See you in, Summer Time.

I had all these plans to post today, but I got drunk during an extended lunch on a half day. So.....I'm just gonna wish you guys a safe Memorial Day Weekend. See you on Tuesday.


I Want It: Wake Shirt.


50 Cent lost a lot of weight for his upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart”. In the movie 50 Cent plays a football player diagnosed with cancer....(a well spoken football player diagnosed with Cancer).....

Yikes. He looks like a cross between LL Cool J and E.T. It would be a real shame if this went straight to DVD.

LOST..the tender moments.


Funny Test Answers.

I wish I had the balls to do this type of stuff when I was in school. I was such a good kid.
Now that im 25...well....
See more here.


Shaun Haikus: Vol5

On Office Banter.

Tales about your kids
Are as interesting as
Stepping in dog shit.

Nike: Write the Future.

Definetly the best football spot I've seen thus far. Check the behind the scene stuff here.

VIA adfreak

Interactive Penis and Vag Ads.

Line: “Often there is nothing to see,” and with the tagline “Condoms. 100% on.”

There is nothing to see if you have STDs? Shockvertising at it's worst. I want to say it's the lone, but I think it may be the idea itself. I don't know. I personally dont care to see anyone crotches while I use youtube. Especially not random people's stuff.

VIA oscocio

Only Man. Audio Bullys.

audiobullys - only man from EL NINO on Vimeo.

Very cool music video. This is the type of video that makes people want to buy the music. You dont see that alot these days.

The LOST finale.

Alright...so I had some time to take it all in. Six years of my life (roughly 120 hours give or take a accidental nap) devoted to one show, all came down to a single night inwhich I was promised answeres and a conclusion. The funny part I guess was that I was no surprised at all by the ending of it all. You know when you go to movies to see the sequal to a flick that was awesome when it first came out? That's the mindset I went in with. And my expectations were met. No alternated universe. No alien abduction. No Vincent the doggy god puppet master (my own theory). No abrupt wake up from a horrible nightmare. It was as simple as "that all really happened, oh and that other part was purgatory."

But as logical and next step-y as the ending was, when the episode was over, I couldnt help but think that something else should've happened. The first season revolutionized primetime tv shows. The writing was stellar. The seamlessly weaved the past and present together to make you care about each and every character. Yeah, crazy sh*t was happening, but that was ok. That's a feat in and of itself, to allow the audience to accept that. The problem is that every seasons after that was merely fodder to keep us tuned in. Questions where layered ontop of questions and coincidences where made to look like destiny. We traveled through time with those unanswered questions. More characters where introduced only to muddy up the plot. But we were always promised answers. So we kept watching.

So I guess it all comes down to this: After the over the top plots that twisted and turned in more ways than a well tipped hooker at the Bunny Ranch, I simply expected more from the ending. The writers showed no discrimination in taking the viewers on whatever f*cked up ride their little minds wanted us to go on, but when it came to wrapping it all up....they simply went the route " well this is this and that is that." The island is really a time traveling carrier of a glowing water cave that really needs one person to look over it for the rest of time and that sideways world you you were looking at was just purgatory for a select few of the people you have seen over the years. Somehow, the same umph and charisma they had with getting us to this point, was ended in what could only be described as a meh, okay then.

Wrapping this thing up, I gave a few questions and points on contention I need to get off my chest:
On the Season final:
-When Locke and Jack were fighting, and Jack got cut on the neck, why did he start bleeding in sideways world?
-Was Jack getting stabbed in the side, a Jesus reference? :::side eye:::
-How did Ben get from underneath that tree that was "too big" to move?
-Hurley and Ben spent the rest of eternity together watching the island? Really (SNL skit "really")?
-I think we would've spread out the "I Remember" visions in sideways life. Like 2o people had them in the finale. It was really iffy when that had that 3 for 1 when -------Juliet was giving the ultrasound to Sun and Jin. And by we, I mean you.
-Mr. Ecko, Michael and Walt in sideways world??? Nonexistent? If we are keeping track of Rose and hubby, we can keep track of, what some would call a major plot point.
-Hey you, whoever was in charge of the dog casting, should consider and early retirement. Vincent the dog casting was really bad.
-I saw the whole Jack opening his eyes in the bamboo forest with Vincent in the finale and in the premier connection. And???
-Really nothing about the island itself in the show finale? Really (SNL skit "really")?

Overall questions:
-We never totally explained the numbers. Why were some many people from all different walks of the show (Dharma initiative, Hurly's lotto, the hatch, Jacob...) centered around the same set of numbers? I can even begin to explain this oversight and how much it bus me.
-Remember when Clair was told by a psychic that bad things would happen if she didn't raise that baby? What's the deal with evil baby Aaron? Never explained....
-Why did the Others want Walt so badly back in the day?
-Why could no one have babies on the island? And why did that not interfere with Clair's baby? And what does it have to do with anything?
-The countdown that Desmond messed up with the hieroglyphic countdown. And we saw the black light map....I mean....
-The four toed statue that was a constant on the island? Who built it and why?
Oh wait...you know what would be easier...if there was a video with all the unexplained questions.....

That's alot of question right? None of which were explained in the ending. Please feel free to chime in with any of these answers if you know them.

Just to be clear. I am not debating the merits of the season finale. I'm not even sure I truly get it. I will miss it. It was what is was. And I appreciate the show for what it turned out to be (but more of what it was before it turned out to be)...haha, if that makes any sense. Which is shouldn't. Cause this is a LOST finale recap.


The French Open is happening.

Where as in the past I wrote long and extensive blog post covering the world of tennis. I think I'll keep it short from now on. Starting with this post.

Is this too cheeky for tennis? I wish we were talking about Wimbledon, this joke would then be spot on.

LOST...Target Commercials.

Before I actually sit down and write my thoughts on the final episode of LOST. I just wanted to see if you guys saw the Target spots that aired during LOST on Sunday night. They were pretty funny. Media buy score!!!!!!


ABC Chairs.

The ABChair Collection designed by Rotterdam based designer Roeland Otten is a collection of 26 chairs, each representing one letter of the alphabet, the chairs can be arranged to form words and are being produced of rotational molded plastic.

Sitting on "t" looks like the best way to bust your ass.

Archandroid. Janelle Monae.

Wow. I cant even begin to tell you guys how fresh this album is. Janelle Monae has done it again with her sophmore album, Archandroid. Talk about new music. She hit us early with Tightrope and Coldwar just to wet our whistles, but the album as a whole needs to be discussed. Every. Single. Song. Is different and unique. I cant even classify this in a genre. I want to say it's R&B, but that's like saying Aretha is only the princess of soul.

Just when you think you know how a song is going to play out, she switches it on you- makes it better. She is truly an original artist with her own approach to music. Below are a few of my favorites...but the entire album is beautiful. The type of music that artist just dont make anymore.... I might just buy this album. Yikes!

"U will not be disappointed. Ms. Monae has conquered undiscovered territory. This album will go where none have gone before. U might not be ready for it now...but when it hits and we are awakened all our lives will change and our eyes will be opened. Our nostrils will flare to that funk that we have been all been missing."

Fake Science.

Find out more ways teachers have been lieing to us all these years.

"Dick Riding Obama."

"Obama walked up and said yes we can
I said I wanna ride your nuts because I think your the man!!"

Funny promo featuring an animated Will.I.AM for the upcoming season of Boondocks. I dont watch the show, cause I think it's a bit too crass, but this is funny. This, is how you make fun of the president without trying to call him anti-american.

See the difference right wing America?

An Art Director Funny.

What goes on in the Womb.

"This fantastic animation called "Baby In The Sky" which seeks to raise money for The Global Fund to fight HIV. The production is from Passion Paris Production, directed by Jack @ bonzom Antoine Charlot."

Beautiful animation. And thhe music was spot on. It's just...was the umbilical cord necessary?



Greenpeace wants you to f*ck with BP's branding.

Greenpeace is going in on BP right now. With an ad that is requesting participants to rebrand the company, they actually made a microsite, which houses all the necessities one would need to get started on the branding slander.

How would you rebrand BP?
A few years ago, BP rebranded themselves as 'beyond petroleum'. And yet BP wants to invest billions of pounds into the Canadian tar sands - the dirtiest oil there is. They are threatening the Canadian wilderness, indigenous people, and the climate at precisely the time we should be cutting carbon emissions.

That's why we want you to rebrand them. Your brief is to create a logo for BP which shows that the company is not 'beyond petroleum' - they're up to their necks in tar sands.

The winning logo will be used by us in innovative and exciting ways as part of our international campaign against the oil company.

