on being a man: say no to manty hose.

this is probably the most valuable life lesson i discuss on this blog (past, present or future).

As a general rule of living....
A man....does NOT wear panty hose. 

I recently ran into this under false pretenses that it had something to do with men's fashion. This, however is not manly. And it is not fashion. NO matter how you try to wear them.

As a naive young explorer........negative.
Straddling a suitcase.....especially not.
All bad ass with your chic.....that's a joke right?
Crossing your legs.....makes it like ten times worse......

I am forced to assume that this is a horrible joke being played on all of MANkind. The site claims the that they are,"support pantyhose... to help your legs, to prevent DVT & varicose veins, and to stimulate your circulation." But I can see though their lies. No matter how you try to justify this impeding joke, in the end you are simply this guy

Don't get bamboozled people. People are idiots. Don't be one of them. 

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