When will these people learn?

Recently, mayor Dean Grose of a small time Californian city, Los Alamitos, was caught passing out around an email with the above picture attached. The email was entitled "No Easter egg hunt this year." The mayor has since resigned.

As sad and hateful as this is, the thing I really don't understand is why the mental light switch has not been flipped. You work with and under an African American. You are a politician. Race is always an issue. What is it about the our culture that makes a race of people put their jobs and reputations on the line for a racist joke? 

The worst part is that he busted himself. He sent it to a black lady. Does this man really think that he is above the law of common dignity or does he really not see anything wrong with what he was doing? Because to answer yes to either of those questions...is a scary, scary reality.

 Grose's response, There is no way that I meant anything racist in my email. I was merely criticizing Obama’s fiscal plan, which is so horrendous that it’s almost as if it were written by watermelons.

Written by watermelons....? When was the last time you heard a politician anthropomorphasize?

For you on Friday.

The End of Danity Kane.

Dawn from Danity Kane is stepping her game up. She took some provocative pics for King. And I didn't think I would ever say this...but she looks presentable all by her self. I may still be part of the idiot club that is still watching Making The Band, but I know a solo act move when I see one. 

Where in the world is Aubrey.

VIA bossip


I wish I made it Ad.

Ok, this campaign is pretty brilliant. Line: Ridiculously Thick Yogurt. Do you get it? The actual ad is an imprint of the opposite media placement. I love when media and creative work together. It's magical. And I'm guessing thick yogurt is a good thing...

Agency: Ogilvy, New York

Another Remake.

Ok, so I was never a fan of The Never Ending Story. I was always more of cartoon type of kid.  I always tried to watch it...I really did, but it always kinda creeped me out and I hate to say it...but it put me to sleep on more than one occasion. With that said, it seems like it will be reintroduced to todays generation in the form of what hollywood calls, a remake.

Apparently it will be made by the same folks who made The Mysterious Case of Benjaman Button and Leonardo Dicaprio.  Movie web gurus at iwatchstuff.com claim that after the original movie in 1984 was released, the German author of the book sued for how far the movie plot strayed from the original story. So....will Jack do it better? Or will this remake go down like the Titanic? (see what I did there?)

My opinion: The only thing worse than a bad movie, is a bad remake. The only thing worse than a bad remake, is a bad remake that tugs on the heart strings of our capitalist nostalgia. From G.I. Joe to Where the Wild Things Are, we are falling for the emotion-mongering of Hollywood's richest douchbags. They are spoon feeding us our past brcause they are running out of ideas. Just remember that. $12 is alot of money to spend on a movie that has the potential of changing the things (however relevant they are) that made you who you are today. 

But then again, it could be great. Whatever the case...remaking old classics seems to be a trend that is much like this movie...never ending. 

Ummmm, you can see through this fish's head.

Need I say more. Oh...oh wait, I can say more. I am never swimming in the ocean again. Yep. That's a truth. 

Designer Oath.

Instead use toothpaste typeface.

Pete & Elliot.

Throwback Thursday brings to you...."I Love You Too"

Men's Fashion. Who is taking responsibility?

I have spoken about this before. I wrote a bit of a PSA about making wise clothing decisions as a man. But this time due to the antics of the Man: London Fashion Week 2009, I'm putting the blame on the makers. Someone has to take some responsibility. Look at this....

....Cockney, football firm lad or back up Madonna dancer ...
Who let grandpa out in his PJs. How did this man even get on the runway?

I do want to wrap my comforter around  my waste.
It's an ass bow.
In 2009, pants are optional, but turtle necks are mandatory. 

I mean...someone needs to explain. Cas???? Anyone??? Who is taking responsibility here???

Lifting as we climb

Check this out from DiversityInc:
Black History Denied in Texas

I still don't understand why people don't want to learn about another facet of American history. There are some who will never want to learn and trust me, I'm not trying to meet them to change their minds.

God forbid we teach black kids about their history and try to formalize it. They want to deny us in TEXAS of all places! Whether white America wants to admit it or not, we are inextricably weaved into the fabric of this country's tapestry. They saw to it by bringing us here.


Pretty Ads.

This is a beautiful spot. I scooped it up from Craig. He's got the beautiful skinny on it all.

VIA kissmyblackads

"There is no right or wrong- just the consequences of your actions."
"Life is too boring not to try."

- Californication (season 2), on Showtime

California, drugs, sex, shameless personalities and most of all tons of laughs. If you can't tell...I am watching alot of TV lately. Infact...I just had to force myself to watch something constructive (ie Hardball). 

Office Fridge Anti-Theft System.

This is probably the best anti-theft idea I've every seen. Protection via repulsion...tasty.

And I yelled to the cab, "Yo homes, Smell You Later."

I just saw this spot during daytime TV (shutter). Uncle Phil makes an inspiring speech for Kaplan University. He is about 6 years and 120k t0o late for me...but perhaps the kids of today can still be inspired.

New Math.

finally, some math I understand.

Life lesson: on support.

