round 3: my friend joe.

So, I did it again. I allowed the future of our country, to take precedent over another one of my favorite show's finale. I will not mention the show, as it could lead to ridicule. I watched the final presidential debate last night. This will be brief, as I'm kinda tired of talking about the same thing over and over (and I actually have work to do).

1. If Joe the Plumber is real, I expect Joe Six Pack to get some media coverage as well. I do not think they are the same person though. I'm just saying.... 

2. My anxiety was put to ease when I tuned in to see both candidates sitting down and not roaming the floor like I was at some type of seminar and the Self Help speaker was telling me how to manage my bills. Bob Schieffer did a good job at keeping the ball rolling and allowing both guys to speak their minds....or roll their eyes, "air quote" etc. Just an fyi...my 13 year old niece "air quotes" when she is arguing with her mom. She is a freshman in high school and she never wins the argument.

3. Unlike the last debate...there was a very interesting question which sparked some drama. Regarding "negative campaigning" McCain exposed some raw emotion about some of the things Obama has been saying about him. But on the reverse side, he basically said that Obama brought the negative campaign messages on himself by not agreeing to have town hall meetings with him early in the campaign trail. Did anyone catch that? He said Obama mas being called a terrorist, because he didnt do what McCain told him to do. Very old boys club of him. 

4. In my opinion Obama won, hands down won this one. He was cool and collective (except for the occasional stutter) and explained everything (except for ACORN...which I refuse to look up fro myself). There is all this talk about the "undecided voters" and McCain was way to revved up to truly gain their allegiance last night. He seemed angry with the situation. How did it all come to this? My hopes and dream....arghhhhhhh. A fav blogger of mine sums it up with a nice little song- the remix to Deborah Cox's 1998 hit "Nobody's Supposed to Be Here." McCain is

How did this Obama guy get here?
He's not supposed to be here.
It's bad enough I got beat by Bush last time.
My Purple heart says no, no.
He's not supposed to be here.
Then Obama came along making me lose my mind.
I really wish there were verses. Did anyone else notice how Michelle and Cindy were all cold to each other. Cat fight? I'd pay to see that. 


www.steelcloset.com said...

That song is classic in our circles? Especially the faster raver remix.

www.steelcloset.com said...

Forget the question mark. Replace with an exclamation point!