I Can Transform You. Chris Brown.

I know. I know. We are suppose to hate Chris Brown. But Lil Wayne is on the track...and the song is dam good. And, that boy can dance.

Q&A with Diddy.

If you get caught cheating red-handed, what’s the best response?

" Cry. It might not work, but it at least shows that you care. Goddamn, this is a deep interview. You didn’t ask Will Smith none of this shit!"

- Diddy in a recent interview 

Diddy then goes on to say he has a conscious. That's when I stopped reading. Cause if he had a conscious he would keep putting people threw those damn MTV challenges to to get a job with him. Ever heard of a real interview???

humpday h-ween style!

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Here is why these songs relate:
1. this song is the ultimate h-ween song. duh!
2. cause there are lurkers everywhere and esp on Halloween
3. Shit...my mind place tricks on me and mostly during Halloween. HA
4. HELLO!!! all the freaks are out this weekend. inhibitions out the door!
5. This song is why the freaks are out at night.
6. Mos def there will be bunch of these roaming the streets on fri and sat.
7. and def ya have to move on to the next one.
8. this song is titled Spiderwebs.

PS. i ll be the freddy kruegerette seen below. but instead of slutting it up im going to be slutting it down. (my face will be burnt off, but will still have sexy legs) I mean you cant go full slut, got to keep it original. hahahha!


Thats all.

The Kraken.

I love this campaign for Kraken Spiced Rum. The copy is on point, the art is on point. It's funny, but not stupid funny. Very clever sell.

Agency: Dead As We Know It


Halloween Countdown 6: Sex Up Anything.

Just incase you thought there was an outfit you couldnt slut up. Hey....you can even slut up an angel costume. Do it. Do. It.

The G Thrust.

Yeah...you know what this video is about. Yet another sex toy. But with an actual instructional. I know I couldn't have been a model. Cause something would've gone down (or up) with or without the g thrust. Justin definitely shoulda tried to hit it after. And by hit it I mean "have sex with his instructional partner," not actually Chris Browning anyone.



“There are different species of laziness: Eastern and Western. The Eastern style is like the one practised in India. It consists of hanging out all day in the sun, doing nothing, avoiding any kind of work or useful activity, drinking cups of tea, listening to Hindi film music blaring on the radio, and gossiping with friends. Western laziness is quite different. It consists of cramming our lives with compulsive activity, so there is no time at all to confront the real issues. This form of laziness lies in our failure to choose worthwhile applications for our energy.”

– Sogyal Rinpiche

VIA swissmiss

Real life Tetris.

Berlin Block Tetris from Sergej Hein on Vimeo.

VIA loudscreams

This is what your little girl will someday strive for.

It's all about looks, sexuality and changing herself to match the needs of her man. Which I think is simple...in comparison to the crap the dudes in Disney movies have to go through.


Halloween Countdown Prt 5: Kim Zolciak

This is a spoof, but I would f*cking love to see a group of girls do the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Serious props to anyone who pulls that off. You need a giant woman. A blond wig. Bad attitudes...and just pretend that you have southern wealth. Or should I say....Atlanta Wealth. 

VIA pretty

Ummmm, the best (easiest) way to beat an Olympic Champion.

Ever wanted to be an Olympian? But putting down that pack of cigs, glass of whiskey, and the burden of paying bills (and let's not forget your pride) seemed far too great of a risk? Well now you can challenge and compete with the greats, and still keep your cushy day job.

Enter The Best of Us Challenge where you go head to head with Olympic greats. Not in that particular skill they are known for. But you really do have a valid chance of beating....say Rafael Nadal....without breaking a sweat. 

Smarter than the average (wo)man.

The Trivial Pursuit experiment site lets males and females face off for ultimate brain power supremacy. Or at least ultimate trivia knowledge supremacy....

If you want to waste at least an hour of your life...be it good or bad, play this. And they are keeping tally so you should really do it to rep your gender. By the way, its a well known scientific and religious fact that having a penis makes you more equipped to win games/ challenges

What? You don't agree? Prove it. 


What the Five Fingers said to the Face.

"Good night!"

Watch It.

