Zombie Disco Squad.


Granny G.

Yep. That happened.

From Drawing to Real Life.

Amazing studio turns children's art into reality. Pretty awesome.


The Link Down: Hello Again

1. Attached Parenting. #come on Time Magazine....i'm trying to eat here.

2. "I can't stop rearranging copy."

3. The Robotic Butt. Shiri. Why? Just because.

4. I'm not sure what season it is now...but here are a few beautiful spring instagrams.

5. Shoes.

6. She may be dead. But we know she loved ballet.

7. Be sure that this technique will be used in a commercial before the year is out.

8. Jon Hamm in Ask a Grown Man. (from the series) "Slow your Roll."

9. Lastly, Rihanna shows us again...what she is working with.

Thanks Mom 2012.

Thank you mom for giving me good looks.


Electronic Dream.Araabmusic.

Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine