Average Joe.

meet the person of the day...Joe McCain.

Yes, he is John McCain's brother. Yes, he called 911 to complain about being stuck in traffic. And yes, he cussed out 911. Read more hear.
Personally, I am a little distraught about the lack of creativity in the McCain family when it comes to picking baby names. John and Joe? How boring and conservative can one lineage be? Being a hot head obviously runs in the genes, but couldn't momma McCain at least consult a baby book? 

Or maybe there were no books back then. Or hospitals. Or electricity. Or monkeys. Because...you know...he is all old and sh*t.

*hat tip to anonymous commenter for putting me on to this story.


Anonymous said...

anonymous commenter says yer welcum

its fuckin aoife

shaun. said...

lol. yes, i knew who you were. i just played along so that you would take that extra 3 secs to type your name in.