Jersey Shore Season 2. Miami Guidos.

Oh yes. Oh yes. Jersey shore is back. And it was awesome. These people (the fucked up cast member from a year ago) are exactly the same people they were when they were originally introduced to us. THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW THE SHOW IS REAL. After all the jokes/mocking, public denouncements from multiple government officials and even watching themselves on TV....they still...have...not...changed. And I love it.

Recap: They arrived in Miami. The drank. They danced. And they fought. The end.

Now...fro some quotes:

Snooki: “I don’t go tanning tanning anymore because Obama put a 10 percent tax on tanning, and I feel he did that intentionally for us. McCain would never put a 10 percent tax on tanning because he’s pale and he would probably want to be tan. Obama doesn’t have that problem. Obviously.”

Ronnie: “Whatever you do? Don’t fall in love.”

Pauly D: “You can’t get tan in this weather, you can’t creep in this weather, you can’t do anything. Girls don’t come out in this weather.”

Snooki : "Obviously, he like fucks his sister for a living.”

Snooki washing clothes: “I feel like a pilgrim from the friggin’ ’20s washing this shit right now.”

You can't make this sh*t up. The end.

Shaun Haikus: Vol6

Cuss Words

image from funblog

They say when you curse.
You are lacking in vocab.
Well, fuck all you shits.

Covering July 2.

Sarah Palin's book cover. Hitler youth unite.

Season is going great thus far. "Sookie" (Vampire Bill's voice).

James Franco is...different. I'm just gonna say it. I kinda want to be his friend.

GaGa looking wierd. As usual.

Michelle might not be able to ever be famous for anything but singing in Destinys Child, ever agin for the rest of her life. But she sure can take a photo. Se actually looks good all anorexic-ky.

I miss the old Lindsey Lohan.

Deja Vo: I mis the old Lindsey Lohan.

Now, whoever picked the final picture either really hated Lebron (looks like a chocolate frog that takes the shorter bus), or had not selection to begin with. I mean....they all look like profile pics from black planet....but Lebron is particularly awful looking. No?

I like Ryan Reynolds as mush as the next person....but as the Green Lantern. Im not sure he can carry a movie all by himself.

Janelle Monae is on Diddy's label? For real? (icky face).

PETA strikes again, in NY.

At first I was like "Jesus, PETA." Then I was like, "This looks like a scene from Dexter." Then I was like "That dude in the foreground costs alot."

New Yorkers wouldn't pay that much for a dead mangled body. There are breathing holes in the plastic. Obviously not fresh.


Girls Around The World. Lloyd ft Lil Wayne.

There is nothing original about the video or the song...or the title of the song. The beat just takes me back. Also...Lloyd needs to keep is long silky hair in cornrows....he looks like the minority version of the elves from Lord of the Rings. Making the chics in the video jealous.

My Butt is Big (Part 2).

Nike hits the spot sometimes...you know? They speak truths. OK...they do it alot. This, is not the first time the creatives at W+K have touched on the subject that drives a large portion of america crazy (thier asses, thighs and "broad" shoulders). But, this imagery is a bit more appealing. It's real, not just some cropped off body part. And it is very XXL Magazine, lol. The copy is eh.....alright.

"My Butt is Big
and round like the letter C
and ten thousand lunges
have made it rounder
but not smaller
and that’s just fine
it’s a space heater
for my side of the bed
it’s my ambassador
to those who walk behind me
it’s a border collie
that herds skinny women
away from the best deals
at clothing sales
my butt is big
and that’s just fine
and those who might scorn it
are invited to kiss it
Just do it"

This ad is causing quiet a comment craze on the facebook. Mostly from minorities. generally speaking, they think it is nice to be recognized for there thicky thick bodies ("I'd hit that"). Everyone is not a model. But just because you aren't, doesn't mean you can't look good. Good work Nike. Way to be all inclusive.


Rhythm Nation. Janet Jackson.

I've been a little busy (which you can tell by my lack of posts this month). But I wanted to make sure that yall knew Throwback Thursday wasn't dead. Who had the cassete tape for this jam. Front, back...baby.

Helment Fun.

Apparently some PR/Marketing firm in Kazakhstan (the place is real????) had some fun with decals. Interesting stuff.

Madmen Periodic Table.

Chemistry was the only science I had a problem grasping. So, I'm posting this....but the mere fact that it is in the form of a periodic table, made my head hurt when I was trying to comprehend it. So...have fun. Tell what it's about.

