about a decade too late.

Geee wiz golly, I wish I had this convenient audio book guide about the whens and whys of having sex for the first time back when i was a kid. It would have shaved at least four year off of my current sex life. Because according the accented narrator....I am still not ready....

Oh, and when your done, you must check the Q&A section. It contains nuggets of gold such as this:

Q. How can I tell if my penis is big enough?

A. The simple answer is that it's almost certainly big enough, boys are all kinds of shapes and sizes. Remember people are interested in your personality, too. Have a look at some of these links for more information.

Phewwww.....that's one down. Now you must excuse me as I figure out everything there is to know about girls (or atleast Jill).


gone said...
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socialedisturbed. said...

where's my friggin tat u MORON!>

shaun. said...

i guess i can givr it to you since its you bday and all. but we need to work out a schedule...cause i def have to wake up earlier for the hand off.