...that's Spanish for ultra thin. 
f*cking gross.....
....that's English for f*cking gross. Apparently in Columbia it is ok to randomly select pre menopausal women and send them faxes with "hygienic towels," (also affectionately called blood pads) printed all over them.

Creative Brainstorm meeting (male creative team): 

CW: I got it. They are ultra thin right, so.... lets fax them to people on paper, cause paper is also ultra then.
AD: Can we add a splash of color you think?
CW: No....I think that might be to intrusive an gross.
AD: You don't think faxing someone maxi pads isn't intrusive and gross?
CW: No, it's creative. 

I know the medium makes the idea here. And that's great...but the last thing anyone needs to see in an office setting is this business. Not to mention the average businessman has the maturity level of a gnat. The only outcome of this is professional humiliation, in it's purest form.

Agency: Sancho BBDO, Bogot√°, Colombi

VIA adsoftheworld

P.S. I wonder how much trouble I will get in for saying "blood pads?"

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Anonymous said...

I really wish you´d spelled Colombia correctly. That urks me.