Old School in a New School Era.

Now, I was never really a Raphael Saadiq fan before. Infact, I try to draw a very distinct line for myself when it comes to the "Neosoul" genre. But there something about Raphael's new album The Way I See It, that quiet literally puts the soul back in soul music. It transports you back in time and makes you wish you were around back in the day to grind and get down in someone's momma's basment, fro'ed out and sweatin.

Check out these tracks below and tell a brotha if he's fibbin.

Even Jay Z gets all Temptations on us. And yes...that was Stevie Wonder. Tell me you're not feelin this. I dare you. These four songs alone have gotten me through my daily commute for the past week, and it has been the most relaxing week of my life. I promise that (minus the stomach virus part).

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