The Real Secret.

I usually like to wait until the actual showing of the Victoria Secret Annual Nudie Walk before I talk about it on my blog. But, being the savy Internet peruser that I am these days....I thought I would bring these few pics to the light. 

Frankly...this looks to be a silly show. There are more costumes than there are bras and thongs. Honestly...how am I suppose to share a bed with that butterfly business in the first pic without either loosing an eyeball or getting impaled?  Also good to note, no one watches the Annual Nudie Walk for the bells and whistles. I think Victoria/Victor needs to get his/her's ear back to the street...from the pics alone, it seems like the only thing they are missing is a pulley system. Bras and thongs, that's the real secret.

But still....to these pictures...yes please.

(i wonder how much room this post will take up.)

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Kathryn said...

Butterfly business...love it