"When a mysterious event causes the entire world to black out, humanity is given a glimpse into its near future, and every man, woman, and child is forced to come to grips with whether their destinies can be avoided or fulfilled..."
It's one of the smarter TV shows I watch. It's based on a book. And like the description says, it's about the entire world blacking out at the same time for 2 minutes (aka Havoc) and waking up with the realization that they all had vision of the same day and time in the future. I'm not sold on the fact that it's actually the future...but it's a show about mankind and how it adapts based on the what it believes to be true. Multiple story lines. A bad guy. An FBI agent. An interracial relationship. Harold from Harold and Kumar. I'm not too enthralled with the main character from Shakespear in Love. But if you like the show LOST, this has the same feeling (and alot of the same actors, lol). But the key selling point of interest is that J.J. Abrhams has nothing to do with it. Which means questions should eventually get answered. 

Go ahead...Do it. Do. It. 


WTF Glen Beck.

What the f*ck are you talking about? You better not be saying what I think you're saying. Your simpler times better not be what I think you mean. You better not be tearing up over what I think you are tearing up about. Is it me...or is this dude saying what I think he is saying...thoughts? Opinion?

The Linkdown.

1. Now we knew Marge Simpson was posing in the upcoming issue of Playboy, but did we know she was posing in the upcoming issue of playboy? I think not

2. Is it a purse of a get well soon balloon for grandma?

3. The Vatican now welcomes married priests. Which confirms my suspicion, that they are just making sh*t up as they go along. 

4.Kanye West has got a new short film. Please watch it and let me know what the f*ck is going on. No really...I need your help.

5. Wrong Hole. Opps...and then I vomit.

6. Raindow bright got a make-over. And her tweentastic hot bod awaits a new generation of budding bulimics.

7. Those Vadge pendants are finally for sale...thank god.

9. Pantone, skin tone

10. @ readers, 36% of people under the age of 35 use Facebook or Twitter after sex.

Haha Tattoo.

But was it really a good idea in the long run? Probably not when the dog starts descending into the grass by himself as the years progress.

Halloween Countdown Prt 4: The Illegal Alien.

I laughed for a long time at this. Is that bad? Eh....Target took it down, it if was real in the first place. 


I literally live by this rule (which is probably why im no good with phone convos). And not enough people respect it's gangsta. Silence is golden.

My Problem with the new sexy ads spot where your own cloths cock block you.

1. This is a completely unrealistic scenario. I have yet to meet a dude that would let a phone call get in the way of  a hook up. Actually...I got left at a bar this weekend by a friend I hadn't seen in months, at a bar while he was in town to visit, just for the mere prospect that he was getting some action that night. In conclusion....being a guy, I know that a simplr phone call could not have gotten the best of any man...in the world. Truth.

2. That girl was really easy to please. Like....really easy.

3. I used the word cock in the title of this post....and for that I apologize.

I'm trying the ignore the pervert move of the guy in the spot sniffing his pants. The music was good. It was sexy. But pants replacing a dude...there's a hole in the plot there.  Fashion ads strike again.


Ho White.

Line: "Anything but sweet...."

I'm gonna go ahaead a file this under the same overall dislike I had for Pornochio. Is it a bad idea? No. But do I like tarnishing snow whites name? That's also a no. But ss it funny?


happy monday

I LOLed at this. did you?

Doesn't Mean Anything. Alicia Keys.

Im not sure if I completley agree with the premise but....nice song. Having it all could make me feel better about being single. Oh...and rock climbing without a harness, not to smart.

Should You Use Comic Sans?

VIA oneplusinfinity

My White Friends.

Im not sure who Duece Pappi is but this song is hysterical. Im not saying it's right....it's just kinda a truth. I kid, I kid. 

VIA bossip


Today's Special.

Have a good weekend guys! See you monday.

Indonesians want to be Black.

Stole this from CopyRanter. It's an ad for Clove Cigarettes. The idea and the sell and the Indonesian TA is supposedly as follows:

"...todays young adult Indonesians, our targets, want to be the actors of their life and stay true to their self. They are doers who dont want to be in the same position as the older generation. They aspire to have a different narration and fight to achieve their ambition and dreams they are a generation of starters who take action while others are waiting. They are todays modern heroes the action generation. Brand A is the pioneering, daring spirit of progressive Indonesia. And thats why Brand A is by their side as they Go Ahead."

So todays average Indonesian that smokes this brand of cloves want to be a better version of themselves, which involves black face??? Crazy, black, skinny doppelgangers. Within the past 2 weeks, this has been the 3rd incident of  blackface. I'm seriously missing something....

Agency: Bates 141

Rodman in Pink.

Yep....Dennis Rodman . Still crazy.