At a certain age..."support" should be limited to the purchasing of product. Especially if you NEED some support yourself.


The Crisis of Credit Visualized.

VIA oneplusinfinity

May I suggest a Recession Thank You Card.

Or is it a depression? As part of the every growing unemployment movement of 2009,you may want to consider a little thank you note for your boss, higher-ups and or family bread winners. With a dash of dark humor these cards are especially relevant to the ad industry today. 

I would know.

Creepy Animal Ads.

Print campaign for the German anti-animal testing organization NOAH  by Hamburg ad agency Jung von Matt. I'm not really a cologne type of guy, but in high school I use to wear the hell out of some Versace Blue Jeans. Do you think Gianni Versace did any special animal testing? Imagine a rabbit in a nice pair of dark wash denims.

Ba.doom.ching. Fashion joke.

Check out the other two creeptastic ads here.


The Linkdown.

image via denveregoist

1. Redesign fail. Moms have some serious marketing pull when it comes to fruit juices.

2. Obama beats Jesus in popularity. That's some powerful change.

3. Dear Caucasians, Stop smiling at me! Sincerely, Average Black Person.

5. Today is the day, the sandwich was born.

6. Grey Goose has something to say about being Black during Black History Month. I think Russel Simmons has a speech impediment.

7. I bequeathed you...come now a rest in faith. Literally.

Bird Porn and Ralph.

When was the last time you trusted a person name Ralph?


Meet Ralph Waldo Emerson. He is today's person of the day ::cue confetti::. There were alot of people in the running this week, but when I discovered Ralph's unique opinion about the symbiotic bird/human relationship, I knew he had the talent necessary to pass go and collect $200. 

It's only natural that the relationship between human and avian mirror that of canine and ottoman." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever found that you have some of the same urges? If you answered yes, click here and don't say I never gave you anything. 

Side note: Yes it's a fetish, so don't click if you are not of age. There's alot of bad photoshop work of falcons in not so appropriate places. Or do click...whateves...

"You commie, homo-loving sons of guns. I did not expect this and I want it to be very clear that I do know how hard I make it to appreciate me often...For those who saw the signs of hatred as our cars drove in tonight, I think that it is a good time for those who voted for the ban against gay marriage to sit and reflect and anticipate their great shame and the shame in their grandchildren's eyes if they continue that way of support. We've got to have equal rights for everyone."

- Sean Penn, part of his acceptance speech 
after he won best actor for Milk at the Oscars last night.

I was traveling back from Boston last night, so I missed the Oscars. If you missed them too, check for winners here.


Forget being the First Black President.

What about the first Hip Hop President.
Artist: Miami Kaos
myspace page??? sketchy.


Wonder Weave Saves the Day.

One reason (the only good one) to stitch someonelse's hair to the back of your head.

VIA smartaches

Nice Spot.

I have no clue who made it, but its memorable, smart enough and very clean.

Why not redesign the logo. With a Smile.

Kraft has decided to jump on the boat of brands who want to "redesign their logo." 


 For the record, this "redesign" looks like the love child of an overly ambitious corporate monster and some gutless traditional ad agency. And I am not talking about the good kind of love child (I'm talking about the Maury type).  The tag: "Make today delicious" makes me a little nauseous. But low and behold this logo is not to be put on everything. 

But hey, I'm no designer....maybe this is a good move

VIA adage


Whew, that felt good. I have always been fond of the blog Conversate is not a word. The writer’s keen observations are always spot on from Rich is not a career to our president being the new Beyonce. I will admit; however, that I did not truly understand or appreciate the fervor behind this statement until I came across from G's to Gents and The Girls of Hedsor Hall.

I heard the word conversate more times than I’d like to admit. I know the English language has a lot of words and all but why make it more difficult but inventing new ones? Just because you spit out more than two syllables doesn’t mean you sound smart.

Hasta Luego!

Day And Night. Kid Cudi.

This is Shaun. I've broken into Rhe K.'s blogging machine and I'm posting this video. There are no boundaries. This song is hotness. 


How to blend in when you go camping.

"[T]his bear sleeping bag is the metaphor of the changing the positions between being eaten by the bear, being a bear, who killed a bear and wearing a bear skin, or who see it and wants to hunt the bear."

Just Do It.

FILE, A Collection of Unexpected Photography.

"What the...."

The title of this post is what I said when I saw this spot late last night. I watched it once, confused. Then I watched it again and literally laughed my ass off. Aparently there is more at missiong.com, but I refuse to ruin any surprises that may come in the future. This "G" work is a good example of setting up and idea and they working through it. From their original "this is a G" spots to this quirky/user interaction spot, TBWA/Chiat is trying really hard to be relevant and convey the big idea at the same time. I'm still a big fun of the work done at Element 79, but this is some fun stuff- Kevin Garnett doing the soldier boy and Usain Bolt's ego as a giant head...still LMAO.
Side note: Maybe it's the AD in me...but did anyone else have a serious problem with that one Jabawakke (the masked dancer), whose hood was caught on his mask and covered half his face the entire dance(above picture:far right)? Or am I being anal? Because I really wanted to reach into the screen and fix it...or tell someone in the editing room to use a different take. 

