tennis meets the street.

Ok, I try my best not to talk about celebrity stuff on this here blog. Infact, I try to keep it to quotes and life lessons/persons of the day. But lets talk about the relationship b/t Serena Williams and Common.

Like Ive stated earlier...I consider Common to be like one of the coolest cats in the world. Sure, he stays being in movies and only has about three lines on average. But he is my idol (in coolness). So....imagine my surprise when I was informed by a being of an older generation that Common and Serena were dating. 


And I happen to love myself some Serena, on the tennis court, grunting and barreling to net for a short ball. I love it. But Common....is too cool to be dating Serena Williams. While others would say that Common is dating Magilla Guerilla....(ahem, you know who you are)...I hold steady in my opinion that Common is simply too f*cking cool and should be paired with someone of higher stature (think Brad and Angelina).

 I dont think Serena is ugly, but this blog post from thesuperficial.com made me laugh long...and hardy. I had to share.

Tennis star Serena Williams went surfing yesterday in Hawaii with her rapper boyfriend Common. Whoa, wait. I understand she's built for strength not beauty, but she's dating Common? Jesus, I wonder how often they have this conversation:

COMMON: Baby, I did it again - with a grizzly bear. I really, really thought it was you this time. Honest. I'm so sorry.
COMMON: Damn! Gimme that sugar.
COMMON: I'm gonna make this right, girl.
SERENA: *enters room* Common?
COMMON: Go away, bear! I'm trying to love my woman.

I was laughing so hard...I couldnt breath. 


Mister Maya said...

What's wrong with Serena?! You said Tennis Meets Street . . . and judging by the second photo, I'm thinking Street likey some Tennis.

shaun. said...

i love myself some serena.
but Common is too cool for her. i mean...its Common.

Anonymous said...

did i ever tell you my serena and venus mtv story? they stole. TRASHAY.