minority advertising.

one of the things they tell you in ad school, is not to get caught up in "segmented" agencies when looking for a real job. You know...the phrama, the minority, the B2B...yada, yada, yada. But sometimes, I think minority based ads really hit the spot. It's about more than simply putting the minority in an ad and tacking on some urban slang. You really have to draw on a real cultural connection. And they did that in the spot below. Mary J. Blidge, in every part of here life....that's a cultural heart string. This ad was made by someone who understands the culture. Check the expressions on each of the Marys....it's on point.

And for the record....it is smart, relevant minority targeted advertising like this spot, that makes me cringe when I am forced to watch hispanic puppets sing for 30  secpnds. And you know what else.....putting a pack of gum in Chris Brown's premature dancing hands, isnt cutting it either. 

That's called...stepping up your game.

Agency: Sanders/Wingo

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