these ads are so gay.

Adcouncil has just debuted a new campaign, thinkb4youspeak.com. The campaign highlights the use of the terms "That's so Gay." Check out the first spot here

This is their print campaign. 

OK, so I understand this PSA. Terminology is used in a way that is slanderous to a certain demographic. Creative execution (or lack there of) aside, there is no way that the words "faggot" and "dyke" are in the same arena a "That's so Gay." And thats a fundamental flaw in this idea. These words are not in the same league. Or are they? 

I once asked a gay friend of mine if calling things "Gay" was offensive, and their response...."well, how gay was it?" I think, what they should be targeting are all the frat boys who call each other "fags."

Im just playing devils advocate here. This campaign is just a little shallow for my liking. There's like half of a thought here and then they seem to throw in terms to stir up emotions. What do you think?

And in the end....will these ads work? Or are the kids that they are targeting gonna simply call them gay?