Madmen, hot women.

One of my parental units reads the New York Post everyday (I wont say which one, to save the embarrassment). And I am always trying to deter her/him from public humiliation. I have been known to say things like...."It's got more pictures than a comic book," and "Would you like a juice box with that news paper?" And then I add my own ba-doom-ching. I may or may not say that to their face, but I am definitely ALWAYS thinking it. 

But whatever, situation: I'm at breakfast with said parent and I literally  rip the paper from the assailant's hands to find Christina Hendricks, the b*tchy cold traffic girl from Madmen bearing her chest to the public. Click here if you would like to read about her interview. Or....just do like I did and read with your tongue.

...and just like that, a red head is added to my list of hot celebs.


Kiss my black ads said...

"read with your tongue." LOL, HAAAAAAAAA!

Anonymous said...

oh man i love reba too. she is so spicy on that show.