About Balloon Boy.

Everyone in my office was freaking out about "the kid who was trapped on a hot air balloon in Colorado" yesterday. 

My initial thought..."stupid f*cking kid." I couldn't say that outloud though. But now we know it was all a big publicity stunt.  Slightly more interesting is the video below of the Heene Family rapping. It was posted on youtube some 6 months ago. There is something intrinsically wrong about allowing your kids to say the word "Pussy" among other things.

VIA thedenveregoist

Who Says. John Mayer.

I knew he was a stoner. And the video is pretty good too (considering the crap that's released on a daily basis these days).



"alex sandwell kliszynski is a photographer who does wedding photography and portraits, but he has also produces curious series of art photography. what may seem like provocative portraits reveals something quite surreal. the models in his works have been transformed into barbie-like dolls..."
I dont know what's worse....the missing privates or the missing nipples. 

VIA designboom and dailyobsessional

The...Black Dynamite Trailer.

LMAO...is this real?

Defining Success.

Alex Bogusky (of you know where) has some wise words for young Creatives....or people who do creative work at agencies.

Am I going to be successful?

"Great question. This is a question that seems to be the hidden question behind most of the questions I get asked. And the answer is you probably will be successful but probably won‘t come in the form you’re imaging. Not even close. But when you realize it’s happened you’ll look up and it will feel good and it will be fulfilling."

I get it so how do I define success for myself?

"Be honest. Be respectful. Be good. Set positive goals for yourself that can benefit lot’s of people. You’ll have lot’s of support because what’s good for you is good for them. Some people think they have to knock somebody else to get into a top spot. I’ve know people that thought they needed to knock me down to get up the ladder. It rarely works that way because there is infinite room for success and you’ll just get distracted from your true goals."

So what do I do once I have a personal definition of success and a job too?

"...don't expect anyone else to be responsible for who you are or what you do..."

And finally

"Don't exaggerate. Don't complicate. Very humble versions of success can lead to a wonderful life adventure. You don’t have to make it seem grand for it to become grand as it becomes reality."

Haha...this dude and his post makes me feel like my dad is talking, specifically for me. And I love it. Read alot more words of wisdom here

I Wanna Be Where You Are. Michael Jackson.

I swear, You can't beat this. Ever....

Tune In: Race in Advertising.

Bill Green from Make the Logo Bigger and Angela Natividad of Adrants and MarketingVOX fame recently posted their first installment of AdVerve, which is actually a two-part epic discussion of racism in advertising with author Hadji Williams.

Check it out. Part 1, Part2

Pretty interesting discussion. Kudos for taking on a big issue so well


Jerk it Real Good.

VIA thedenveregoist

Halo Cloud over Moscow...who cares?

People are going ga ga-gooo goo bat sh*t crazy over some cloud formation that is hovering over Moscow. And as much as I want to say it's some Independence Day type of thing and Russia totally deserves it....this Meteorologist from FOX explains it....

And yes, I just did that. I just combined to the 2 most untrustworthy sources on earth: Fox and Meteorologists. Ha ha.

DISCLAIMER: If this was the beginning of District 9 in real life....then I would care. 

A little January, in October.

Speaking of Betty from Madmen. January Jones (who names their kid after a month?) just did a sexy spread in the upcoming issue of GQ. I'm not claiming her as a hot chick, because Joan has that show on lock for sexy....that's Joan from the show, not Christina Henddricks...

Don't get me wrong. January is a looker. But like I said before, Im not into blonds. Also, if you want to read, she use to date Ashton Kutcher who told her she should quit acting because she wasn't good enough. Which kinda confuses me because 1. she seems to do her job very well on the show and 2. Ashton Kutcher's break out role was in Dude Where's My Car and his next great accomplishment has yet to be released. So.....

Side Note: Other possible titles for this post....Getting Hot in January, It's Not the New Year but it still Sexy & Betty's Got Some Ample Boobs (<== my personal fav)

Blackface is really in now.

French Vogue decided to do blackface. I mean....I'm kinda at a loss for words here. Why didn't they just hire black models? Beacause they are trying to be offinsive and stir up controversy with no regard to the impact of an entire culture, a history of struggle and/or the possible backlash. But that is the very definition of the racial divide, in and of itself. It's like last weeks episode of Madmen, when Betty Draper said Civil Rights wasn't meant to happen at that particular moment in time. I got really irrate and yelled "slut" at the tv like she was real person. It's that indifference that always surprises me. It's never the act itself. It's the indifference. 

