Breast Cancer PSA.

Grey Amsterdam's breast cancer awareness campaign is completely ball to the wall...for lack of a better phrase. (See the whole Image and the rest of the campaign work here). Kinda...half NSFW. But damn....I love this.


‎"I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're going & hook up with them later"
- Mitch Hedberg

Wayne Brady, Bobby Brown and Mike Tyson..

Ummm, awesome.

Best of Both Worlds.

Vans Era wingtips, no you no longer have to choose between dressy and casual. Drasual, if you will.

Kelly (not Beyonce from Destiny's Child) Rowland making sexy moves.

Ok...Kelly Rowland. In a recent shoot for Complex mag.

The Linkdown.

1. Cool lego wedding rings. I want to do this.

5. Ok, I'm officially a 40 yr old black woman, I just watched all of dancing with the stars (to see what the Situation did). And I was really entertained. But the cast is completely random and really close to being stars (and we get to visit the Palin family's household).

6. Google hates lesbians.

7. Genius reality mix up, "You won, no wait...you won." Ty Ty would have never......

10. **Jaw Drop** The Body quits Victoria secret. **Jaw Drop**

11. Katie Perry gets back at Sesame street. Cause those muppets totally deserved it.

13. Sorry ladies...no nakey Jakey this time.

Retro Ads.

Back in the day. The Green Giant not only sold Vegetables, but he also worked the pole at night....to...you know, "pay for school." Also a good find....the Green Giant almost shows us his niblets.

canon does a gorgeous little spot.

Canon Pixma Sound Sculptures from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Canon Pixma Sound Sculptures from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Agency: Dentsu, London



Dog Days Are Over. Florence + The Machine.

Wacky....but it's a great song.

True Story.

Kind of Adorable...

This blog cant always be boobs and sex jokes, you know.


Editorial: Naomi Cambell in Eastern Promises 2.

I guess the sad part about this high-fashion photoshoot, is that Naomi has the rep that makes all of the above scenarios completely possible...shot by Mert & Marcus. And then when you are done with this...take a look right here, def NSFW.

Club Can't Handle. Flo Rida ft David Gutta.

Let's talk about a trend. Club music. Damn. It is big right now. I think people are just tired of heavy songs that you have to grind to. Does David Guetta get a hood pass (cause John got his revoked, there's one available)? I dont't know what's worse....the fact that this is what Flo-Rida has to do this to stay on the radar, or the fact that I'm down loading this song as I type this.......

Sterotyping Europe.

Europe according to the USA

Europe according to the gays.

Europe according to France.

Haha...at how American thinks Portugal is Brazil. Now excuse me while I go find a map so I can really get in on this stereotyping fun.....wikigeography. There are a few more.

PSA for abuse.

This is so well done. Line: It rarely stops. This...should win something.

Agency: Y&R Chicago

VIA adfreak


The Ultimate Sign Fail.

Proof read by four people???? Perhaps they should trim the proof reading fat (it get, trim?). But overall.... I'm glad it happened.

Deisel continues to kick ass.

The next one in the series. I'll admit it. This one made me smile. The music is spot on.

Here are a few more....

Harry Potter (it's almost over).

Come on....this looks awesome. Is it bad that I kinda hope Ptter losses at the end (clearly not reading the books). I'm a secrete magic geek.

If Facebook Existed....years ago.

Funny. But the best part is...I am smart enough to get all of these references. Go Education!

The Foot Thong.

Yep, this just happened to you on a monday morning.
Good day.


I want to see this.

Another shakey camera film....but I have heard great things about it. This is what I imagine the outcome to be: A giant cartoon fish, that is using social media under the sea to make new friends. How fun is that?


THis is awesome.

Salute Your Shorts.

I dunno. This show just kinda popped into my head. Nick back in the day....heyoooo

Porcelain Pistols.

This aint your grandmas china.

Republicans and their new ideas.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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This is ridiculous.


True Blood meets Sesame Street.

True Mud. Adorably funny.

New Artist. Aloe Blacc.

New Artist alert. Ding! Ding! Ding!

I love discovering new artist. This guy has soul. I like where music is going these days. Talent is reemerging. I knew it wasn't all just rap songs you do dances to and fist pumping. Go Ahead Aloe.

Faceless Americans.

In an attempt to bring knowledge to the world about the travesty that is the "Don't ask, dont tell" policy Jeff Sgeng exhibits faceless portraits of gay servicemen and women of America. This is a sad thing that is becoming common place here in America. Putting your own freedom's above others. To tell someone that they are good enough to die for thier country, as long as they don't tell anyone they are gay....goes against everything that supposedly makes America different. Supposedly.

Photography by Jeff Sgeng

Greatest of all time: Kobe vs Jordan.

The Linkdown.

1. A rally in Washington because we as Americans need to stop being crazy.

2. People get gay, by drinking out of juice boxes. Duh.

4. Jay-Z has a book. And the cover...is scream Illuminati, I mean psychological assessment.

5. Wait, so Joaquin Phoenix's fake retirement from acting to do a documentary about an actor retiring from acting, is fake. I'm so confused..I dont care.

6. In America, your tag for running for office cant be "Not the White Man's Bitch" for some odd reason. :::Person of the Day award goes to:::

7. The song No Wedding No Womb may be a great message, but it sure isn't catchy. Not a Hot 97 chart topper.

9. Jersey Shore Vinny is going to have his own sex toy. Aren't we all better for knowing this?

10. Snookie of David Letterman. The definition of celebrity is dead.

12. Fashion shows are getting easier and easier (((NAKED MODELS WALKING THE RUNWAY)))).


A really old comic, tries really hard to be relevant (forgets its setting in the 1950s)...

In two upcoming issues of the Archie comic (whaaaa?!?!)...both Obama and Palin will not only star but work together to help Archie(whaaaa!?!?!). But from what I can tell about the image above, they are drinking a chocolate milk shake. Chocolate. Obama wins.

1950s....Obama looses. Looses big time.

Deisel Sneakers...not made for running.

HArd to read Line: I feel I wasn't made for running, but to kick you tender till the end of time. Yours, Diesel Sneaker.

Deisel letting us know that thier sneakers are for kicking ass, not running. Funny enough.

Pokemon..the live action movie trailer.

Ok, so apparently this was entirely fan made. Which is ridiculous, becuase it is probably the best trailer I have seen this year. The real movie industry needs to step their game up cause kids off the street are making more compelling stuff. However, I will say... Pikachu looks a little anorexic.

Shades. Diddy ft. Lil Wayne & Justin Timberlake

Apparently off Diddy new album. Errrrr.....
If the player isn't working...check the song here.

The Difference.

VIA kmba

Simple Ads.

LINE: Sleepiness is stronger than you.

The visual is fucking genius. Thai Health Promotion Foundation by BBDO Bangkok

Shoe Swag: Fall is here....

I just decided. I need to step my shoe game back up. I've been slippin for a long long time now. These might get me back on the band wagon. Pointers Barajas Mid, in brown. What do we think?