The Linkdown.

This is my attempt to break the sad monotony of video posts. Sorry guys...I have entered the eye of the storm...and I have officially changed my name to Tobe.

1. remember when you carve letters into your own face...you gotta do the opposite of what's in the mirror.

2. if you put all the Gays and Lesbians in one school....doesn't that make them, like...sitting ducks for discrimination? Just a question.

3. I (thesuperficial) found the real terrorist. Talk about stealing natural resources...(ba-dum-ching).

4. Bill has had one too many cups of pudding. Sadly, I actually think he actually lost his mind.

5. Shannon's out. "Can stop, will stop..eh, eh, eh." *single tear*

6. $100 G for what!?!?!? Swimming. You dont want to know what I would do for $100 Gs.

7.the first attempt on Obama's life. Yes, I said first.

Okay...I gotta get back to photoshop. Call me crazy....but is an AD's deadline a little bit stricter than the average copy writers? Cause, hot damn I'm in a crunch and my copy writer is watching SNL skits. Whap. Whap. (I jest...but really though).

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