I can hear the editors say now....
"Oh yea...we didnt know that was still an issue.

You f*cktards, it's always an issue. 

I Love this Type Treatment.

And I too know nothing about it. 


Sex Therapy. Robin Thicke.

New music by Robin Thicke. Go ahead...have the sex. I won't judge.

Art is...

"Most people use paintbrushes and other drawing utensils to compose their art on canvases and paper. Cheeming Boey on the other hand, uses a Sharpie and depicts his art on Styrofoam cups. Ever since 2006, Boey started drawing on foam cups as a hobby and has now turned into a serious business. Each cup takes a few hours to several months to create and is sold for hundreds of dollars around the world."

...whatever you want it to be. See more here.

OK, this is kinda funny.

Allegedly, someone broke into Stevie Wonders twitter account (blank stare) and posted this. I mean....as f*cked up as it is. When I first saw it...I chuckled.
Blame the idea of twitter. Not me.


VIA jipc

Huh Wha.

Jeans that uhhh....well they, they.....ummmmm. They make scantely clad chic pop up all over the place. Yea. On the next episode of When Fashion Ads Dont Try...

Agency: Armando Testa in Turin, Sveden

Because I know you wanted it.

So if you don't know. I have a bit of an addiction to the show Real House Wives of Atlanta. I don't want to get too into it, but Kim Zolciak (the infamous white girl who no one really likes) made a song this season and used another housewife, Candi (former member of girl group Escape) to make the song....not bad. Now, Kim has no talent what so ever. She certainly cannot sing. But she drinks wine and smokes like a champ. She has a sugar daddy named Big Pappa. She wears a really bad wig. She is always dropping ridic amounts of money...but has no job. And she's not really a wife, per se. But without her, the show would be lop sided and just not as entertaining. 

And that's why I support this endeavor completely. And this song will be on my ipod tomm

"...But as I go deeper I'm discovering as Black people around the world & African Americans we are so indelibly linked to American culture and world culture it is almost impossible to not find our connections, inspiration, influence and involvement in virtually every aspect of American life. We go hard –– we go deep."
- Craig, from KMBA

Epic, epic statement. And true. A catch 22, and what alot of America doesn't understand. 

The Linkdown.

1. Every Kanye Sample, ever. See where Kanye gets his beats from. It's 10 minutes long, but it's eye opening. Does it explain his crazy? No. But it's pretty cool. 

2. Queen Oprah will fire anyone who gets their "O" on, in her property. Unemployment line for sex? That's not right.

3. I already crossed Australia off of my places to go-list a long time ago. This is one of the reasons. OK....you got me, it's the only reason. 

4. That Husky said "I Love You."  

6. I tried to get my education on, and watch the discovery of Manhatten and it's landscape ecology 400 years ago, but all I could think of..was how cheap the rent was back then. 

7. Ralph Lauren got called out for super skinny model also known as photoshopped  head on a stick. 

9. What a surprise, Michelle Obama is the decendent of slaves. Get out.....I have the NYTs next breaking story, the sky is blue. Whaaaa?!?!?!

10. A raptor Jesus Tattoo you say???

Halloween Countdown Prt 3: The Slut Pup.

Everyone knows that Halloween is that special time of year when girls can get away with dressing like sluts and skanks. And we dont question them. Inversly so, we are allowed to oggle and harass them, and that's ok too. Well now, you can your pup involved. Introducing, Doggy Slutty Costumes. 

Go ahead...throw that dog a bone. 


Toy Story 3 Trailer.

I cant believe that kid just threw away his toys like that. In my room at home-home I still have all my toys from my childhood stored away in my closet. I just dont have the heart to chuck them. Anyway, this is the trailer....enjoy.

Covering Oct.

Marg is just trying to get a little cash on the side. And Hugh is getting old and senile...reality and fiction are the same to him. 

Hey...it's Kobe.
Penelope Cruz has to be the most known actress in the game, known for nothing in particular. And she still cant loose that thick ass accent. Her and Selma Hayeck...
I mean...Heidi Klum has adjusted. 
Only a model can still have a flourishing career, even though everyone in the world knows they are a coke head. Meanwhile unemployment is sky high. 
ESPN's Body Issue. Serena posses naked- she is one of six athletes that will be gracing the cover.  I'm on the fence about this particular shot....