I apologize for being MIA, but I have been doing my holiday rounds. I actually have a non-online life. I had forgotten that for a bit. However, I cant forget about you guys. I had all these elaborate plans to make Top 10's and Best Of lists...but you know.....

Anyway, thanks for another successful year (in my mind). I appreciate you lot for reading, participating and everything else you do with this blog. 

Ok, so I'm signing out in 2009. Love. Peace. And Hair Grease.


Haha Snowman.

Merry Christmas guys and gals!


Santa Running Late.

This is a good spot. I actually chuckled when I saw it.

The LOST Underground Art Show.

"If you are interested in purchasing anything from this show, or have any questions, feel free to email us at gallery1988@aol.com. If you'd like to learn more about the LOST Underground Art Project,visit DamonCarltonAndAPolarBear.com. If you'd like to learn more about the LOST Underground Art Show and Gallery1988, feel free to visit our website, gallery1988.com."

check out more original art work from the underground show here.
Pretty cool stuff.

Rollin with the Homies. Brittany Murphy.

Clueless memoriam for Brit Murphy. Too young....


Clash of The Titans Trailer.

I am so into this type of sh*t...you guys really don't understand.

Awesome Awesome Design.

the difference between design and art is what exactly?
by artist, designer photographyer, Handiedan

I do It All Again. Corrine Baily.

Corinne Bailey Rae "I'd Do It All Again"

Corinne Bailey Rae | MySpace Music Videos

And she's back. After her break out hit Like a Star, Corrine is back to hit us with her smooth feminine and soulful voice. I love myself some Corrine. I'm still on her about that Grammy performance from years ago. Try not to focus on the song too too much. You might shed a tear.

The only qualms I have about the video...is that if you have natural hair, you sure as hell dont go to sleep in you own bed without wrapping it. And if you dont....you DO NOT wake up with you hair looking together...not even n the slightest.

This just looks Dangerous.

the great snow ball fight in times square.
I do not need a snow ball fight to hurt myself in the snow (I did it all by my drunken self).

So I watched Jersey Shore.

I have alot to say about it. I swear I will write a comprehensive post very soon. It almost made my brain die....but I just needed to get this up. It's the Notorious clip of a girl (respectfully known as Snookie) getting close fist punched in the face at a bar by....some random douche bag dude. Because if you thought worrying about the Guido douche bags that you share a house with was enough....you actually have to worry about every Joe Schmo on the shore.

Hurry up and watch it before it gets takin down. 

A Little Pre Christmas Sneaker Swag.

I love these.


The Sexy Belted Sweater.

Last minute Christmas shopping anyone?

Snuggy Say Wha?!?!?!?

If you thought regular snuggies or cheetah print snuggies were cool. Then these Ninja Turtle Snuggies should make your mind explode. KABOOOM!!!!!!

Young Forever. Jay Z ft Mr. Hudson.


Avatar Review: Spoiler alert (but not really).

So I put aside the title hate I had for the new movie, Avatar. Besides coming out of nowhere and being everywhere and seemingly about nothing, I also did not appreciate the fact that it was named after one of the best cartoon series I have seen since 1999 (Avatar: The Last Airbender). And it's from the same dude who made Titanic. And the thing about movie directors and producers is that they aren't very versatile- generally speaking(and he hasn't had a "hit" since 1999).

But I watched it (illegally-blame the russians) and despite the pixelated quality I did and do realize the points inwhich I should be visually amazed. In a nut shell, it's a cowboy and indians movie. The cowboys being the dieing human race and the indians being the indigenous Avatars on the thriving planet of Pandora. There is sometype of natural resource on Pandora that the humans want, and ofcourse this certain tribe of Avatars live in a tree right on top of it. So in the traditional/historic struggle of diplomacy vs. bombing the shit out of them, the humans try to take on the Avatar form and come to an agreement. But the Avatar people are highly spiritual and connected to the land in an unatural (or perhaps what should be natural) way and dont need anything humans have to offer...yada yada yada 45 minutes later, one dude infilterates the clan in a way that no one else has. He goes through and passes all thier tribal trials...and mentally and eventually becomes one of them.

So after like 2 hours of visual effect and internal battle, the war starts when it becomes evidident that the Avatar people will not willingly leave thier home. And that's about it in a nutshell. Pretty point blank. Not a bad movie. It's not deep. There's some interspecies love making- even though halfway through the movie I had convinced myself that noone had private parts....eh. I'm debating whether I want to pay to see it in 3-D. I heard a few people got naucious off of it...and that kinda excites me. 

Conversation before seeing the movie:

3rd Party: I heard Avatar was gonna be good
Girlfriend: Yeah? What's it about...it came out of nowhere.
Me: I tried to ask myself 'why I should care.'
3rd Party: I heard Zoe Saladana was in it.
Me: Re-he-heally....
Girlfriend: Oh so you want to see the movie now that she's in it.
3rd Party: I think she's an Alien...like all blue and sh*t.
Me: Oh...never mind then.
Anyway...go see it if you want to. It's a good movie to spend $12 on, but I think you can wait to see it on HBO and still get the same effect. Unless you see it in 3-D. Which I just almost brought tickets to do.

I am done with the Lebron and Kobe Muppets...except...

I've kinda talked about this campaign before. But I actually watched all of them. And this one is genius. I'm upset that the beat is so hot. I was definitely bopping my head.

Agency: W+K Portland

The Gap...made the kids do it.

