808 Weekend.

808 - Blaque

Ummm. I loved this song back in the day. I will love this weekend. See the connection? Now its time for you to boom like an 808.

Have a good one. Cant wait to see you guys on monday. Literally. Im excited. I may take this blogging thing a bit too far....


more personal ads.

clever ads.

I must admits that these ambients are clever. Too bad non smoking ads never work on smokers. But maybe these would be targetted to "preventing future smokers". Yes. That would work.

more here.

Agency : Saatchi & Saatchi London

retraction B*TCHES.

i dont know about you. but im glad for my first retraction. It makes my blog official. I push myself so hard to bring the "fact" to you....that i sometimes make mistakes. But anyway. Angelina didnt have the babies yet. But I will be sure to re post the same exact post I just made. And as for the tingles down my spin in church...probably was side effects to the electro therapy. Damn it.

The Holy Ones are still only but 3.

a natural athlete.

large coffee, black. light on the terrorism please.

I would like to start off this blog entry by first saying that I always knew this fact. I believed it in my heart of hearts. Rachel Ray is a terrorist. She supports Al Queda, and dunkin donuts will have none of it. They pulled the new ad with her saying something about something involving donuts and stuff. The scarf, i guess, has the same design patterns as those worn by muslim extremeist. She and Dunkin donuts have been accused of "casually promoting the symbol of Palestinian terrorism and the intifada, the keffiyeh." Which means I should probably burn my underwear and curtains when I get home. But ummm....yea, thats not even the good part. The good part is the the reaction the story is getting from local and national coverage.

Anchor 1:
"I f*cking hate Rachelle Ray and everything she stands for."
Anchor 2: "Shut up you asshole, dunkin donuts is one of our sponsors."
Anchor 1: "Errrr....I love donuts.....errrrrr....."

trapped in the closet. literally.

Creep me out.

So this man in Tokyo started noticing that the food in his apartment was disappearing. Like, to the extent that he installed cameras in his own home to see what the deal was.Turns out that he discovered a person walking around his house while he was not home, eating his sh*t. When he called the cops, they searched his home and found a 56 year old woman...living in his closet.

Ummm, a person was living in his closet. Wandering around when he slept. Probably staring at him through the vents as he took a shower. Creep me the f*ckout. And she was living there for a year.

The article says she told the police, " she had nowhere to live." Somehow that response is not good enough. It doesnt cover the inflicted mental damage.

I would be freaked and go home to check my closet right now, but the only way someone would be able to hide in my small ass closet, is if they were a midget...cut in half. And for some reason, that doesn't seem like that big of a threat.

i completely agree.

A brain like Martha...crazy.
Waist like Oprah...fat.
Ass like Tyra...fatter.
Ewww. Buuuurrrrrnnn.

crossmarketing mistake.

some things just dont go well together. Batman, with a milk moustache. I do not agree with.

celeb time.

its all over. the bump. the hot preggy mom syndrome. The fedoras....wait, nooooooo, never that.
But Brad and Angie pooped out thier new twins in France last Sunday. And the funny thing is...I was sitting in church that day and a tingle ran down my spin. I thought it was just the left over ruminant's of the new elctro treatment Ive been trying out (I lie sometimes). But, now I know it was actually the birth of Saints Isla Marcheline Jolie-Pitt and Amelie Jane Jolie-Pitt.
Now they only have 26 more bedrooms to fill with children in thier new home....uh, hotel...uh refugee camp.

Ummmm, Jessica Simpson sings country.

Way to come back Jessica. Way to come back...

Clay Aiken is going to have a baby. With this woman. And he didnt have to hand force his sperm into her private area. She took it willingly. And by took it...I mean artificially inseminated it. Because lord forbid anyone would want to sleep with clay aikin. They are like best friends or something. I see it now, after they finished off a jug of wine a tub of peanut butter while watching my fair lady the delux edition, she was like, "wouldnt it be cool if we had a kid together?" And Clay's response, "As long as I dont have to touch your boobies."

And she is 50. I hate when rich people decide to have kids when they are clearly too old. Its not fair that when this "thing" turns 20...his mom will be on her death bed. Just my opinion.
So....thats all I find interesting in the fame game.
Oh, also Bill Murrey is a wife beater. Yikes. Just when you think you know someone. Next thing you know...Mary Tyler Moore will be a crack head. Lawrence Fischbourne is actually an alien teleported from the future to ruin US cinema. And JLo is actually a man.