Fart Neutralizer.....Ladies?!?!

"I use them on airplanes, after a chili meal, and even on my dog," Kim Olenicoff, founder of Solutions That Stick, told me from the floor of Cosmoprof North America. "Some customers have even told me that it's saved their marriage!," she spilled. "People with IBS and food allergies definitely gravitate toward these, too."

It it really that serious? I guess to some. The company that makes them is called Solutions that Stick. They also have products to prohibit Camel Toe, Saggy Booty and White Collar Stains. But as far as the fart cover upper....I mean, what's the fun of it if you can't smell it? Why do it at all?

Can I get an Amen?

VIA gawker

The Linkdown.

1. When you say 8 yr olds need a calender....which part of your brain says, "we need to get an ass shot of barbie"?

2. New Jay and Usher song. Not sure what they are talking about, but it's Hot Toddy.

4. Are you a douche....sure tell signs here.

5. The Annual Harley Rendezvous was held this past weekend...one word...CLASSY.

6. Flamethrower Vs. Fire Extinguisher. Epic Battle.

7. "Real Dinosaurs" you think....and then you figure it out, and you feel again like that time you found out big bird wasn't really a bird. Sad and tricked.

8. Wait...is the kid getting punished for smoking pot or watching porn?

Justin Timberlake's Tequilla (or cake) Spot.

So. At that end of the spot...did anyone else say "Wait...what the fuck are you talking about? Cake."


Kids of yester-year.

"When I try and objectively compare kids nowadays and kids form my era a bit later and a lot before, I see that in comparison kids from today may be cute, but they’re wanting. They have less drive, aren’t as creative and although they’re smarter, they’re not so adept at having fun as children from past generations.

Baseline, if you look at what makes a kid a kid, then you can put up a list like this one:


1. Toys that went with you everywhere
2. A body made of 23% sugar
3. Playing outside
4. Imagining a jungle gym was a spaceship
5. A moldy granny you were forced to kiss on the cheek even if she smelled like cabbage and moth balls
6. A relative that gave you awesome toys every Christmas that would annoy your parents to no end
7. Velcro sneakers
8. An inability to color coordinate your clothing, what we insisted was our style
9. A squeaky voice we swore was a lot deeper than what we heard on video
10. Saturday Morning Cartoons"

....I also remember my imagination taking me to places unknown to man. That wasn’t a jungle gym. It was a fucking spaceship and a sweet one at that. That wasn’t a slide; it was the unstairway to the underworld. It wasn’t a stick, it was a samurai sword. "

Joker over at WAS
wrote a really enteraining (albeit true as all hell) post about what made kids, kids back in the day...as oppose to the mindless video game rompers of today. Imagination, knee scabs, sugar, saturday morning cartoon schedule and grandma love. Check it out. It'll take you back....atleast for 5 minutes.



Repercussions. Lauryn Hill.

Comeback???? Download it for free, here. I'm feelin it. I'll take this as a pregame to what it to come. High expectation gal.

Shoe Swag: I Want Them.

Diesel Hightop ninja shoes??? Yes please.

Jersey Shore Season 2.

Yall know I like my trash tv. Well....Jersey Shore is back, and when you add that to the list that is already up....tv is just become my lover. The lover that keeps on giving. Anyway...a few highschool pics of a few of my favorites and then the trailer.

J.Wow before the Wow...

Pauly D. looks like every itallian kid I went to highschool with. It's uncanny.

Mike- the Situation and his...familly. I think Mike is on the left....no, the right...or is it the front?

Hereeeeeee we go....I can't wait. Only these fools could have a show called the Jersey Shore, but they are in Miami, yet I accept it. I'll see you thursday. In the mean time you can pick up your GTL wear here.

The Black Popeye, Einstein and Superman.

I have to say...I never ever once in my life wondered what these three dudes looked like as black men. Leave it to the ad people in Africa to wield the visual. Black Popeye kinda reminds me of my grandpa...hah. Line: “Must be the Omega 3.” So, Im guessing this Saldhanha stuff makes you strong, smart and super.

Can looks like Cambells.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Cape Town, South Africa

Design is...



Mad Men, Season 4 Review.

