The Linkdown: Now you Know.

1. World of Fourcraft....Manhattan is my domain. The object of the game is to join forces with your Borough Buddies™ and swarm over and conquer the entirety of New York City.

2. The Fast food Mafia.

3. The truth, about mens body wash.

4. Ipad Mirror shot. Just because you can afford it...doesnt mean you should have it.

5. Get Your Weiner Condoms here.

6. The modern Noahs Ark (aka too much free time). <---Person of the Day Alert!

7. Is this really a feminist wedding dress? Or is it more a slut wedding dress?

8. OK Mr President....you can pick me up at the corner of 17th and 5th....I'll call my mom on the cell phone too (or talk to you about how/why my tax refunds are so low, either/or).

9. Google is trying to keep up.



“This Kinetic Typography project was created from the dialogue of Conan O’Brien’s final episode of The Tonight Show on NBC. In this farewell address, he describes his feelings towards NBC and the situation at hand. His personality exudes positivity and humor allowing this dialogue to describe his character very well. Even through the hardships of leaving NBC he promotes hard work and kindness”

Conan O'Brien Kinetic Typography from Jacob Gilbreath on Vimeo.

VIA urbanistas

BET Awards 2011.

So, I tried to watch the BET awards last night. But lets be honest...True Blood was premiering. BET didn't have a chance. But I still you all a favor. Save 4 hours of your life, and check the highlights below. The performances.

DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne perform “I’m on One”

Trey Songs, Kelly Rowland "Motivation."

Alicia Keys/Bruno Mars

Chris Brown...lets just take a second to ponder upon Chris Browns outfit, can we?
Two words.....Cool World.

Tribute to Patty Labelle....who knew that one girl from Floetry (Marsha?) could sing like that? OK.

And ofcourse...Queen beyonce. Songs may be lacking at times, but when she performs...she brings it.

De Nada.


Fuck! I'm in my Twenties.

Fuck! Im i n my Twenties, a new website devoted to chronicling the life of us twenty year old through pictures....like a tumblr sort of blog...thingy.

I must admit...the best conversations do happen between 12am and 4am. I must admit....some people, I rather not talk to unless it's after 12am (and I've had a few drinks).

Theatre isn't just for Gays anymore.

Neil Patrick Harris’ 2011 Tony Awards. Well done.

Sometime oyu need to write down whats in your head.

Axe 2012.

I like this spot. It's refreshing to see an Axe spot with some thought behind it. Yes, you are marketing to men...but there can still be a story. And it doesnt hurt to have a sick sound track to watch it to.



Mini-Deadmau5 from Michael Cobra on Vimeo.

"My 3yo son asked to be Deadmau5 for Halloween after seeing him live at the Treasure Island Music Festival. How could I turn that opportunity down? "

THis is literally, what children are made for.

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All this over a Hockey Game?

This is why no one can take Canada very seriously....


Imagine. If everyday...you lost your best friend?

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Bring it on E-Trade Baby.

Meet Guitar Baby. F8ck the man, this baby just wants to melt faces and sign fun bags.

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My Two Favorite things: Beer and Dads.

In preparation for fathers day....

"Go the F*ck to Sleep Kid."

Adam Mansbach’s Go The Fuck To Sleep, described as “a children’s book for adults” (you'll soon know why), is now an audiobook narrated by Samuel L. Jackson that you can download for free at audible.com. That's two Samuel L. posts in a row, people. It's gonna be a great day.

I'd say I'd be reading this to my future kid. But between nyquil and my belt....there should be no sleeping problems.

Absolutely [I’m a pot smoker]…The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking. Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.
- Justin Timberlake on why he smokes bud.

Who is Justin Timberlakes dealer? That's what I want to know.

Your Dog Doppleganger.

So a cool new site, made with the specific purpose of finding homes for homeless pups just launched. It's getting alot of buzz. The premise.....take a picture of yourself and the site will analyze who you doppelganger is. I must admit....I like it because it caters ONLY to dogs (f*ck you cats). I took the liberty of testing it for you.

Don't you just want to rub my belly? So now all I have to do is find this dog Elliot. Adopt him lovingly. And kill him. Because there can be only one. Go ahead...give it a try.



WHATTTT. WOWWWW. where is this original video? Does any one know if she is doing a cover of a song? sounds like she made up those lyrics.

speachless. I dont know what to think.

Karma is a B*tch, Lebron.

"If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters." ~Alan Simpson

‘True Blood’ Season 4 – 8 Minute Sneak Peek.

I suggest you drop everything and watch this before it get ripped from the internets. And then you can watch these half thought through mock PSAs.

VIA imagebase


Offense Ads.

So in advertising, we once and a while come up with really f*cked up ideas that never see the light of day. Well, aparently there's an award show for thos types of things. It's called the Chip Awards.

So basically, it's evey ad made this year that was done in bad taste-which I promote. Enjoy!


Wiley. Numbers.

I like it. British rap is a little off putting, but.....

Ice-T on the Biggest Hustle of all time.

"The 'SLUSHIE HUSTLE'...What part of the game is that.. And my dumb ass keeps buying em.. 90% ice...You drink the slushie, you buy it, and you suck it like five times and it's ice. Man, fuck slushies"

-Ice-T on Conan

The Linkdown. Birthday Edition.

1. There Will Be Disney.

2. Be ready for the moment.

3. Rule of thumb, if you are gonna take a picture of your junk and send to to someone, keep your face out of the picture. And use...the penis disguise kit.

4. Just cause he has no arms, doesn't mean he cant f*ck sh*t up.

5. Foreskin Man, An Anti-Circumcision comic Book, he's ripped...but he's not cut.

7. Just incase you needed to know how, the Planet became Of the Apes.

8. Playing Street Fighter for real, looks alot like getting in a fight.


Who is Paul Revere?

Paul Revere...warned the british about American gun control. I must've misread that chapter in 6th grade. My bad.

29 Ways to Stay Creative.


VIA weloveviral

Manhandled Bags.

See more here.


Hot Chics: Stacey Dash.

She's no longer Clueless. But she continues to be a banger. I'de be upset if she was my mom. Her milf number is way to high. Crazy news....she's coming back to the mainstream.

The Museum of Me.

I'm not sure what the connection is as of yet, but intel decided to create a site that curates all of your online material into a museum of sorts- The Museum of Me. This is a great idea, because vanity and self worth is running wild these days. Check out the demo....I mean spot.

The actual outcome....it's semi interesting. Here's a few stills from mine.

So in the end. The idea, is bigger and better than the execution.

Sneaker Sawg: Nike SB Woodgrain.

All the good of Nike, with a twang of originality.
Trees are gonna be hating. Word.

Oreo Barbie.

In 1997, Mattel joined forces with Nabisco to launch a cross-promotion of Barbie with Oreo cookies. Oreo Fun Barbie was marketed as someone with whom little girls could play after class and share "America's favorite cookie." As had become the custom, Mattel manufactured both a white and a black version. Critics argued that in the African American community Oreo is a derogatory term meaning that the person is "black on the outside and white on the inside," like the chocolate sandwich cookie itself. The doll was unsuccessful and Mattel recalled the unsold stock, making it sought after by collectors.[25]

I wonder why this didn't work?