Keith on Prop 8.

Liberal holding house, MSNBC's  Keith Olbermann delivered a "special comment" this evening devoted to the passage of Proposition 8.

"You want to sanctify marriage? You want to honor your God and the universal love you believe he represents? Then Spread happiness -- this tiny, symbolic, semantical grain of happiness -- share it with all those who seek it. Quote me anything from your religious leader or book of choice telling you to stand against this. And then tell me how you can believe both that statement and another statement, another one which reads only "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
-Keith Olbermann


Kelly J said...

yeah, he's usually a big ol' douche, but pretty right on.

also, 2:17 am? when the hell do you sleep?

WhoTheCapFit... said...

Nah, he kept it funky with that.
Very well said.
I mean, when you put it that way, how could you possibly argue?
I couldn't imagine someone coming with an opposing response that could top this. Honestly, if I didnt already agree with what he was sayin, I probly would now, or at least be givin it some serious thought.
Not feelin all the camera angle changes, as it seems to take away from the sincerity of the message. But with that being as minor as it is, over all it was excellent.

Great post.
(My bad, didnt mean to write a book. Bad habit)

shaun. said...

the camera angle changes is his signature move.

Ben Affleck did a really funny bit on SNL pretending to be him and it was hysterical.

shaun. said...

@ kelly- i never sleep. I am always on the look out. ALWAYS. ( i was actually sick and prowling the internet to ignore a pending stomach virus).

WhoTheCapFit... said...

I probably shoulda known that..
Yeah, I'm pretty out of touch. Outside of Power Rangers and the occasional Spongebob episodes I catch with the kids I watch almost no TV.
If he does that throughout his entire show I probably wouldnt watch it anyway, thats gotta be the most annoying signature move i've seen. Its almost nauseating.

I'm searching for that SNL clip as we speak...

WhoTheCapFit... said...

Found it,
watched it,
died laughing!!