F*ck post-its....let your table be your reminder.

This...shouldn't exist. The Manty Host.


Project Kara: Let's talk about Androids.

It's got something to do with Sony. Not sure what....but the film itself is beautiful and haunting. Silly robot, thinking is for humans. Best movie I've seen all year (sans The Muppets, cause that was off the hook).

VIA worldwidepinar

Yo Momma Jokes For Graphic Designers.

"...so fat even vector art can't scale that far...ohhhh"


Life's Too Short

I mean...if this still isn't enough for you to check it out.....it's not TV, it's HBO.


Awesome Print Ads for Instruments.

You read that right. No clue what they are saying...but do you really need to know?

SIDENOTE: I use to play the trumpet back in primary school. I wanted to play the sax (cause you know that ish was in, in the 90s), but you cannot not deny the mass sex appeal of the trumpet. Eight years olds were throwing themselves on me. #notreally.