“Chair/Chair” by Eric Ku:

Instead of giving new definition, I redefined the concept of a chair by using alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets.


PAGE 136

All i got to say is read page 135 of upcoming issue of Time Out New York (Issue 714). On newsstands Wed June 3.


Ironic Sign.

An "I Hate Crowds" sign in a Crowd. Get it?

A Man and His Stache.

A lot can be told by a man’s mustache, and it seems certain professions have their own. For some it can be a small handlebar, and for others it can be a bushy chevron. The bottom line however, is that the hair on a man’s upper lip can rightfully be understood as a window into his soul. The following is a list of the most notable mustaches, and noteworthy stereotypes from the industries that championed each ’stache:...

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Movie Time.

A quick review. I just saw Terminator 4. And it sucked. Like...within the first 20 minutes I knew it was going to suck. Fatal Flaw #1: Overacting, underacting and no acting. At one point Christian Bale was screaming into a walkie talkie and all I could think was "why the f*ck is this dude screaming." Like wise...the new half robot character could not act. Fatal Flaw #2: Explosions plus action do not equal a plot. Now I like a good bang em' up man movie as mush as the next guy, but this movie is nothing but 2 hours of blowing up machines and machines blowing up...and that's it. Fatal Flaw #3: They are getting too wrapped up in this time traveling thing. I know that it was the premise of the original movie and maybe why the franchise is so hot in general...but now it's just getting ridiculous. If I was watching the future, that means nothing you or the machines can do can change the future (or the present in this case). But if that is not the case at least try to connect the plot points. You cant keep adding to the time travel story and not explainyourself. Also....here's a spoiler...there is a CGI Arnold in the movie...and when I saw that I completely gave up on the movie all together.

Popular animated series Avatar The last Airbender is being made into a movie. The show itself is really well done. Smart plot and well drawn. But unfortunately, M.  Night Shamamlalon has his hands in the mix. Did anyone see Lady in the Water? Yeah....exactly.....

And that's kid. Summer flicks are still being dropped left and right, and though I hit a bit of a road block with Terminator, I am still excited for Harry Potter, Transformers 2 (Megan Fox) and GI Joe. Let's get it.   

Torture is but a Click Away.

Beautifully Simple.

Here are a few poster proposals for the 2012 Olympics by designer, Alan Clarke. This gets me all excited. 

Perhaps someone should take note.


Paranoid. Kanye West.

Kanye West Paranoid Official Music Video from bonna dona on Vimeo.

I could be sitting here wondering what Rihanna looks like naked. But alas...that's been solved. So what do we have here? Just another Kanye video. Ahhhhh, who am I kidding? Rihanna is still hot. 

Covering June: The Best Month Ever.

That's a win. 

.....SWINGER (Hot Swinger).

I'm so glad that my pop refrence growing up was Britney Spears. 
Come on...you were thinking the same thing, weren't you?

I believe everything this cover says. LOL.

F*ck the NFL Part 3.

Good news! We are getting close and closer to Linger Football becoming a reality. Recently...they had try outs. Just thought I'd keep you updated. And still looking to be a towel boy.

Everyone is, a Little Gay.

Now...well...you see...I dont think this is the best way to convince straight people to attend you Gay and Lesbian festival...by calling them "a little gay."

Just a thought point.

Agency: TBWA Zurich's

Tat Love?

I kinda don't want to hate on Jermain...bit this is a little creepy. When you start comparing your girlfriend to the Virgin Mary and letting the world know with a perminant side tat...something is wrong. BTW, I WILL be getting a new tattoo in a few days for my bday. 


Jon-Kate Plus Eight (minus divorce settlement).

Yea, I know...I'm a bad person for watching the season premier on Monday night. I have been watching the show for some time now. So I have some vested interest. Aiden and Hannah are my favorites from the little Asian midget crew. I get how watching a divorce in progress is a bad thing. I understand why critics are all up in arms about the kids and how the break-up of a family shouldn't be documented for entertainment purposes and draw a bigger audience than the season final of LOST. The lack of morality involved with sitting down and witnessing this break up at the expense of these kids is staggering. Really...I get all of that.


Is that not the purpose of reality tv? This show is perhaps the realest of the reality tv mega-onslaught in the past decade. Its about more than a competition-it's life. .Jon and Kate claim that they started documenting in order to record the early years of their kids. And I can buy that. Now it's a circus and lets face it....it's the only way the family is bringing in money. They are stuck. And if you saw any of the shows and how Kate deboed Jon on a daily basis you knew that this day was coming. It's just an added bonus that we get to watch it. And that may sound wrong...but divorce happens every day. And more so that worrying about these 8 kids (who are probably set for life financially), this is Kate's doing and I personally am watching to see her get what she deserves. For those of you who did watch it, did you see how Jon had/has alot more to say when Kate isn't on the couch with him? Yea....he has tasted freedom. And I will be watching him while he gains complete freedom from Kate, tears and all. 

