Hitler Q&A.

I answered...yes.


Throwback Thursday: I'm a MAAAAAANNNNNN....

Classic. No one does it like Muddy. They think they do.....but they dont.

ASICS makes spots?

OK, I'm not gonna lie. I've ben ragging on the print campaign. I found it useless. But the spot...is really nice. As an ex-runner myself, I completely understand. Elegant stuff.

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The Linkdown.

1. Introducing the Puppy Bowl players.

2. With black hair...Kate Moss looks like a hot light skinned chic.

5. Just a sip will get you HIIIGGGHHHH!

6. I didn't cry when I found out there was no Santa Cluase. But this....I feel like I should take her to small claims court.

7. When Tyra said androgynous...

8. UGGS that aren't that UGLY. Wow (still the logo).

9. What does American Apparel do when they think they have done every porn related ad there is. They draw it...

10. Finally, who does every single person in America want to be right now? Oprah's Half-Sister. Lucky bitch.


Wet. Snoop.

So everyone knows that one of the request of the princes of England was to have Snoop perform for them at thier bachelor party. I forget which one is getting married, so I think of them collectivly as a "they." So...they may be stoners, but Snoop decided to capitalize on this moment. Here's his new video, where he sortp spoofs hanging out with them. The song...in my opinion, is hot. Good car dance music.

This man really refuses to go anywhere. And I love it. For shizzle my nizzle.

Ring my Humpday bell!

Ive been feeling nostalgic about my music choices lately. todays them is 70s. When i listen to the playlist below, i can see me surrounded in disco lights roller-grooving to these jams. Enjoy! NOW GET TO HUMPING!


Get Paid to touch your Stuff.

"It is important always to remember that virtual contact cannot and must not take the place of direct human contact with people at every level of our lives..."

He should probably rethink this statement a bit. Virtual contact could've been a safety net. You know...a way for the cathoilc church NOT to considered a sanctioned safe house for monotone pedophiles around the world. Unless of coarse...there was a "To Catch a Predator" moment. But that's just good tv.

NBA Mascots take it to the house.

This is so silly. But I laughed and clapped like a kid. A Plus for the Midget in the Raptor Mascot. A PLus.

Who said Pigeon Carriers where out of Style?

Email...you best step your game up.


i want it

The Camera Lens Mug
buy one for me here

also i want to get one for my dad for fathers day, can you remind me? thanks.


What should you do Farve?

Oh a spoof on Lebron's spot. That's pretty funny. Last time... I told Lebron to do him. But this time, I'm gonna tell Farv-look-a-like ti stop inciting sex from laypeople. You are famous. What do you think they are gonna do with a picture of your Penis?

You need to go to professionals, man.

Have a good weekend Yall!

Ive been feeling in the 70s mood lately (music only) and cant wait till spring (yes already) so i can host a 70s dance party in central park- bellbottoms and all!!

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"You don't just come in on Sunday with a big banana. And expect everything to be peaches."

So deep, but yet utterly useless at the same time.
Pauly D. , the most complex man in America.


Apparently this ad was banned from this year's SuperBowl. Fox finally does something morally right (now let's get to canceling Bones).

I'm gonna play devil's advocate here. But if this spot was for anyone one but...oh, you know, the President of the United States....if could have been really funny. I get that point. But alas...it isn't.

The out right, lack of respect for the current President of the United States speaks volumes about this country. And the fact that we have the ricest 3% of the nation in full support of it, makes it even more sad.

What if a wall in your house, was a garage door?

Your house would probably look like this one. Sick.
You think that view is photoshopped? Raise your hand if you're envious.


Sarah's bated breath.

Sarah Palin breathing.

Taken from her speech about the attacks in Arizona...this is probably the smartest and well crafted this this woman has said in a long time. Oh wait...this is a mash-up of those in between moments.


Touch Me.


6'7". Lil Wayne.

Lil' Wayne - 6' 7" (Feat. Cory Gunz) by themightyhealthy

I tried to wait for the video....but I couldn't. This gets me amped.

Stiffy Drugs, for hard places.

You will be so horny....that everything, EVERY THING will look like a bed. My question is....why not just find a bed?

Dancers Among Us.

Dancers Among Us is an ongoing project by Jordan Matter featuring top professional dancers in everyday situations around New York City. There were no trampolines or other devices used for these images, just thousands of hours of training!

Cool idea. Cool Project. One day...I hope to learn how to do the windmill. You know...like, outside the 59th street station, on some cardboards with porfessional b-boppers. Yep. I dream big.

Turtle Power (live action opener).

Annnd, there is no better way to start a Tuesday. I want to watch the sh*t out of this cartoon right now. Errrrr....sadness (I'm bipolar).

You got box mouth.

OK....that's pretty good Y&R. Relevant.


MLK Day: We Cannot Walk Alone.

In days like these, it is easy to forget those who paved the way. And while a blog post doesn't do it enough justice, year in and year out I have tried to commemorate this day with one of the many speeches of Martin Luther King Jr. that speaks to a struggle we can all relate to. While the injustices and inequalities of today simply take on new and evolved forms, we can celebrate. We can thank the people of the past that suffered for our future. We can take 10 minutes out of our day to reflect. We can hide our excel sheets, put away out text books, drop our tools of profession and listen. We may not be "free at last." We can dream. All of America...can dream.

New Girl Talk

download the latest album, all day here.

he is coming to ny 2/24 at terminal 5. who wants to go with me?!!

If Sharks Tale happened in real life.

