A tale of a boy and his Key board.

Chapter 1
In a land far, far away....years ago, a devastating yet enriched journey of self discovery began for a young boy. Self discovery was attained through the means of a higher power...an immortal being....magical and mythical beyond all measures, online social networking.

One cold bleak Tuesday night in the land of Bostonia, a smooth faced college sophomore completed his first truly intoxicating all nighter. But it was not due to a looming test or massive amounts of homework, nor a 30 page paper about Cape Verde, Africa. As he suffered through the next day, the only thing that cycled through his mind was getting home...pressing the power button on his HP.... and checking his facebook account. How many friends did he have? What was in his inbox? He was hooked like a druggie to his needle or better yet, like a Brady to ruffles, or Shaggy to shapeless green tees.

Chapter 2
And so it ensued.... endless nights of spying ( I mean making friends). Connections across the globe to equally educated associates were formed. HTML solidified friend requests and pokes, turning them into real and meaningful actions. Then a friend, trustworthy indeed, introduced Myspace.com to the junkie. At first a little apprehensive, the fiend eventually latched on to the medium. Obviuosly the change in drug, caused him to tweak a little bit. But as he learned the application, it allowed him limitless power, far beyond the college arena he was use to...to even hotter and sluttier girls (I mean even more friends). And the option to blog arose...daily accounts of ones life for others viewing pleasure. The ultimate tool of self loathing (and not to mention, deprecation) was handed to the Social Networker, and he ran with it. Oh boy, did he run.

Chapter 3

Now, six years, three cities, at least 10 different jobs and 2 schools later...he has discovered a new site. Growing an epic beard - the once boy, now a man got a peak into the horizons. A brighter and lighter version of computer-dom unveiled itself to the presently archaic myspace addicted man. Thinking he had seen it all, the man accidently stumpbles upon http://www.blogger.com/.

Allowing the ultimate blogging experience with out actually having to make the crap yourself. And he is committed. To the table he brings his OSX capabilities, past social networking expereince, the muse that is Chicago and the people he hangs out with, and above all...... a creative mind on wonders.

This is a short story BTW. This...is Shaun's house.

Welcome my pretties. And those that aren't so pretty. Enjoy, explore and feel free to comment. Remember....its a free country (unless you say something I dont like on my blog).