New GAP spots for Christmas.

You knew they were coming...celeb filled GAP commercials for Santa Day.

This spot above is actually pretty funny. I laughed out loud (partially at how horrible this seasons cloths are). This version has FlowRider in it. And I must disagree with Craig, FlowRider in a GAP commercial ranks pretty high on my Bullsh*t radar. I mean...he is wearing air force ones. They don't sell those at the GAP, yet. I feel like there was some poor production assistant who tried to make him put on some chucks and failed miserably.

Still, one of the most entertaining GAP spots I've seen since the "Fall into the GAP" campaign some years ago ( I love puns). I may be a little bit biased though...I believe I was trying to acquire a part time job at the GAP at that exact time in history. Eh....thought I'd share. 

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