Madmen Season 4 kicked off last night. And I thought it was good (granted I was still riding the high fro Trueblood). But, still...it was a great first episode. We know that "the dudes" split from Sterling Cooper to open their own shop, and this episode gave us a glimpse of what it takes to do such a thing. It showed the free-for-all pitches. The internal arguments between management. But most of all it showed us that good creative is not the "be all and end all" to running a successful business. They had the name, "Draper" and they had the creative talent. But they didn't have the reputation. They didn't have the agency culture. They were missing...the swag.

And without that...they are just another small shop that does nice work. And that's a truth that holds true today. Which is why I watch the show. To see the parallels in advertising from back then to now. That...is what is so genius about it. I really could give two sh*ts about Don's personal life. It's the fact that they nail timeless agency truths left and right. That same swag that makes young creatives today fixated on shops - it has to be established. Are you a "fuck off, we do creative shop" or are you a "Yes maaam shop"? The quality of work will always follow once agency figures out - their personal swag.

And as for the women of Madmen: Betty is still a soulless bitch who hates her children. Peggy had got a new haircut to match her new found confidence. And Joan is still the hottest red head chick I have ever seen in real or made up world since Wilma Flinstone. And she's got her own office now. Zing!

P.S. I tried to do a review without spoiling anything, for those of you who are too cool to watch premiers on their actual premier days.

How to Spoon.

This is a 1950's educational film that teachs spoon their ladies. Narrated by Dexter's Michael C. Hall - starring Bill Dawes and Lauren Schacher.

Baby T-Rex arm- that's me.

"Sometimes I cant tell the difference between where
I have been in my dreams.
And where I have been for real."

Tight Rope (Remix). Janelle Monae ft B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco.

This... is hot. She rhymes too???? Game changing.


Tramp (Fine Tip Pin Ink) Stamp.

I'm not exactly sure what the market is for really really fine pens, but if I were a fine pen finatic, I would be all over this. It's a funny idea. Not sure it it need so many executions.

It couldve also used a bit more layout love.

VIA Agency: Grey, Barcelona, Spain


The SyFy channel finally deliver....

Now THIS, is Tea Bagging.

The Linkdown.

1. Stickers that could (will) get you arrested at the airport.

2. Lindsey Lohan finds the humor in here incarceration....slutty humor.

4. IPAD finger painting. This is the most useful thing I've seen the IPAD used for thus far.

6. Wow, someone of note finally said it..."FOX is Racists."

7. First Uncle Jessie , and then Steve Urkel, all the beliefs I established as a kid, need to be re-worked.

8. BP uses photoshop to really pound it into our heads that the crisis is fixed.

The "Y" Rebranding.

I'm into it. Not to sure about the vibrancy of the color palletes. I get it....just not sure it is right. Agency to blame, I mean credit with the change...Siegel + Gale.

What do you guys think? Does it make you want to join? I used the Y once. I needed thier pools to practice swimming laps back in high school to pass a life guard test. Besides the changing rooms, I had a positive experience. Lol.


Tree Hotels in Sweden.

"The Treehotel, run by Britta and Kent Lindvall, is a cooperative concept between well-known designers and architects. The result is a unique collection of hotel rooms (6 completed and open for booking as of this month) perched up in the pine trees of Northern Sweden. The concept "live in a treehut" is given a new dimension, created in harmony with nature and ecological values and is built on the philosophy to find another way to experience the value of a forest rather than cut the trees for industrial use...."

This is a cool concept. Take that thing that is a childhood staple (a tree house) and sell it. People are nostalgic like that. The one I'm featuring here, I think is the coolest of the lot with mirror outsides so that you see the reflection of the forest only. The actual space inside is.....eh. But if I was ballin, I would totally fly to Sweden and book a week or two.

The only short coming....it's in the middle of the woods. You are stuck in this fucking hotel room in the trees. Perfect scene for a scary massacre movie involving running through the woods chased by a swedish crazy with a chainsaw. And you know non virgin and black people are the first to go.

The Caucasian Mustafa.

Nigerians parents give birth to a white baby. Jigga wha????

VIA bossip


UK Drinking Ads (a sad, sad state of drinking affairs).

This binge-drinking PSA is from the U.K. by ad shop Atticus. It's suppose to gross us out. I say..."Eh....."

Don't get me wrong. It is gross to see people face down in their own puke. But if 5 beers or 4 shots puts you over the edge.....then you deserve to be puking in a dirty public bathroom by yourself. According to this spot, Brits need to man the f*ck up. Light wieghts get no sympathy from me.

Drink or go home. And I you made it to the bathroom, how the hell did you miss the toilet?