oh yeah...Yom Kippur

I almost forgot...

Sure...the fair people of the Jewish religion just got a few days off last week, but hey...who am I to judge. I'm just one of the 8 gentiles sitting here in an office off of Madison Ave which has come to a complete and utter stand still. I just went to refill my coffee and I had to wait behind a tumble weed (ba-dum-ching..."im here all week.")
But hey...atleast I got to eat today. You should've saw the exodus from our office yesterday around 4pm.

My day so far.....
  • for the second day in a row, my dunkin donuts lady tried to up-sell me this morning. I get the same thing everyday, but for some odd reason she keeps asking me if I want a coconut donut with my coffee. Which makes no sense...because no one else is being asked that. I have never brought a donut from them before. And I hate coconut. It kinda pissed me off, because I have also noticed that the coffee price went from a convenient $2.05 to a horrid $2.27. I mean...who has 27 cents lying around? And who likes coconut donuts?
  • I then spilled my large coffee all over my keyboard. This is the second time I have done this within a month...
  • I played online tetris for about 2 hours.
  • And I have listened to the entire White Album at least three times.

And that's it. A good Yom Kippur to me. And to you.



Anonymous said...

aha b reilz has been enjoying yom kippur too : )

laila said...

she totally stereotypin u with that coconut donut.