kinda offensive foreign ads.

copyranter over at Coilhouse brought this questionable campaign to light. At first, from a far...I thought it was an ad for a laxative, and I was interested, nay excited as hell to read the line. However, what the line read was: Because you don't know who else has been sitting there.

Now, save the rabbit costume ad, one could say these are pretty offensive. One could note that all of the "bad poopers" seem to be of the ethnic persuasion. Hmmmm. I didn't say it, the commentors said it. One could also give the agency a pass, because it is in Hong Kong and we all know diversity is'nt the trump card over there. But then again, its Grey Hong Kong. I'm just saying....
Copyranter makes some light hearted fun of it by saying, "...if a Mexican wrestler stopped by to use the facilities? I know I’d make a mental note of it."

Agency: Grey Hong Kong 
Client: Kiwi Kleen (a Sara Lee product!)

P.S. I'm upset I already had a label for poo. 

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