movie.....actually looks good.



I usually believe in a clean break, but in the case of others...and boredom.

Starbucks Augmented Reality.

For a brand solely about coffee beans and such, they sure to have a spectacular ad budget.


New AIDS ads...

Are silly. The cartoon approach works sometimes.....but clearly, not all the time.


Maniac: Short Film starring Kid Kudi and Shia Labouf.

Go ahead. Get your ruthless killing on.

The Linkdown: After a Snowfilled Halloween.

2. Banksy makes his wealthy contribution to occupy wallstreet. To be a rich well fed artist.

3. In celeb Halloween costume news: Coco goes for gold again, the Today show makes fun of the royal wedding, Snookie insults the Thundercats and Kiedi Klum wins once again. The real story of Halloween however is what happens to super "stars" when they park in handicap spot. Usher cant dance his way out of this one.

5. Rihanna gets a little druggy in her new video with dude that sort of looks like Chris Brown. Eh...who cares?

7. The color palette of good vs evil. I think this translates into real life. I work with this guy who stay wearing purple. And you can tell me he's NOT trying to take over the world.

8. Jay Z is gonna be in a cartoon. He is a camel....jk.

9. What Smurfs looks like in real life....still kinda cute and cudely....in a creep sort of way.