You may make love in this club...

but Usher, you will never make "love" on my CD stand. Here is the official prostituted thoughts review of Usher's new album.....Here I Stand.

So I consider his first single a major success. Usher has always been one of my favorite artists. I remember when he was just starting off. I bopped my head to his girly joints. I even accepted his so called cheating songs (which girls seemed to love, even though in real life happening to them, they wouldn't). Eww...btw, I really wanted the jacket in this video. And then there was a second one. And then a club banger that just seemed to never get off the radio. And I enjoyed them all. To the fullest of their extent.

On this album. The following songs really hit home.

Forever Young


Here I Stand

The rest of the album...is wack. In fact, its almost a complete flop. And that saddens me. With the artists out today, you cant be putting out the same type of music you put out in 1996. Styles have changed. Music has changed. And Usher buddy...you need to keep up. Confessions was gold. Every song had potential to be a single. And Im not asking that for every album. But this one is clearly lacking.

You shouldve consulted Diddy. He wouldve made you CD platinum. Im just saying...

just watch it.

I wished you couldve seen my face when I saw this. I wish I made it.

Destiny's Hood Child.

So Kelly Rowland...girl 2 of Beyonce's Destinys Child was at some gay day event trying to promote her weak solo career (and I love kelly, but it is weak)and someone threw a hat at her on the stage. Watch her reaction.

Sometimes you get a lil hood, but remember kids...reel it back in. Kudos to Kelly for maintaining.

And on a side note, Ill drop Cater 2 You right here. Cause its a great message.

sinlge white female.

::female between the ages of 23 and 43, an outdoor type with a sense of humor, and looking for love?could you use $5,000?::

Charles Haeberle of Maine (this lovely looking gentleman to the right) is looking for these qualifications in his next wife. And if you meet them you could get paid $5000. Well, not all at once. In installments. Actually, the exact breakdown is as follows... he will pay $400 after the fourth successful date, $1,100 at the engagement and $3,500 at the wedding.

He literally placed an ad in hopes that it would work. A few years earlier (apparently, when he was at the height of dementia) he wrote a poem about his perfect girl and set it adrift in the ocean...

So, I mean, acts like that(this is not a Disney Movie), and the fact that he doesn't drink...probably isnt helping the situation. He has tried all the dating sites, his local church (cause that always works out) and even craigslist. One can only hope he posted in the missed connections section. Charles now is looking for love. Which he will pay for, literally.

"I dated a few girls here and there. They were very nice, but they weren't the girl. I'm just searching for what every one's searching for — a girl I can spend the rest of my life with."

Or at least until they cash that $5000 check. Sh*t Id go on a date with him just to get the $400. But im a prude. So non of that touchy feely stuff.

rainbow connection.

Throwback thursdays brings to you...rainbow connection by Kermy. Yay!

for love of dirt.

Scott Wade is tired of the old school paint and canvas. He isn't into all the gadgetry that is CS2-3. F8ck that sh*t. He just wants to play with mud. Make masterpieces on the back window of your dirty carcar. And, whats wrong with that?

stimuli checks.

with the rebates coming in left and right (still a no show for mine), I was wondering exactly how people where going about stimulating the economy. My roommate brought a Play Station 3. Unfortunately...its not a Wii. So I stumbled upon this site, and it seems the rest of the country is doing just as good of a job.

"I bought an American made firearm, to help stimulate the American economy. "

stephen, 25, student
brunswick, ga

"With my stimulus package I bought a Star Wars Stormtrooper armor costume kit to wear, to display, and to do charity work with the 501st Legion. Best $600+ dollars I ever spent."
James, 28
IT Administrator Joliet, IL

"I used my $600 to bail myself out of prison, along with $6900 more."
Nick, 28,

Welder Ephrata, PA

"We took our stimulus check and paid our security deposit and first months rent. The economy has gone to doodoo, my husband got a paycut and we were forced to file bankruptcy, surrending the house. That's a big F.U., GDubya."
Richie Notsorich, 24,
NYFB Southeastern, Michigan

I love sites like this, I could go on all day with frivolity. People are spilling out their hearts and souls, and think that the government is not monitoring their every move. The Patriot Act Baby.
Richie in Michigan has since gone missing. I kid....I kid...I love America, and will spend my tax rebate on Nationalism and Liberty.....three easy payments on $19.99 ofcoarse.



Psssssssst. Hey you...these people...they are going to die. And so are you. But you can live longer than them...these two sleeping on the train.
Presumptuous. That lady on the right might be training for a triathlon and is just a little tired. But no, now she is the butt of a death joke from some agency who thinks its a good idea to place blind ads on the metro north.

