Cool spot. Check that one bear breaking it down :18. I want him.

Tom "FUcking" Ford.

This guy......every time. I swear.

Nonsensical Chart Toppers.


Life Lesson.

Think about what you do from all angles. Other wise....you get penis shadows.

Dexter's Back.

Never so happy to see people get killed.....

Vans...the light of my life.

Everytime I consider jumping on a band wagon of "types of shoes people are wearing at thetime," Vans pulls me back in. Holiday 2011: The Woessner Collection. Once again...in love.

Freelancer Freedom.

See more here.


Billboard of Deadly Germs. Let's do it.

Crack that ish open. And let's party.

Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto, Canada


Being Elmo.

"There will always people who say 'you might not succeed" or "you won't make any money with that,' all of those things will go away if you really focus on what makes you happy."

- Kevin Clash

Inspiration of the day: Follow your dreams.

Samuel L. Ipsum (let me take a second to be an ad geek).

Fuck Lorem Ipsum. Lorem Ipsum don't know anything about snack on planes or giant motherfuckin smart sharks attacking. It's time to upgrade to Samuel L. Ipsum.

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee."

The above is what I got. It's a whole lotta awesome.

Draw a Stickman.com.

A few minutes of entertainment while the work week begins.

And they wont judge you for you lack of drawing ability.


The Puss every Puss should smell like.

Puss in Boots (the Shrek spin off) pays homage to the Old Spice guy (cause we haven't had enough of those already). Did I ever tell you guys I met the old Spice guy? He was nice. Surround with chics seems a little uncomfortable when I approached him. But then I said "Way to represent man." We dapped it up. Exchanged numbers and have been besties ever since.

Ok the last part I made up. But I did meet him.


French Bulldog Puppies.

Friday cutenss. You are welcome.

No, Yes. Yes, No.

Sculpture by Markus Raetz.


The Linkdown: "Pee Like Man, now you can."

1. Women of the world....good news....equality is just a dildo shaped pee drain away. Thanks the norse gods of feminism and fertility.

2. Attention, novelty pets collectors of Miami. We know what your up to. Cut it out and take up jogging or something.

3. Another step to take the human out of humanity. I see you internet.

4. Rihanna for Emporio. I can't stand her accent, but this....this is ok.

6. This is why PR agencies exist. Dear Netflixx Users....I messed up, is what you say to you parents (Mr. and Mrs. Netflixx) after a night in jail. See the Conana spoof here.

7. Manhatten Mini Storage...taking shots.

8. I would like to say that I tried really hard for this shot 2 weeks ago. My phone wasn't being cool. But THIS is my joke. I swear.....

9. Funny-ish spot involving George Clooney.

Safe Driving Ads.

See...you CAN promote safe driving without blood and guts. It just takes a little thinking.


New Artist Alert: Goapele

Technically, I guess she isn't that new. But her videos are lusciously vivid. And that's a rarity these days. I think alot of artist forget about the power of a music video. And tha'ts a shame.

NOPE. It's just the best taxidermist...period.

Everything about this is perfect (real or not). Period.

VIA copyranter


Gorgeous Branding.

Mystery and intrigue surround the rebranding of the Chicago-based digital agency Manifest. The rebrand was based around a conceptual exploration of time and both historical and cultural references beyond the digital age, with a focus on human experiences, connections and creativity.

Love this. It's a little lofty in description, but I love the end product.


It's Hendricks Time.

Christina Hendricks somewhere doing something. I think eveytime this woman puts on a dress a song should be played (along the lines of an LMFAO jingle). I'm pretty sure everone know why I posted these. I mean......

When does Madmen start up again anyway?

Spoonful of Vadar.

Spoonful of Vader (Star Wars / Mary Poppins mashup) by statikluft from Statikluft on Vimeo.

Here's a fun fact about me.....I love Mary Poppins. People don't really believe me when I say this. Not too keen on this mash-up, but to miss out on an opportunity to post about Mary Poppins would be a crime. A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, crime.



Stolen whole heartedly from certifiedbulltech. I was laughing for like 5 minutes straight.

Paris vs. NY...minimally speaking.

Illustrations by Vahrem Muratyan. See more here.


Good Old Fashioned Print Ads.

Love that this is so nice and simple. It's exactly why I got into advertising. Oh...and check the logo- smart.

The other side of the term "Cracker."

Available in Turkey, Romania and Albania. I knew there was a reason those places never made my "Gotta Go Before I Die" list. Gotta love race relations....world wide.

VIA gawker

Back for the Future.

In an effort to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research, a limited amount of probably the most famous fictional shoes in the past 3 decades are being sold.

Introducing the Nike Mag.

Overall, I think it's a pretty in-genius collabo. See more at Back4thefuture. Well done indeed, and for a good cause.




Agassi tells us a story.

I miss Andre. I was suppose to go to the US Open last Tuesday. But I got rained out. And...I don't agree with 10 and under tennis. The idea.

Ok, that's it.


Tooth Hustling.

Times are tough.

World's Largest Water Balloon Fight Ever (sponsored by Christians).

You heard me right....a bunch of Christians got together and unleashed havoc.

"Christian Student Fellowship set the record out of everyone's reach! 175,141 Water Balloons. 8,957 People. 1 World Record."

This...is the outcome of abstaining from sex. drugs and rock & role. I tell you the last place I'd be on a Saturday night...is a field with 150 thousand water balloons being chucked at me.

I'll take a Stella please.


No Church in the Wild. Kanye West & Jay Z.

Kanye West and Jay Z - No Church In The Wild (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

This video is tough. Not sure if it will be on heavy rotation inbetween Rhianna hits on Vh1, but it is REALLY well made.

VIA whudat

"Another day, another drop shadow."

View it nice and big here.

Misfortune Cookies.

Hell of New Zealand is a pizza company in...New Zealand, I guess. But they like to do fun things. I'm not sure how Fortune cookies tie in with pizza, but I am willing to overlook that little fact for the chance to get the "Help! I am being held prisoner in a Chinese bakery" misfortune.



By photographer Andy Barter.


Barney...Tupac. Brothers from different mothers.

I dare you not to love this.


Just a taste.