We're after the best ideas and concept, not necessarily the slickest logo. So if you're not a professional designer don't worry. If you're the overall winner we're offering you a day with a top graphic designer to transform your idea into a final product.

We will also pick a logo from each week's entries to win a coveted Greenpeace goodie bag, so enter early.

Green peace is getting gangsta. They actually went to BP's headquarters and replaced their flag. This seems to be more PETA's style, but I guess they were just sick of that green and yellow. Below are but a few of the logo slander executions...

VIA animalny

The Linkdown: Hold over until the LOST finale review....

1. Is making the IPAD technology causing people to kill themselves? (Steve is currently putting his slave whip away, "Boy your name is Tobe.").

2. Speaking of the devil: Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates.

3. You Muslims and your "Monkey God". Yikes.

4. And THIS is why you don't steal purses from women.

5. "If you're in this building, you would need to take this angle to shoot the president...'": Hypothetical Obama assassination used to teach kids.

6. Marc Jacobs poses in his birthday suit in a new ad. Why pay someone else to be naked when you could do it yourself.

8. Huggie Denim. Babies first skinny jeans.

9. The F├╝rer, in pink.


Man vs. Fox.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Man-1. Nature-0. It's survival of the fittest. The man is so proud of himself.

Coffee Umbrella.

Awesome. This is so crucial on rainy days in the city.


"....I'm blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived."

-Rod Blagojevich, in his Esquire interview

Cause being black in America has everything to do with shining shoes, five room apartments and living and working amongst (or near) black people.

PARIS, the land of vintage women doing stuff in black and white.

Nice print campaign. Simple and cute.

Agency: Bohan, Nashville, USA

Taking it back...for realz. No Diggity.

Remember back when you thought you could sing. And you had the aspiration of either being a professional singer in an all boys group....or a professional tennis player? No? Ok, maybe that was just me.

Let's get in.

Just a few hits from the 90's catalogue of Blackstreet. Damn I love Throwback Thursday. I think I hit every aspect of Blackstreet, no? That Girlfriend/Boyfriend song use to be my joint.

Enjoy R&B at it's hieght.

London Olympics, Strike 2 (or what ever game they play across the pond...cricket?).

Ok, so remember when everyone was making fun on London's 2010 Olympics logo? Well in an attempt to win the world back....this is thier second step in branding. Every Olympics needs mascots, I guess. The Olympic mascot on the left is named Wenlock and the Paralympic mascot on the right is name Mandeville.

I just dont know where to start. Should I make a Barney reference? Or a Real Monsters joke? I mean....it's one thing to come up with a horrible logo to represent an international historical event, but it's a completely different crime to get wasted at the local pub, stumble home only to puke your brains out all night, and then use the remnants of the inside of your toilet bowl as creative inspiration.

That's just obscene London. Obscene.

Sneaker Swag.

Moncler has a new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. There a few different styles. I'm diggin the ones above. I would gladly take any color as say.....an up and coming b-day gift. And then I would rock the **** out of them. Lol.


Covering May.

Funny does what it can. Genius does what it must.

So this was the outcome of that photoshoot? A cover? Hahahaha....

I think it's time for Madonna to call it quits.

Half naked Football players. Ladies , dont say I never gave you anything.

The fatal overlook is....this movie doesnt take place in the city. Did you guys realize this? Im just saying

Oh yea. She is....

Yerp. Topless.

For you Twighlight heads.

Claudia Shiffer...where the hell have you been?

"The More You DO,
the Less you DO WELL."

What Motivates Us (You and I).

Are you a purpose maximizer or a profit maximizer? I feel like I just sat through a really good school lecture. Work culture needs to be like this video said....

They live off of PBR and vintage (used) clothing-whether it fits or not.

Hump N Grind

hey readers. Happy Humpday!
todays playlist is inspired by this weekend. guess where im going.
Though most songs are obvious Let me tell you why they made the cut.

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1. "Everybody from the best side, I’m reppin' the Midwest right" i love this album
2. this is a big DUH. he says "Im from the city in the midwest." chicago is the only city in the midwest
3.Oh this song is so sexy... "It’s the joy, and the pain, and the bites and the brain"
4. the Cool Kids are just that. "
5. bhahahhahahah!!!
6. Oh really ??? hahaha
7. "Maybe, do you remember when fireworks at lake Michigan"- why yes i do
8. this band has to be on here. and this song has been sampled so many times, no wonder why i like it.