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Why Not Furnish your apartment with Condom Wrappers?

Unless you are a Trojan person. 

D.O.A. Jay Z

Someone needs a haircut.

the holy ghost 2.

I'm not sure that this is the work of the spirit. But I did want to tie back to an old post I had written. I'm debating which one is better. I mean this guy clearly knew the camera was one him. Do you think the holy ghost does more damage (and by damage I mean awesomeness) while people are watching, or when it thinks it is unseen, in the moment and not being judged? In other words, is the holy ghost a voyeur?

Dot Overdose.


Number Condoms.

"To celebrate safe sex Lafa are handing out 100 000 free condoms in Stockholm this summer. Every condom has been printed with a unique number (from no.1 to no.100 000) and at the campaign blog kondom08.nu people can upload their own personal stories about what happens to their numbers. These teaser-ads were released day 1 of the campaign."

Huh....? Why would you.....? Aw hell, give me three of them. 

Agency: ESTER

This Dude is Just Too Ridiculous.

I think he has gone way pass promoting a movie...and may have soul searching to do. BUT...he should keep the ridiculous coming. I mean, we are going to see the freakin movie with or without the 10 thousand faux gay appearances. And since it was the pride parade in NY yesterday, I wonder what gay people (as a whole) think about his exploits. I certainly would not like it if someone was pretending to be a stereotypical black person for 6 months straight. Just a thought. 

Get Your Smoke On.

Camel swings. And misses. "Discover More." What exactly are you saying? Are you ask consumers to discover more ways to deter their health. I blame the writer.  

Take A Bow. Muse.

I love the creepiness of this track. And at the same time....its oddly inspiring. First and only thing I thought when I first heard this, When and if I ever meet the undead...I expect this song to be playing out loud on some one's boom box as background music. Is that a weird first thought?

Nike Robots.

I was watching A.I. the other night. Aside from it being the longest movie ever...it has a really sad ending. What ever happen to that kid who starred in it? I wonder if he is on celebrity rehab yet.

Oh yea...here's a spot of a robot wearing Nikes and doing what? Running ofcourse.

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The Linkdown: Michael Jackson

1. 50 Photos of Michael, just a reminder that he was the sh*t! He'll always be the sh*t. So the haters can keep hatin. Can I be any clearer than that?

2. Lisa Marie Presley blogs about MJ.

3. I owned this game on SEGA genisis. Memories!

4. Sounds like a suspect, to me.

5. I was there. Were you?

6. I guess Union Square "coulda" been another place you "coulda" been if you were in NY(not as good as the Apollo, but it will do).

7. Obama has something to say about it all.

8. Forget the nonsense the media is spewing....A Real Tribute.
9. Delirious. Michael Jackson...by Eddie Murphy.
10. Janet honors her brother at the BET awards. Brave.


I can't seem to get over this.

It's overwhelming. I had to work today. People are telling Michael Jackson jokes in my office. I'm over this day. I'm going drinking. 

people need to stop

a coworker sent me this site whokilledmichaeljackson.com

i looked up the info on that site and someone bought it after he died. why go through all that hassle just to only have two words posted?

i dont like people making fun of him. yes he was accused and acted weird at times, but he was never guilty of any of those things. nevertheless people should celebrate him for his music and how his music has influenced our culture and not let accusations be the only thing they remember about him.

i see no fun in spending 9.99 for a domain only to write two words.
im not laughing, im just chuckling at your stupidity. you are not genius for buying this domain.

thats all. i just had to say that. what do you guys think?

below is the info pulled on the websites owner.
Registration Service Provided By: eNom, Inc.
Contact: Info@eNom.com
Visit: http://www.enomcentral.com

Domain name: whokilledmichaeljackson.com

Administrative Contact:
Rhett Raduenz (rhett@h4l0.com)
PO Box 3733
Chatsworth, CA 91313

Technical Contact:
Rhett Raduenz (rhett@h4l0.com)
PO Box 3733
Chatsworth, CA 91313

Registrant Contact:
Rhett Raduenz ()

PO Box 3733
Chatsworth, CA 91313

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 25 Jun 2009 23:12:02
Expiration date: 25 Jun 2010 23:12:00

Girl Friend. Day 26.

