banned ads for no reason.

the people of the UK have spoken. another one bites the dust. With 32 official complaints (that's whopping),"Viewers complained the adverts condoned teenage pregnancy and under-age sex." I however, thought it was funny. The spot is trying to promote an alternative to water with this rebellious Cactus Kid character and his white trash girlfriend  (no worries, I'm in the clear for usage of the term white trash - as a native Texan gave me the authority). 
But the Brits seem to be missing the blatant flaw in logic. Besides this being a fake movie trailer, with a make believe character made from a cactus....the simple fact that cacti cannot have sex...should put an end to this debate. Unless there is cactus protection. And specialized cactus KY gel. Or was the cactus sperm artificially inseminated? 

Exactly. 32 people across the pond didn't have enough tea and crumpets for the day and just wanted to cause a ruckus. Because lord forbid you spend less time quipping up letters of complaint, and more time talking to your kids about...hmmm, I don't know, maybe sex. 

BTW, this is still a bad ad. I get the hyperbole, but Who doesn't like water?

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