Whap. Whap.
Is there no other way to say "this gross tasting drink makes you healthy"?

VIA: Copyranter & Ask a CopyWriter.

american holidays, yes. american airlines, no.

I was out of town. And did not get a chance to wish you all a happy memorial day. Were it normal circumstance, i would be a day late...I am now two. But yeah...for all the men and women from the states who have decidedly sacrificed their lives for the freedom we live in today. Thanks.

And thanks for the day off too.

Too all the other Americans who decided to create the franchise that is American Airlines. Slowly slit your risks vertically, and lie in a warm tub of water. Please. Do me that favor. Because you have the worst business ever. I use to think that nothing could live up to the experience I had with Delta, when they lied to my face to get me out of the airport only to lock me out and take my bags halfway across the country leaving me in a suit. But alas....AA, went for the gold.

So for my 9pm flight back to Chi-town last night (which I got there at 7pm for) I literally stood in line for an hour and a half. Im talking no more than 25 people in front of me...and I was there for 90 minutes just to check in with one bag. They were talking to individuals for 10-15 minutes at a time- but when you tried to strike up a conversation with them...they would give you the tude "Ive been working since yada yada"::neck roll::. So I stayed clear of that, cause I actually did want to get on my plane. But they literally had 2 people printing out tickets and they closed all of the self printing machines. Flights were getting cancelled left and right and I just knew something was going to go wrong.

And it all began with them telling me my flight as pushed to 11:45pm- and may be cancelled. Luckily, that worked out well, I was on a very comfortable 747 inwhich I closed my eyes on take off and opened them on landing. I was knocked.

So I go to pick up my bag. And I notice that it is wide open. Immediately, I think to myself...someone really did just steal my sh*t. They I thought...f*ck, my new camera. I brought a new digital camera for my bday. And I put the new box, with charger etc. in my bag. So when I saw it, i was devastated...but relieved that I had put the actual camera in my carry-on. So I thought, f*ck you ghetto ass ni**as (I used the N-Word in my head...I never use the N-WORD), I still got my camera, hope you can afford on with your food stamps. Then I realized, they got me...because they have all of the stuff I need to make the camera work, in all actuality...I only have a shell of a camera.

But no. The pure ignorance of my life continues. What comes rolling out on the motorized mat next. The torn-up phone box. only a few feet later...the plugs and charge. Then the intstructions. So these f*ckin jar head literally on the other side of the wall, took the box thinking it had the full monty in it. And when they realized it not complete....they put it back on the belt. To the woman pointing and giggling as she said, "Some got their stuff stolen" , I said as I scrimmaged to right the wrong that was done to me, "I suppose it would be just as funny if they took that raggedy ass wig off you head too."(in my head.)

And on top of that, i was standing around at 2am for 20 more minutes for a cab to go home. It was 40 degrees. In May/June.

So Im tired. Im cranky. And Im running out of airlines that I trust. I mean...Im not going to Singapore, I literally want to take a 2 hour flight from one major city to the another...without a problem.

America. Is that too much to ask?

vh1 is officially back on the map.

I mean...do i really need to say anything else. VH1 has got another hit. I Love Money. In a Real World Challenge (a show I will forever love) sort of fashion, the contestants from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York go against each other for $250,000.

I mean...does anyone remember the first I Love NYs and Flavor of Loves...just the most genius sh*t ever made for TV. I CAN NOT WAIT for this. I simply cant.

Mr Boston. Chance. White Boy. 12 Pack...


prank gone wrong.

Im baaaaackkkk...and with a funny.

Someone was def raised in the hood.


the week's end.

Life is hard kids. There are ups and downs. Loop holes and sh*t storms. Just keep your head up and you'll get through the wire. I promise.

Through the Wire - Kanye West

But if it just so happens that it doesnt get better and you dont get through, dont quote me or this blog. I got lawyers and ish.

Have a good three day weekend kids. See you tuesday!

backward thinking ads.

Well, according to copyranter, these are some Ecuadorean plastic surgeon clinic ads that translate into, "No One Will Look Younger than You." And my original thought was...this dont make no sense?
But then I thought about it. And I thought about it. And I figured out that they mean, "we will do such a great job at making you look young, that the young beauties of today will look like old hags." Phew. If one, then 2, times 3 equal 8. I was beginning to think I had lost my advertising touch. And for that...I hate these ads and think they are complicated and stupid. But the photoshop is marvelous.

My head hurts.

