Frenchie Friday.

"Don't worry, I understand...it will be ok."

My life is a wreck. I'll be back soon. Promise.


A Dozen Roses to You for V-Day.

From me to you. Hope you have a good one!


Condom Ads.

Better than this condom ad right here.

Agency: McCann, Finland

OK Go teaches about Primary Colors.

I tell you...those people at sesame street know what they are doing.
Always relevant.

‘Not Sent From My iPhone’ Card.

Nice reminder with vday around the corner...no?

My Favorite Superbowl Ads.

Overall, this year's game was exciting as all hell. It's too bad that the spot did not live up to the same quality. I'll keep this short, but the mangled concoction of playing off our nostalgia, diabetic bears and 4 minutes spots made for a less than satisfying Super Bowl ad watching experience. And as a creative who has never done tv...this is the time of years I look to for all the answers to life's questions. ALL of them. With that said, these few below managed to hit a mark within their categories. And believe me..there were categories this year. It was kinda like all the agencies got together and decided to play in the same field of nonsensical connections cough::car ads::cough, animal exploitation and time period time-lapse pieces.

1. M&M. The dance that red does "naked"....just makes me smile. Sidenote: I work with a copywriter who worked on the M&M people..and it's hysterical how many rules and quirky guidelines there are to each of their personalities.

2. Out of all of them (ahem here's looking at you Budweiser) the NFL did the best job at scanning history.

3.) Of all the animal ads.....Bud Light finally delivered a funny one after the first half, which honestly is what we have come to expect from them. So...check off.

4) Nostalgia alert....it got me. All you need to do is show me cartoons from my childhood, I'm a sucker.

5) Silly, but fun enough for the super bowl.

6) I hate Jay Leno.

And that's that. I am not gonna hate this year. But I will direct you to adfreaks top 5 most controvesial.


Take that Boston!

Super Bowl 2012 goes to NY.



And that's it.