Harry Potter 85: The Chamber of 30 year-old Highschool Students

I am always down for a Harry Potter movie. That's a fact. And no...I did not read the books. But I guess I am still a fan. It seems to be loosing it's original charm. But I guess it must follow the books right? Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- with the amount of time between these movies Daniel Radcliff will be like 85 before the series is over. Anyway, here is the trailer and apparently Harry is the "chosen one," not Neo as I had originally came to understand. 

On another note I saw Burn After Reading this past weekend. It is very good. It's a movie about absolutely nothing, which seems to be a trend of the Cohen Brothers. All star cast. Funny plot that even the best "movie plot guessers" couldn,t unravel beforehand. All in all...it's a good movie. That is all.  

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