virtual ad space. obama vs. mccain.

so, on the hoopla surrounding the Obama ads in video games: i think it is a little silly. Innovative? Yes. Does it deserve the media placement award of the year? Perhaps. But is it relevant? Ehhhh...video game addiction is a tough opponent. I don't think the placement carries any more value than hearing their favorite song as they kill a cop and steal his car. It's just part of the game-their own world of shallow perceptions.

Whats more exciting I think, is the ad space McCain took out in response:

ok, they are fake....but come on, if McCain did try the same stunt, these would be the games he'd be keen to. Cause...you know.... he is all old and stuff. More executions here. McCain is so "the cartridge game that you have to blow before it works properly."

*side note- i was really good at Duck Hunt and i miss it greatly.

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