The Show Must Go On!

About Me.

So I may or may not have signed up for a Medieval Times birthday a few months ago, forgot and then received a personal email with my government name on it. And they had the nerve to put little children in costumes on it. And they sent it at 1am. The really funny part...is that I was really excited about it. Anyone want to go with me? I need a designated driver. 

P.S. This is full disclosure here. It's me opening up to you, the reader. But seriously...is anyone interested in a dinner and a tournament?


"...Have we simply traded one form of inequality for another? Before we had separate and unequal and today we have separate and still unequal, but you can go to the Starbucks without being attacked by a firehose?"

Danielle from The Blacksnob has a seriously interesting post about the double edge sword of integration in America. Every point made was valid. Is it better to go to a historically black college (if you are a minority)? Or is there some impeding gain to integrated institutions? Or is the black community just all screwed up (and it's kinda integration's fault)?

I have an opinion. Do you? If not...still an interesting read.

This...is a real Error Message.

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Hot Chicks: Zoë Saldana.

You knew it was coming. The Trekky in me says that Zoe is a certified banger. Only one draw back....and you guys who know me, know what that is. In addition...let's hope she makes better life decisions than my last certified banger.

Private Ads.

I thought I'd follow up the previous post with something a little bit more private. Ha ha...do you get it? Anyway....these are poster ads promoting Staying Alive, MTV's global HIV and AIDS in Belgium. I havn't yet gotten the grasp of what is going on...because every time I look at them nice and big, I giggle and close them. Perhaps you will have more luck. 

UPDATE: I get it now. 

Trim the bush to make the tree look taller.

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today felt like a tuesday...

so I thought i had till tomorr. to post a humpday playlist.
Man that holiday sure threw me off. So if today was Tuesday i was going to post this video and say get excited humpday is tomorrow.

So this playlist is inspired by animals, rabbits, and monkeys. Enjoy!

monkey humpday

1. first song i thought of.
2. next song i thought of. i don't like this song.
3. oh yea of course. almost didn't think of this one.
4. at the itunes store i searched 'monkey' and this came up. I'm grossed out by this one.
5. i was like what else has to do with apes- Gorillas... duh. this song is dumb.
6. see above
7. off the album "monkey business"- get it? 'monkey'.
8. i also said animals. doggs are animals.

Oh Yes... Update on Lauren London... supposedly she was a virgin till lil wayne popped it. And wanted an abortion till lil wayne said hell naw, im going to tell everyone.

that's all.

Fun & Funny Design.

"I would like to sell you material goods but that requires making things beyond vectors. One day."
-designer Jennifer Daniel


This post is for Gavin. It's actually ridiculously cute (being that cats are the minions of the devil).

VIA geekologie


Keri Hilson. Knock You Down.

I hate that I like this song. I really do...but everytime I hear it I sing along like a teenage girl. I mean...NeYo is in it. So sad...

The Linkdown.

1. Japan sells used Trekky underwear for $75. Perfect for pedophiles and Trekies alike. Perhaps a similar group in Japan.

2. Jean-claude Van Dam still dancing in the clubs...

3. Damn...these cops didn't stand a chance. Futbol es mas dangerous-o (that's Spanish for dangerous).

4. "We don't serve your kind in this establishment." RESULT.

5. French President allows his wife to tap that, during a press conference.

6. Pretty sure that this, is Hampster abuse (2 animal posts in one linkdown...GOOAAALLL!).

7. When will the American Aparell porn stop? Seriously...

8. FOX has a new black primetime tv series called Brothers. ***crickets***

9.  It only took 10 years to become the World Beard Champion.

10. Are you really complaining about muppet basketball players in commercials?  Mr Howard, do they pay you more for being a Professional Baby too?


Finally, some real innovation

New Artist: Chrisette Michele.

New Artist Alert. Ok...she is not new. Just new to me. Chrisette-Michele. I went to Boston for memorial day. I took the bus up (which I came to the conclusion that I will never do again), but I was able to talk my way into a ride back. And on that ride back I got a chance to hear this lovely young woman's new album Epiphany. There are a few songs I can't get down with...but for the most part, it's a great album. Beautiful jazzy strong voice dropped over some old school real r&b.

These are the songs I'm really diggin off the album:

And check out her latest video. I see you Jimmy from Degrassi. Not sure how you got out of your wheel chair, but welcome to America.

Ok, that's it. Nice new artist. Here's her whole album. I only like a few songs, but maybe she will evolve into a true talent. One that can battle the likes a Beyonce and Ciara...and we can get some real music back on the airwaves. Fingers crossed.