religious ads Prt 2 (not as interesting).

Why believe in a god? Just for goodness sake.

Remember when London had those pro-atheist bus ads? Well, like a good little step childwe Americans bit their idea and made our own "it's ok to not believe in God ads." 
Funded by the American Humanist Association the $40,000 holiday ad campaign is set to unveil next Tuesday in Washington, DC.

Ok...so were as before with the London example, I felt a grain of interest in the reasoning behind the campaign, this time around I think it is all silly. Who cares? Isn't there a better way to spend your money? And in the long haul, the ad (the line, the art, the layout, the idea)...kinda sucks. And even worse...it's been down before, and better on the same damn medium. Come on D.C., I mean...the type isn't even set. Gosh!

P.S. I must say...the idea of hacking at the ankles of the stress and unneeded consumerism Christmas brings upon this nation...doesn't seem lie a totally bad thing. Hmmmmm.... 

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