I hope these guys make it and evolve into a real group (away from Diddy). They have such talent. I must do a new albim review post soon.

To-da-loo Muthafucka: Movie Time.

The Hangover was ridiculously funny. It was the classic three man comic routine, and I enjoyed that. However the true star (funny man) is Zach Galifianakis who played the slightly retarded yet hilarious brother-in-law. He was truly the most ridiculous person....so much so, that I wanted to have a friend like him in real life, facial hair and all. But yea...if you haven't seen it, do. It's nothing like the Will Farell man child comedies that have been plaguing the world in the last 5 years. 
Ok, so word on the street is that people are complaing that the new Transformers movie is racist. I haven't seen it yet, but the director, Michael Bay's,  response is classic and should sum up this controversy....“It’s done in fun. I don’t know if it’s stereotypes - they are robots, by the way....

Zing. It's a movie about robots. Come on people. 

I'm really excited about this movie. It's based on a really smart and well animated cartoon series on Nick toons. For a quick synopsis....it's like Captain planet minus the "green" movement and the lame power, heart. It's got the feeling of completing a prominent journey like Lord of the Rings and/or Brave Heart. But yea....M. Night Shamamalamlon is directing it. The preview looks good, but lets hope the "surprise" ending that this director is known for goes a little like this,"Surprise, I made a good movie this time." Fingers crossed.

And finally, Inglorious Bastards starring Brad Pitt. Man love aside, any movie with or involving Nazis is kinda always on my list of Will Sees. Check out the trailer. Looks good. I mean killing Nazis, how can that me a bad thing?

More Cartoons Ads.

The show must go on, right? These are nice. I think I will forever be a sucker for an ad with or about cartoons. Go ahead...judge me. 

Agency: RT&A/ R.Treviño & Asociados, Monterrey, México


Saying Goodbye to a Legend.

The loss of a true artist. A natural talent. A true beacon of creativity. A door opener. A changer of status quo. We lost Michael Jackson at 2pm today to a cardiac arrest at the young age of 50. I want to write something profound. I want to touch on his personal impact on my life. But...I can't explain it. I can't describe how he shaped my creativity. How he gave me confidence. Or how his music was my childhood. I'm literally still in shock. To think that he will never make another song and that I will never get to see him perform live...kinda kills me inside. When I heard he died today, I started shaking. I shed a tear. Friends called and texted me to see if I was ok. It was and is like loosing a family member. Someone I truly grew up with. A constant in my life. And it makes me sad. I even tried to celebrate his life infront of the Apollo Theater, surrounded by a crowd dancing, singing and jiving...and I felt nothing but sorrow.

This...is a hard one.

Oh My God.

michael jackson

im devastated.

Swiss Chirstians...not-so-spicey sex lives.

Line: Victims are people just like you and me. 

Christian campaign to abolish torture? This is just some good old fashion role play. Let's get to serious stuff. 

Agency: Advico Y&R, Zurich, Switzerland

BK Blow Jobs are totally Worth It.

A Tribute.

Remember when Nickelodeon ruled the world at entertaining the sh*t out of kids? Yeah...those were good times. Throwback Thursday wants to take you there with this sadly made photo montage that was found on youtube. However, it dose touch upon some relevant old school awesomeness.

*also, I forgot about this Mya/Blackstreet song. That's a two-fer.
You're welcome.


"He's a pussy! He's the Slim-Fast, Diet Coke of vampires."

- says Stephen Moyer (Trueblood Vampire) 
about Rob Pattison (Twilight Vampire).

Awww sh******t. Let's get that Vampire fight on. My money is on Bill, though I know nothing about Twilight. BTW, the second season of Trueblood is getting good. Real good.  

furry neon balls

happy humpday everyone.

man did it take a long time to get here. this week is so long!
But yesterday during our rain intermission i got a chance to play tennis.
and i did great. well better than 3 weeks ago. My serve, backhand, and volley game were top notch. and to my surprise my forehand was actually doing some good.

so this humpday is to the tennis season were gals wear short skirts, men show off their rippling pectorals as well as biceps, everyone has balls (sometimes up skirts, down shirts or two in one hand) bouncing balls, glistening wet skin...

Wimbledon is currently in round 2 and us open right around the corner.

I suggest if you want to win, play this list while playing (like loud enough to hear at the baseline). I guarantee you will feel good, relaxed, and inspired to kick ass. and your opponent may be distracted by your new found awesomeness and occasional dance moves or maybe your opponent will just lose cause they cant have fun with tennis and music at the same time.


that's all.

GQ, through the Years.


It's pretty interesting to see how men's fashion has evolved over the years (via the cover library Gentleman's Quarterly). They didn't really start putting women on the covers until the late 90s. And head shots were big in the 80s (along with speedos). Sammie Davis Jr seems to be the first African American to make the cover. 

But on a personally note...the bathing suit overalls of the 70s, need to make a comeback.


Mac Doc Icon Spelling.

Submit yours now! My icons are pretty basic...but I know a few people (who sit a a cubicle away from me) who could spell Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (That' s two Mary Poppins refrences in one week!)

You Have To.

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The Linkdown.

1. Getting this for my girlfriend. Because breast support is key when sleeping. Am I right ladies?

2. Wait a minute. You want me to play tennis in this military Jacket. I'd rather an Aggassi Armband.

3. Kick Push, in the White House.

4."Forget about pizza...we specialize in huts." Classic example of, when conference buzz words, should stay at the conference.

6. Feed the Birds...toppings a bag. Toppings. Toppings. Toppings...a Baaaagggg. Loose a finger.

7. Hadji never had a logo on his turban, but if he worked for the MTA he might have to

If you do anything today.....

You will watch this kids flip the hell out over WOW (World of Warcraft).

And then realize that we as a nation are doomed. Our future is in this kids hands. But still....funny...

Bruno opens in Berlin.

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There's really nothing that fun about getting laid off. But I guess if you must be clever about it, designer Irina Blok has got some stuff for you. Can you really afford it being as how you don't have a job? That's the other question? 1+2=.......


A good point Bill brings to the table. I dont want want a celeb President...but in juxtapose, I do want a smart one. So, file me under "Thank God This Mutha-F*cker is Smart!" aisle....until he f*cks up.

I mean...this isnt some 3rd world country this man is trying to sway. It's America. Complex and convoluted are simply the icing on the cake, if we were going to try to break this country down. I know it's been 8 yrs of simplicity...but you gotta give this guy a break. Right or wrong?


Alice in (HELL).

In movie news....a few (creeptastic) pictures from the upcoming Alice is Wonderland that someone  allowed Tim Burton to get his hands on. (DDIB)* Best Week Ever said it best. 

I must say though...they did a bang up job at picking the dude to play the caterpillar (Snape from Harry Potter). 

*Disney did it better

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UPDATE: More pics!!!

Jurassic Park on Ice.

Ok...I had a rough morning. But this made me giggle. My favorite dinosaur as a kid was the Brontosaurus (which should tell you alot about me). Imagine my heart ache when they told me it no longer exhisted? Exactly. As adfreak pointed out, its kinda too silly. But this Monday morning completely deserves a little silliness.


Happy Juneteenth!

We have come a long way as a race. Be appreciative. Be sympathetic. But most of all...be encouraging. Because at all times...you are shaping the future. 

Redesign of a Classic Done Well.

The design world is abuzz. Apparently Baker did some new packaging for some old classics (but only in Target). I kinda agree with Jetpacks on this one. This is not the disastrous Orange Juice redesign of 09, that made moms across America stand in revolt. And it certainly didn't incorporate any smiles. There may be some confusion of the TA. Kids (big and small) may not appreciate the move to junk food modernism. But the packaging is simple. It is clean. And they do make me instantly say "Nice."

And they did it to the Cherios packaging as well. 


I may still be on the fence about the cheerios box. It's a little bit too MOMA for me (seeing as how Cheerios is a staple "I have no food in the house, but I can survive on Cheerios" kinda thing for me). Im sure I could care less though....

That's all.