Round 2: no knock outs, but stadium seating is available.

I, like many other American's last night, was forced to make a decision between watching the season finale of MTV's Making the Band (which I totally regret) or supporting the future of this country. I choose...the latter. And I feel like I will never get that 90 minutes of my life back. A few points if you will:

1. Upon some research- asking older generations- I discovered that McCain requested the "town hall" interviewing style that my brain was subjected to last night. It made me uncomfortable. All the pacing and the lack of a podium. Remember when Bill Clinton went on TRL (RIP) to answer the questions of high school students? This was not the same. The expressionless audience made me think I was at a wake. And I could've been...with McCain marching around looking like he was one hair plug joke away from a heart attack. They didn't pick the most literate of audience members (clearly they didn't have as much time as Palin to practice reading from their notes). My thoughts: Stand still old man...you are making me nervous, and you are far too close to me. And her name is Ingrid Jackson....she just asked you a question. And where is the beer guy? I got $5 and a quenched pallet.  

2. Tom Brokaw. Sni-PPY.

3. Both candidates did well. But McCain had such an undertone of sarcasm throughout the entirety of the debate. I took it negativly, but I'm sure the rest of america didn't catch that. What you didn't know, is that McCain just got back from touring the Mediterranean with a small troupe of vagabond comedians and he had some left over material he had to get off his chest. "Im here all night." He also, has apparently added some new facebook friends we are unaware of (or atleast has some requests lingering out there). And...for the record, if someone on the street referred to me as "that one," and pointed nonchalantly back at me like I was his pet monkey (like he did to Obama), there would be a street fight. Haaaaaaduuugennnnn!

4. In the end, the debate didn't really make a difference. We all know who we are voting for- we are Americans. We are just watching this crap for fun. It's like some type of modern day gladiator fight. We are waiting for someone to get their heads chopped off, but in reality...these guys have their set strategies. But if you ask me...I think we are winners. After Sarah Palin completely murdered the term "maverick," we were lucky enough to get through a hour and thirty minutes without wondering what Tom Cruise was up to. The answer: Scientology, duhhhhhh.

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