talking couches and hispanic mermaids.

as I've noted earlier...I spend alot of my weekends at the home of my significant other, which correlates directly with no cable. If there is one commercial that stands out in my mind as the spokes person for basic television...its this one.

Upon a little research (google), I discovered that this is not Optimum's first commercial. Now...when I first saw this commercial, I was a bit disturbed at their....ummmm, grotesque audience targeting. But upon watching the second spot, I am left wondering who exactly left their edit button at home. 

Is it me, or are these ridiculously racist? Or does the utter craziness of the spot's actual content nullify the fact that they are horribly stereotyping all of NY's Hispanic market(which is rather large).  

Ok, you got me....I do love myself some puppets....ustedes!

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