I'm Outtie.

Going to Orlando for a dew days. I know you'll miss me. But I will be back. And I promise when I get back to step my blogging game up. Cross your fingers for me....I really want to see Shamu while I'm down there.


Rolling in Deep. John Legend.

John Legend - Rolling in the Deep (Adele Cover) by johnlegend

Loving this cover from JOhn Legend. And below....they euromixxed it up. Cause that's the trend now. Which one do you like better?

Serena Williams showing Booty.

So Serena made a spot for a tennis game for Play Stations that was deemed too sexy for tv. It was yanked. They claim that this spot was never suppose to make it to the light of day. Yeah....ok. See it here before its yanked from the internets aswell.

Personally, I dont think it's all that bad. Serena's got a a donk (how hip am I?). It coulda been much worse. But she looks good though.

The Linkdwon. Love.

1. The Love Ring. I wish you could spell other word....

2. Facebook goes gay friendly.

4. Chris Brown freaked out on the media last week. There's no footage, but I can only hope it went something like this.

5. Will the real ADOBE Photoshop please stand up.

8. Gilbert Godfrey (Iago) makes Tsunami jokes. Wait...this guy is a comedian?

10. Calvin Klein does subliminal advertising. To curse at us?

Protect your Info.

Black Moses Barbie.

Black Moses Barbie (Harriet Tubman Commercial) (1 of 3) from pierre bennu on Vimeo.

Black Moses Barbie commercial #2 of 3 from pierre bennu on Vimeo.

Craig at KMBA says these commercials "were created to celebrate, deconstruct and re-envision images of people of color in commercial and pop culture." I'm not sure what the context is. It's worth a giggle and though it innovative (to say the least) it trivializes our history a bit.

I'm kinda up in the air about it. But like I said, it's worth a giggle.




I find that I am sarcastic alot these days.


The Guaranteed Date.

All you need is a printer and a smug ass look.

Murmurs Of Middle-Earth.

Pogo does it again. And it's sick as usual.

VIA thedenveregoist



The ABhancer.

The only thing it dramatically enhances is stupidity.

Cute Anti-Fur Ads.

Here's the problem....I think that these executions trivialize the problem. When you bring things into toy realm, it's supposed to be fun and light hearted. There is allegedly nothing fun and light hearted about animal cruelty, so why even take it there? You know?


Happy Irish Day, from Uncle Grimace.

Stole this from D-Listed. The lack of posts.....I apologize for, but similar to the copy and paste execution that is happening above, I have been ridiculously busy. But not too busy to drink on Irish Day. Have a good one guys. I know I am.

The Wonderful World of Sex.

Line: "The safer you play, the longer you stay."

Check out the rides. They are hysterical. Also not sure if I should tell you this is NSFW. Is illustrated/cartoony porn any less graphic than real porn? Anyway...it's clever all around.


Sneaker Sawg: Tennis Ball Shoes.

I know, I know...they are more like "towel/terry cloth" but the first thing I thought was "those look like tennis balls. Haha. But anyway they are by realMadhectic. Gotta love the brand name.

VIA coolhunter

Don't let me Fall. B.O.B.

Recycling Typography.

We choose the letters that have character, take them, replace the old neon tubes with LED’s, check that they are ok and put them on our website”, says Aleksi Hautamäki. He is one of the founders of the Finnish company called Character, which recycles the signs to be used as individual letters. “These pieces of typography are all unique design objects, why should they be demolished?”

Apparently you can buy these letters. I just love the shots of the discarded type. Beautiful.


The Truest Clock Ever.


(images via bbc)

Thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. 8.9 earthquake = tsunami.



"Go ADs go! Strip off those layers of convention! Keep pushing that digital envelope! Disgusting? Who cares! Better disgusting than safe! Senseless? Who cares! Better senseless than sensible! Doesn't give me a real reason to buy Pepsodent's Torsion toothbrush? FUCK reason! Reason is the hobgoblin of the reasonable!"

Copyranter was right. I almost peed on myself when I saw this. There is a odd mix of love, jealousy and admiration going on in my heart right now. And I like it.

My Facebook friends get alot of letters.

And they post them on line. Good bless them.

Letter #1- The Kind Weed-head Artist
My friend asked her neighbor to crack a window if they are going to smoke weed all day, everyday. Reasonable request, it's not like you are asking them to quite being a weed head. Hand writing is a mess though...as in he might have been writing this while he was high.

Letter #2- We "Refuse"
The second, is from the lab table of a group of highschoolers. My friend is a teacher, and I'm guessing after he threatened to separate them...they decided to form a coup. Little monsters.

Both are genius in thier own right. But I did tell friend #2 that he needs to lay down the law in his class. While cute, the classroom is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship....atleast when I was in school, it was.


The Linkdown.

FRIDAY NIGHT THROWDOWN from Scott Cramer on Vimeo.

1. This is a bad idea, fightclubs in Chinatown that pit Models against boxers (Or is it a great idea?).

2. Angry Birdsky.

3. Rich People vs. Poor People. "Wall Street works harder than teachers" and "$250 Thou a year is not alot of money."

5. Zombies. I've been meaning to post this for awhile now.

6. Daniel Craig, for womens rights...in drag.

8. Fashion is...

9. Brady might be good at football, but he is really good at dancing.

Lubricant Ads, from Paris.

Copy: "Try me! Or not...Try intimate lubricant gel"

Go ahead. Just stick it in there. There are other executions that include bones and telescopes. Cause that's how they get down in Paris.



Equal Pay for Woman in Belgium render this.

Yep, that just happened. To all of us. At once. March 25th is Equal Pay Day in Belgium. You can look up the rest. I think this video has done enough damage to this blog without a whole long and drawn out explanatory paragraph.

The Last Breakfast.

By Brian Stucky. Poor Count Chocula, portrayed as Judas.


may the best woman... win!!

I love rupauls drag race. I would love to lip sync for my life. But i need to be a drag superstar first..


and now i have by own liquor bottle too! suck it hard absolut!

6 foot, 7 foot. Lil Wayne.

Inception themed Lil Wayne

OK...you you kinda like Muhammad ALi.

Why not build a 2 story sculpture to prove it?

VIA realizeali



"I Got Tiger Blood."

This dude is quote-alicous. And I didn't even go to the Piers Morgan interview.


Ipad 2 (the smart cover) Ad.

Apple unveiled the iPad 2 yesterday. I don't think I have to reiterate how I feel about apple releasing newer version of thing they already sold us for far too much money (knowing they were gonna make a better one). But here's a little spot that should really get a few early adopter's blood boiling.
A cover that's also a stand. You motherf*ckers knew you were gonna do that years ago.

Great FedEx Ad.

BBDO Toronto. Nice, indeed.

VIA denveregoist


Born this Way. Lady Gaga.

You would be doing yourself a disservice if you haven't seen this video atleast once.

Unisex Pants from the 70s.

One guess, who these pant are NOT for...in any time period. (but the copy is hysterical),

The Charlie Sheen Random Quote Generator.

Introducing, the Charlie Sheen random quote generator, livethesheendream.com. Finally a place to go to get real wisdom.

The Evolution of Jay-Z's Stlye.