Chillen wit My Beamer.

I think I would throw up if I saw this in real life. But its cool, when there is a clear medium in between. Brace yourself for some serious pop and lockin.

But can he do the electric slide? ::head tilt to the side::

chinas next top model.

Chinese magazine, The New Travel Weekly caught the sharp end of the stick this week after posting pics of models poseing with debris and rubble after the devistating earthquake that killed over 40,000 people and climbing.

According to the press and publication department of the southwestern city of Chongqing (and they are?), the magazine "seriously violated propaganda discipline and went against social morals" and the report constituted an "extremely evil social influence."

People have already been fired, and they are debating shutting down the whole shabang. I guess the real zinger is that the editorial spread hit the stands on the the first of three days of national mourning.

Damn, over react much?

R.I.P To all of the people and families that are suffering right now. The world is a cruel place complicated by humanity and ignorance. I wish you the best.

another anti cigarette, cigarette ad.

"Smoking kills more" and its Hitler made out of the tops of cigarettes. Get it? Hitler kills and so do cigarettes. Surprise. This ad is made out of 13,000 real cigarettes-not photoshopped. Here it is being made(theres a nice little song that goes with it). Remember the last time I scolded the industry for buying thousands of cigarettes to make a point? Well, this is the same thing.
Its just so backwards in my mind. I dont understand it. Still...I do love myself a solid Hitler ad.

beckham after he retires.

I told you fat people are funny. Seriously, just laugh.

sex with cars 101.

Though honestly, he is probably in some advanced class graduating with honors. Meet Edward Smith. He loves cars. I mean...he really, really loves cars. Like, he prefers them to people...men and women alike.
"I appreciate beauty and I go a little bit beyond appreciating the beauty of a car only to the point of what I feel is an expression of love," he said. AKA, he f*cks them. He has had sex with about 1000 cars. And even a helicopter (lucky night, Im sure). In his defense he stated, "I'm not sick and I don't want to hurt anyone, cars are just my preference."

Does anyone ever notice how all the really good persons of the day come from the UK. I mean yeah, sure we have psychopaths and serial killer (i use to think as a kid, they we Cereal killers, people who killed while eating cereal-serious mental problem). But the sexual deviants (the ones that admit it to the news) are always abroad. Mechaphilia? That's good.

Edward is pictured above with his main squeeze, Vanilla, a 1969 VW Beetle (like Crispins). You might think this is the best quote from the entire article, "There are moments way out in the middle of nowhere when I see a little car parked and I swear it needs loving."
But you'd be wrong. This takes the cake...."There have been certain cars that attracted me and I would wait until night time, creep up to them and just hug and kiss them."

Adorable or stalkerish? I mean...just think if it were a human. That's called a stalker, no?

UPDATE: There's a video. "Look at those tail pipes...it's the car's anus...grease it up a little and its sensational."

lets talk about you and me.

well, more like...just me. Its time for a life update I guess.

25:15. What's that you may ask? That is the time it took me run a 5k yesterday.That's 3.5 miles in 25 minutes and 15 seconds. That's a little under an 8 minute mile. The fastest I've ever run a mile in my life. I mean....in the end I felt like I was gonna cough up a lung, but it's all for gold. Yeah right! Out of 23 thousand, I def didn't place. I ran way too fast in the beginning trying to keep up with my team captain (who is a girl who ran 22:02). The fastest guy was a 16:03. At the end I couldn't even muster up energy for a sprint to the finish. So yes...I got beat by a girl. But no....Im not ashamed, I got an awesome time.

I officially have a stylist. A chubby gay stylist with dreads. He name is Avery (no last name).If you don't recall, I use to have to go to the south side of Chicago just for a cut. The barber was a good 20 minute drive away. And after the first 2 trips, that was a total Whap Whap. So, I took the advice of some locals (my roommates who had seen a black barber on the northside) and went to Nappy HairZ. Despite its ignorant name, there was no mistaking that it was an African American Barber Shop right? Wrong. It was a salon. I was straight up sitting there with women in rollers. My stylist/barber is "The best dredder in the northside." And admitted to it rather willingly has he shaped my hair moving and grooving infront of me to some old school jams. But kudos in the end...he hooked me up. I even gave him a $5 tip. And for all of you who don't know, Im on the road to getting dredds. Now you know.

Ummmm, on a side note. That night I had a dream that Avery and his friends kidnapped me and held me hostage somewhere in the middle of IL. They let me keep my cell phone and I kept saying..."I know where you work, I can just call my mom ad she'll have the cops over at you shop in no time." But no one listen to me. It was actually a very disturbing dream. What do you think it means?