"Eat both squares please." Nice work from BBDO NY. Can't wait to make stuff that is this ridiculous (and the client approves it).

And then when you are done with that...check out this "no duh" ambient idea. Niiiiiiicccceeee (as long as it doesn't turn into some type of Saw movie).

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The Linkdown: It is...what it is.

1. So you thought that Zodiac tattoo was a good idea huh?

3. Crosshairs planted over a map of our country or bullet hole billboards...which one is worse (f*cking idiots)?

4. Authentic Crown of Thorns....on sale now. Act fast (three day sale).

5. This baby knows quality.

6. Gyllenhaal has got himself a metrocard. Gotcha Jakey Poo.

7. Speaking of the NY transit system.... A rat crawling all over a sleeping man on the Subway. You might as well put me down if this happened to me (and someone recorded it, instead of telling me).

8. Dog genocide, looks like Switzerland is taking a page from history. Neutral....huh?

9. Fat-finger Errors. I've already taught my smart phone that "U" means "you." They are like puppies....you just need to teach them.

10. What happens when old technology meets new kids (that are French, no less)?

11. Ricky Gervais...DAMN! He went in on the Stars!

12. Simpsons Porn trailer. Wishes do come true.

The Oven Chair.

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Inception by Jackass.

Pretty solid movie spoof from the boys of Jack Ass. There sure were alot of award shows this weekend. Maybe...just maybe I can pull myself together enough to talk about them. Or not.


For Mom....

That is a bargain though.....

Rocketeer. Far East Movement.

From the same guys who brought you "Like a G6." Who knew that they were actual musicians. Diggin this track!


Covering Jan 2011.

This cover speaks volumes. I'm just saying.

Just a reminder about what happened last time (and will possible happen again tonight).
And I love a good head line.

Awww....don't you just want to get a tattoo of this kid on your thigh?

A few quotes from Snookie new book.
Eh...why not.

Vogue makes fun of falling runway models, just like we do.

This one.
Cause we were all confused by your sexuality before.

Every 2010 Vogue cover, on one. Very cool.

Ok, so these have been on my desktop since last year.....some it's more like Covering Dec 2010. Just deal with it, ok.

The Yogi Bear Movie: Alternate Ending.

I would go see it if it ended like this. A brother (bear) has got to make that money.

Love quotes on a Tuesday.

I couldn't agree more.



"The day I need a friend like you, I'll take a squat and shit one out."

And when your done with this...here are the other 100 greatest.



See more of these fair flowers here. Gorgeous stuff. By Aleksey Marina.

"Oh wow...."

"Oh wow..." is the only thing I could say when I found this gem on KMBA. At first I thought it was an ad for a sex shop. Then I read the copy....and I was utterly confused. But after reading....

"It's part of a self promo package (no pun intended... seriously) developed by Argentinian agency NNSS. The link I found was old, but the agency still has this work featured on the home page of their website (just scroll down a bit when you hit the page). They were/are trying to take advantage of favorable exchange rates between the Argentine peso and the US dollar, the Euro, and many Asian currencies. I guess the message is something like, "the same 60 euros that will ONLY buy you a blue dildo in Europe will buy you a well-hung black guy with a funny haircut in Argentina. What a bargain!" Nothing like a favorable exchange rate to make a brother more attractive to a global audience."

It's about the European exchange rate? Really. So it wasn't enough comparing a dildo to living person. And it wasn't enough outlining that person's package to an almost NSFW level. And then he's a black dude? I get it...I truly do. Capitalize of the myth (in some cases...if you know what I mean **wink***) of the large black penis. But atleast if it was just a sex toys ad, they would just be saying that getting the toy would just be cheaper that the man. And the only comparison to the man and the toy would be largeness of the pelvis area.

But no....when you bring money into it, you are actually comparing the worth of this African American man, with that of a blue dildo. No matter who wins in the long run, the fact that the comparison takes place is offensive. FACT. Pour it on there, Argentina. Your dark skin people must love this shit, cause in America....they would be on your ass.



today we evaluate...

After two previous mixtapes that went unnoticed, here is one you have to download. The self-proclaimed Savior of Carolina is working it on these tracks. As a fan of hip hop-
I dont care where you (the rapper) came from, how poor you were, how much money you have, how much ass you get. What i want is a good story, original rhymes (and i dont mind the occasional line or melody from a throwback), a great flow, fantastic diction, and clever syntax.
"you call it rhymes I call it clearing out my mind
was just a young boy staring out my blind"
Most songs i like sound like early kanye, not the rhyme but the produced track. Which i have to say this is the only fault i can find from these tracks. Although, I am a sucker for old school samples; I mean to bring Aaliyah back with J.Cole --- thats fucking hot.
"Back to the topic-actually forgot it
Hoes, money, I’m the shit… oh yea I’m reminded
The way I put the words together cleverly align them"

out of 5 thoughts i give it 4 thoughts.
Must listen to:
In the Morning, Best Friend, You got it.

So you though YOU were a fan.

Now you're gonna have to one up her....get Jacob likeness on yout face. Go!!!

Diesel's Fresh and Bright Super Heros (with bottomless wallets).

When in doubt....porn them out. I could care less about this. What I want to complain about is why Diesel thinks they can sell underwear for $26. For one damn pair???

If I ever purchases one pair of undies for over $20, you all better watch the f*ck out. Cause I will be wearing them for atleast 2 weeks straight (that's 3 packs od Hanes-including weekend wear...inwhich changing is negotiable). Starch stench...I'll be.

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