So we all saw the first dancing Gap ads. We laughed. We cried. We judged. But now....they've dropped another on on us and tried to incorporate little girls to sell product. Which is adorable. In a perverted child molester type of way. And is it me, or does that one little black girl have too much swag for her age. Extra hip action and finger wave tude. She's gonna me "a situation" in a few years.

And then...there's the parody. Which is actually more enjoyable than the original spot.

VIA brandflakesforbreakfast


The Linkdown: Christmas Week.


Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

1. Creepy Doll film. The animation is stunning. The story...creeps the hell out of me. 

2. Barbies go Gaga.

4. If you have an hour....this really retro film about the US Military and Mind Control will blow your mind. 

5. The new Robin Hood movie is really just Gladiator 2: The Reincarnation. But will I still watch the sh*t out of it? Yes. 

6. Lady Gaga meets the Queen of England. It's definitely a bad romance.

7. Guerrilla Penis enhancement street tactics. The wonder bra for men's junk. Thank god...I was really worried about this.

8. I cannot believe Brittany Murphy died yesterday. I MUST watch Clueless immediately. RIP.

10. Nike does rapping Santa Puppets. More Kobe and Lebron shenanigans.

Alice In Wonderland Trailer.

I feel like I just saw all the best parts of the movie. Does anyone else feel that way?

The Endless Bounds of The Virgin Mary.

Virgin Storage....cause immaculate birth is code for, extra room for other things.

Viginista Mary
..."make sure you put your hand on your hip....so the audience can see baby Jesus."

Immaculate toast. 

Virgin keds. If you are wearing these...you are either still a Virgin or lost it like 70 years ago.

...no caption provided....

Super...Virgin Mary.

I personally had no idea that the Virgin Mary was such a marketing machine. Oh wait...there's more. If you're offended.....all I can do is tell you, "I didn't do it."

Babies are Overrated.

Adopt a dog. Cause they are better than those god damn teenagers that your babies will grow into. That's what these cute puppy adopting ads claim. But in reality...these scenarios are for teens. In reality, a baby is just like having a puppy poop all over the place. They are both needy as sh*t. So you might have to deal with the same crap (literally), save the fact that puppies are much cuter.

SIDE NOTE: Who gets caught masturbating to nudey mags in 2009. That's so 1998.

Agency: Leo Burnett, Beirut, Lebanon

VIA ibelieveinadvertising

All I Want for Christmas. Mariah Carey (the semi sane one)

You knew it was coming.....


Giving Your Kids those really really high Aspirations.

Sad and funny. But mostly sad. I had a very recent experience with buying toys for toddlers. It didn't go as planned. I entered the store with hopes of a spiderman action figure, and left with a "Diego (Dora the Explorer's mae cousin)" toy. It was a very bleak situation that almost sent me over the edge. But no matter how ever so bad it got in the basement of Kmart on 34th street surrounded by crazy Christmas parents....I would have never ever left with a toy geared at teaching a kid how to be a maid. 

But that's just me.

10 Things I Have Learned.

1. You can only work for people you like
2. If you have a choice, never have a job
3. Some people are toxic, avoid them
4. The Good is the enemy of the Great
5. Less is not necessarily more
6. Style is not to be trusted
7. How you live changes your brain
8. Doubt is better than certainty “One of the signs of a damaged ego is absolute certainty”
9. It doesn’t matter
10. Tell the truth

from designer, Milton Glaser

Word. Number 8 is an absolute truth. 

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The Not So Super Lives of Super Heros.

F*cking expensive ass time warner bill. I know your pain Batman.

Armpit Tattoo.

Talk about regretting a tattoo in the near future.


i want to see this NOW

is he for real?

man this is soooo funny. at the end does he say "i dont understand what the attention is."? hilarious!

and its in a computer science class!!!.

thats all.

via this site


It upsets me....

That someone even thought to try this. And then did it.

VIA swissmiss

Holiday Cards for designers, by designers.

If you are passionate about pantone.

"Le Male."

I mean...do I really have to say something here? Look at the bottle. The bottle has a buldge. You know, just incase you weren't sure that it was in the shape of a man. Also...this is probably the most useless microsite I have ever seen. 

And who exactly is thier audience?

VIA mtlb


Dear God.

I mean...everyone know Aladdin is spelled with two "Ds." See more here.

Ad Life Lesson 1.

So, here's a little truth about being an art director/designer, for those of you who are not in the industry yet. No one will make your stuff for you. So when it comes down to the wire....you should be expecting to do whatever it takes to get your shit done. Cause in the end...if there is nothing to look at, it's not done.

And another one.

Iron Man, Iron Man Iron Man. But Princess Bride this weekend. Gotta support my people. My animated people. Cause you know...they/we have been struggling for a long time. Wait...what?
Sorry, the past few work weeks are finally getting to me. 

Gross Ads.

This spot literally made me dry heave. If you live in NY you have seen the horribly photo shopped version in print on the subterranean moving machines. They are laughable, though true...I guess. But watching fat move on a screen is just gross. 

Too gross to be effective, perhaps.

Taditional meets Modern with typeface.

Aren't these beautiful? There's a part of me that wishes I could mix modern and traditional grab like this on an every day basis (like Craig). These are ads, and I really really really wanted them to be about fashion, or tradition, or luxury....or anything that they acre actually about. 

But alas, they are about cars **crickets**. And the typeface was so ugly and distracting that I refused to post the whole image on my blog. Let's just all, stare and enjoy...unless you want to check the whole thing out

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i need a handjob

Sweet Release! and OMFG with grandma getting it in the face. hilarious!


i wanna play!!


Really, really high quality printing.

I love this. Why can't I work at a shop where ideas like this make it to print?