In other news....Im doing some interviewing. Its goin ok. Not great. Just ok. there's alot of hesitation due to my lack of in-agency experience. And that's blah. Because....if they knew how much passion I had for this industry and how hard I work once Im actually making ads, they would hire me right away. I swear I cant do anything else with my life. Ho hum, I guess Im ending this post on a high note.

Ill catch yall on the flip side.

lacoste. 2083.

Ummmm, lets just say that after watching this spot, I immediately checked out the website. I never do that......

Its like the Matrix meets Power Rangers meets Fashion meets Tennis = only the best wet dream I could ever have.


another ipod commercial.

Because I love the song...and I sorta like Apple.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that song is not exclusivly on itunes. Lets just say...I have it, and I dont use itunes.

Still...nice little spot for an old idea.

munny speakers.

Why did I not know what a Munny was?

They are just the cutest little things ever.........

With that said, i want some so that I can cut out thier faces, gut them and make me some bad ass speakers.

I mean.....I really, really really want these. But alas, I am too lazy to go about finding them and then constructing them. If someone makes it for me....I'll buy it from you.

And...I mean my b-day is in 20 days......

i knew I forgot something.

Someone shoulda said a prayer for the success of the church.

New Celebrity Lesbian.

Lesbian Alert!!!!!!
Lindsey Lohan and.....um, whoever the hell Samantha Rohson is looking as if they might be more than Best Friends for Life. More like scissoring sisters for Life.
And lets face it people....even if it is platonic, a ploy or just a few lucky snap shots...the potential is far to great not to make public.


cease and desist.

the applications for my summer gf have literally exceeded my expectations...and by exceed, I mean I got one email that told me to "look into a life of Christ." So...Ive decided to approach this situation from a different direction. I'm just gonna buy some summer love.

And thanks to Drew Burrows, I can do that. He created an infra-red, light sensitive a 2-D bed girlfriend.

"...a single mattress, tucked into a dark, curtained back room of the showcase space. On it: a lithe brunette. She's perfectly quiet, but once you sit or lie down, she responds to your every move. Lie on your back, she snuggles up right next to you in a log position. Curl up in the fetal position, she spoons."

Drew, a 28 yr old grad student admittedly says that school has taken over his life and leaves him coming home to an empty bed every night. Awwwwwwwww, Drewy-poo. The only draw back, he proclaims is that she is 2-D.

To that I say, "And??????? At least you wont have to put up with all the extra nonsense."

Lesson of the Day:
Ladies, step up your game. You could be getting replaced.

hair removal...no, i think nature ads.

Deforestation....Harrison Ford, I totally see the connection.

I think they shouldve threw in a little Indiana Jones reference. Just my opinion.

dance dance evolution.

This Throwback Thursday brings to you.....old school dances (only my favorites of course). Before there was pop lock and droppin, souljah boys and lean and rockin with it....there were classic moves that needed to be performed to perfection before you could deem yourself to have...what I like to call rhythm.

This was difficult one to put together...so yall better comment on this.

In no particular order...these are the classics:

1. Da Butt. Premiered in School Daze in 88. "Do it in da butt."

2. The Roger Rabbit. I needed to know this dance, as price of admission to my first school dance.

3. The Bogle. My signature move whenever some reggae came on. This also ALWAYS, Always, ALWAYS lead to the Heel-Toe.

4. the Bounce...which was literally the dance from 98 to 2002.

5. The Butterfly! Bye please. I use to kill this dance. And dont let it be "Heads High" you might even see the caterpillar. Heyo!

6. The Electric Slide. A rhythm learners guide. A necessity, in my book. It will be played in my wedding at least 3 times (im talking about the walk down the aisle). It is indeed electric.

7. The Macerena aka life changing 6th grade song.

8. And then as I got older Bad Boys became a main contender. Enter...the Harlem Shake. Now, this is probably the closest thing to the silly dances out now. But this is just too classic to not have on my list.

You may not be kid and play....but these are essentials. Get on, if you arent already. There may be a quiz.

mr and mrs smith.

I love me some Angie and Brad. ive admited this before...but Brad is my man crush. And Im ok with that. And Angelina....is a PMILF. Look at those melons (the top two). And they are trying to save the world one adoption and one 3rd world nation visit at a time. But Angie's publicist should've nixed this video of Angie back in the hay day when she use to get high on the heroin. Its really a big bore. But you can tell she is def on something...the convo is ever so trippy. Its exactly what you would talk about when your on drugs (not that i would know).


check this pimped out Mercedes worth $4.8 MILLION.

