Calling the President Names 101.

Well the Republicans should have done this or they should have done that,’ they will hold the president responsible. Now, I don’t even want to have to be associated with him. It’s like touching a tar baby and you get it, you’re stuck, and you’re a part of the problem now and you can’t get away..."

- Doug Lamborn Republican Representative of Colorado

This, ruined my day.

The Linkdown: Two Natural Disasters Down.

1. Awesome Zombie themed engagement.

2. You have not seen anything, until you have seen the promo for the most Manly Christian Conference ever. Thou Shalt...beat Your Brother to a Bloody Pulp in the ring.

3. Guy Richie loves slow motion.

4. Cash Rules Everything Around Me.....secret messages hidden in your money.

5. I want to own this clock.

6. A child abuse ad that will surely make you feel uncomfortable.

7. Abercrombie is taking action to stop Jersey Shore promotion. That's the situation.

8. On the candidate Rick Perry.

9. Someone finally put Naomi Cambell in her place.

100 Years of Style in 100 Seconds.

VIA designyoucantrust


Hot Chics: Ashley Sky.

It's been awhile since I've posted one of these huh? Well....when I make a come back, I make a comeback. Ashley Sky. Dudes....you are welcome.


This is why the children of America are so confused.

A Twitter Ad?

People are making money off these natural disasters.

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The Premature Ejaculating Irene.

Irene’s birth to death in 18 seconds. This video is almost as long as the actual hurricane. I'm officially renaming Irene Hurricane, Hurricane Whamp whamp (you owe be survival money, don't let me see you on the street).

'Nough said!

"Good day to You Kind Sir."

Forget what you’ve heard about first impressions; it’s the last impressions that count. Last impressions — whether they’re with customer service, an online shopping experience, or a blind date — are the ones we remember. They’re the ones that keep us coming back. But there’s one kind of final impression that people seem to forget.

Ever worry about the closing line of you email? No? Me niether. It usually depends on how much I've written before hand. Or how sober I am. But sometimes I feel a little British and I say "Cheers." I blame that on my Bermudian half. But other times I end it with a "I'm Gonna Get You Sucker," but that's a recent thing cause I just watched the A-Team movie.

But if you are of more the sensible type, this is an interesting little read.


NYC Evacuation Zones.

I'm a little late, sorry...I was part of the 99% of New York that toke to the streets for Hurricane specials (Hurricanes for the Hurricane). Working map here. I will say though....if you are reading this on your couch and you are in Zone A. Ride that wave, man.

Imma get back to drinking.


Throwback Thursday


A-Z with McDonalds.

McDonalds sells itself completely differently across the pond. It's not about 20 piece nuggets over there. The Brits are always trying to out do us.

Agency: Leo Burnette London

NYC Earthquakeepocalypse 2011.

In the wake of the devastating 2011 earthquake I just thought I'd share a few tweets.
I dont know about you all, but my office deemed it safer to go to the bar than stay inside working. God Blesses Everyone.


Tatted Princesses.

Naive innosense never look so badass.
By artist Illustrator Timothy John Shumate.


The Civilized Black Man.

Copyranter posted this ad on his blog asking if it was racist. What do you think? There are other executions with other "races."

My opinion.....well, I am biased as I sport a natural afro and facial hair AND I wear it to work. Does that make me uncivilized? Not so much of an issue of race as it is a lack of cultural understanding. Or maybe they understand american culture just enough. The implication, I think reflects the American standard for an acceptable black ale in the work force. For thier next trick...Nivea will replace gold grills with real teeth and turn video hoes into video ladies.


Plus what!!

Otis. Kanye West, Jay-Z.

Silly video...but the song. The song is still good. No?

Life Truth.

The only saving grace is.....alcohol.


Throwback Thursday. Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See.

Who loved middle school????


Oh Jesus....Ads.

I mean.....geesh Ogilvy, Argentina. Really?

The 78-square-foot Apartment.

Now...I'm not a square foot snob, by any means. But I do like things like...rooms. Call me a needy, but I don't like to share my bathroom with people who don't pay for my rent. Meet Luke Clark Tyler. He is an architect, that has decided to live in a hallway. Why? Because he is lazy. That's what I get from this 7 minute video.

Yes...NY is a bitch when it comes to finding a place, but it's also a double edged sword. If you allow yourself to be taken advantaged off.....it will do that to0. A grown man living in an over sized coffin is not ok. I dont care how hipster you think you are, your skinny jeans should not be sharing a living space with your microwave = radiation crotch. Around 3:30 he states that he is a vegetarian. And suddenly it all made sense. Then he said he was paying $800 for it. And I was confused again.

If I lived there, I would be paying rent in blowpops and high fives (maybe even low fives). And there sure as hell wouldn't be any guests (overnight or otherwise). But I wouldn't caught up like that.

P.S. My issue is the amount of money he is paying for that space....not the space itself (though I think the space is utterly ridiculous aswell).

Let the Social Media Wars Begin.

Let's face it. There is alot to choose from. You have to pick sides.


Watch the Throne.

I would like to call a foul on this. Listen...I am as excited as the next person that kanye and Jay Z are making an album. I really am. I have gotten past that fact that Jay Z lied to my face a decade ago about ending his career. I can even deal with the arrogance of the flawless Mr. West. I even like the first song off the album. But this? This photoshop monster. Is all wrong. Your music is suppose to show you at your best light. This looks like a basement baby mistake. Take it back...please.

The Amazing Spiderman Movie Trailer.

Wait...didn't I see this already..like 6 years and a trilogy ago? :::Sigh:::

The Linkdown.

1. Astro-icides. Art? Or just sad portrayals of reality. "Someone should've had a double major."

2. idisembodied hand.

3. Tom Ford....if we are talking social issues...I like skinny asian.

5. $35 for the Nike Swoosh design? Talk about getting played.

6. You can change the outside, but the inside is still not even good enough for beer pong.

8. Black women....you can't find find a good man? Solution.

9. The highest tennis court in the world, is obviously in Dubai. Useless.


The metallic Sea.

By artist Elise Morin and architect Clémence Eliard hand sewed 65,000 old CDs and laid them out on inflatable mounds to create a sea of discs. It looks like" a still sea of metallic dunes." The art exhibit is called "Wastelandscape" and is located in Paris.

I love sh*t like this.

What would Don Draper do?

see the rest here.
I like that everythign ends with drinking.


The Hip Hop Violinist.

Peter Lee Johnson is pretty sick, right? I always wished I woulda stuck with one of the many instruments I played in primary school. Especially when the internet now can make anyone famous and desirable. Amoungst the thousands of girls falling in love infront of thier monitors right now....Check the youtube comment below.

"Dude i wuld totally have sex to all of your covers...cus every chick on youtube digs it!!!"

You can't buy that kinda fame (unless you have a big butt or you are willing to make a sex tape). Talent is sexy.

Stupidfacedd. Walpaper.

Heard this song while I watched Jersey Shore last night (guilty). Makes me want to party.


Throwback Thursday: Thundercats Hooooooo!

I'm late? I already missed the first episode of the modernday Thundercats remake? WHAAAT? I'm getting old. Back in the day I would have never let this slip my radar. Anyway....get on it.

Love it.

Taste the Rainbow (and hit it from the back).

Skittles - Newlyweds - Dir. Cousins [Not affiliated with Wrigley or Skittles. Contains explicit content not suitable for minors] from Cousins on Vimeo.

Apparently....not a "real" spot. But I figured it was good enough for a "hey...I'm back." Hey guys, I'm back. I can can taste you satisfaction.