UPDATE: I lied. I'm watching the entire thing online. It's entertaining to say the least.

*Hat tip to Jazmin for the find. Good job baby!

Damnmn Chris Brown.

I was trying not to speak on this, because I was going to withhold judgment until I saw all the facts. But judging by this pic....someone beat the ish out of Rhihana. This is some E! True Hollywood stories stuff right here. And that's a fact.


So, you may or may not have figured it out by now. But Pros Thoughts is implementing a new feature. After an avid reader proclaimed "a lack or reading" on this blog- after all, I am an visual guy- we (I) decided to make a change. After all it's 2009 and we have a black president. Here's to introducing guest blogging. 

And blogger #1 is Rhe K. Let me share some personal info so that you feel more connected.

1. She is smarter than I am. 

2. She never finishes anything she starts eating. She always has a doggy bag and the food always gets thrown away a week later.

3. She is one of those mythical creatures you hear about in text books. She is a Public Relations professional. Yes, she studied it in school. And yes, she stuck with it after school. On any given day she can out type you, out research you, out "fact" you and write a press release on anything under the sun. 

4. She will most likely write blogs with a beginning, middle and a end. There will be full thoughts. Full sentences. Valid opinions. And witty antidotes. <<

5. She's got dreds. Don't be alarmed- they are well groomed.

6. She is my roommate (she's not that good at using DVR- but we are working on it).

You have formally been introduced. Now go forth and enjoy. She promises to be back.


Guest blog numero uno, but I don’t speak Japanese.

As you know, Prostituted Thoughts is a smorgasbord of media observations – often with an advertising slant. My musings will likely be just as random, but perhaps they will be enjoyable as well.

The job market, particularly in communications, has reached a new low. Worst media internship ever.

Since Gawker is my finger on the pulse of what’s going on, I totally believe that this is a real Craigslist post, which diminishes my hope for our dear industry. This also doesn’t help: Spitzer call girl.

Anywhooo, getting back to this particular Gawker post from Hamilton Nolan, there are 3 things that made me wish I was an engineer, or perhaps a garbage collector:

First of all, which comm. job DOESN’T allow hoodies? I’ll be damned if I can’t wear a hoodie to my comm. job. Maybe they should pay me more and I’ll consider dressing like I have a real job.

Secondly, since when is *Parisian* French (with two stars) superior to Haitian French, Ethiopian French, or high school language class French? My 7 semesters of Spanish class and 2 months in Spain are THOROUGHLY offended!

Finally, if anyone (Obama and Diddy included) wrote into my job description that “light childcare” was required for me to get $10 a day, invaluable experience, and an OCCASIONAL byline, they’d better be prepared for my blatant disregard for what happens to their shitty organization. (And TRUST that I’d trash their asses all over the Internet every chance I got.) Unless you intended to outfit me with a furnished, Manhattan loft space, designer clothing and gourmet food to go along with those $10 bucks. Can’t even eat a meal with my movie, cheap asses!

Hasta Luego!

On advertising up's and down's.

Don’t be discouraged...you can define your own paths, and follow them. Don’t accept ‘no,’ because there’s always another way. When one door closes, another opens, and you can’t be too stubborn to see that. You have to realize what you’re capable of, and the value you bring. And most of all, don’t wait. Go get ‘em. No one’s giving you anything. You want to wait, you’ll be waiting a long time – by yourself.

President, SpikeDDB


Transformers 2.

This looks completely awesome. And the best part....I get to see Megan Fox "act" again.

Everyone knows...

If he brought this lion flowers...he's getting some tonight.

The Linkdown.

1. Obama sushi. Now that's some delicious change!

2. F*ck, now there's 14 sins I need to look out for. Way to keep up with the times Vatican.

3. Oprah is a hottie (*good-bad photoshop*).

4. More toilet quandaries from WAS.

5. When you love skittles as much as I do. Get Drunk off the Rainbow.

6. A Barbie Fashion Show in 2009. Im diggin the concept.

7. I kinda refuse to post another Kanye voice synthesizer video. But see it here. The song sucks...which doesn't help any.


NY Post has a great cartoon in the paper today. Obama as dead chimp.

VIA huffingtonpost


Fashion Week 09.  This chic busted her ass.
She is only 15. Panty shot- how horrible.
That is all. 

Dead and Gone. T.I. ft Justin Timberlake.

It took awhile...but I think I like this.


tips for you design folk.

"Like designing, writing can straddle the line between art and craft—half blinding flashes of inspiration and unexplainable moments of brilliance (maybe a little less than half), and half moving words around, making and breaking sentences, typing commas then deleting them."
-William Bostwick in 

Frog Sex Ads.

Headline translation: "98 percent of men don't see a frog here.
Tagline: FHM. "Men are like that."

FHM Germany...
They're not too into frogs in Germany. Rorschach inkblot test...whap whap.