I know what your thinking. It must be the whip of some glamour whore.....say R.Kelly (mole and all) or Diddy or Beyonce. Nope. This car belongs to Prince Al Waleed from Saudi Arabia.
::head tilt to the side:::

So that's why gas prices are $5 a gallon. The states bought this for him. Well, you are NOT welcome sir.

still watching TV, with no cable.

so there is a comcast situation in our house, and basically...the sh*t doesn't work right. And I dont know about you, but i never experienced more problems with cable than when I moved out her to Chicago. Even in the hoods of NY the cable always worked properly. Infact...I cant remember the last time I tampered with the cable box behind my TV in NY. Oh, yes I do...never. But no worries. I still caught all the good stuff and relate it to you in the high points that will ultimately define my future.

American Idol. Not that I care...but if you dont know...David Cook (i think his name ie) won by like 12 million online voted. Not the other meek Mormon, David Achucchhhchchletta. Which is kind of sad. Obviously home schooled and hording some type of social disorder...I think it would've been fun to have him win, thrusted into a world of fame, thus starting the dark spiral of fame go wrong (Im talking cocaine, DUIs etc) and eventually ending up on Dr Drews VH1 show all tatted up and with a nose ring chain that connects to his earlobe. Yep. That would've been fun. Now, we are stuck with another Clay Aiken. And another alternative singer...as if we need either in 08'. Ill leave you with these lovely images. Let it sink in. David and David. One of the 2 is considered child pornography in some countries.

Til Tequila (sp?). I dont watch the show....but I would be a horrible blogger if I didn't get you up on what happened last night. Two contestants got in a fight. And, its like one of those fights that make you say, "Oh sh*t, dude got rocked...someone call the ambulance."

Lesson of the Day: Men "in general" should make a rule NO to try and ruin other peoples lives with a fight. No head butting....we are not in a cage fight in Thailand with Vandam. This si america. Fisticuffs only.

Real World. Its official. This is one of the best seasons since the 90s. My boy Greg is literally against the entire house. No one likes him-not even the albino stripper. He is very childish and it is coming down to everyone doin stuff to him just to get him back for being a douchebag weirdo. And lets face it, thats funny. Kimberly, the blond southerner is really starting to bug me. She is really two faced and holds herself on a pedestal. She is one of those girls that will smile in your face a belittle you if you have problems, but is a crazy back stabbing hypocrit when it comes to her own sh*t. Its college antics really. And whats an episode without a Sarah call home to her parents who basically tell her to go read the bible when she has any problems. She's like, "Im going home" and her moms response, "Jesus wonldnt go home."

Thanks mom...you always know what to say to get things in perspective.
Hell's Kitchen. Same crap different week. Except a cook cut the tip of his finger off. And I almost puked on myself..literally. I could never be a doctor. Id be like...."that's gross, call a diferent doctor." On a side note...did you know that Doctors cant write thier own perscriptions. I would be such a druggy doctor if it wasnt for that. Whap whap!

LOST. Season Finale is next week. Word on the street is that they promis to wrap this show up some time next year. I think Ill stay on board.

I think thats it. I was in bed by 9om on Monday. Last night was really the first time I watched more than an hour of TV. Im telling you comcast is ruining my life.



headless wednesday.

Sorry...busy day. I got nothing for you. But this decapitation.


Viva la Vida.Coldplay.

Im not a big coldplay fan...but I really like this song. Enjoy!

Viva La Vida - Coldplay

stylish bluetooths give direct connect to god.

The concept of Bluetooths kinda baffles me. Unless you are in the car driving or a doctor always on call, I do not think that you are busy enough to wear a blinking, oh so cool, wireless earphone in your ear all day long. Plus, there is a fine line between crazy crackheads that talk to themselves and normal people who talk to themselves. And the star trek ear piece doesnt help define that line.
With that said, Jawbone offers a new stylish blue tooth that “blurring the lines between jewelry and headset.” So now...you can look like a stylish douche when your having such an important conversation that your pristine hands cannot hold the phone up to you ear. Good stuff no? I mean, the freakin hear piece is leather.
I know, I know...I'm riddled with sarcasm right now. But seriously...if these things make you look anything like the Messiah (and make your shirt disappear)...which they do to this young gentleman above, I'm in. I know my Dad is. He loves bluetooths.
I guess in the end...you have to ask yourself..What Would Jesus Do?