pepsi has an idea.

"...Its (Pepsi's) strategy involves three years; $1.2 billion; a complete packaging, merchandising and marketing overhaul of its soft drinks -- and a reduced reliance on BBDO, the shop that put it on the map nearly 50 years ago."

Damn, if I was a pepsi fan, I would be heated. They are changing the look of all thier brands, and judging by some of the comments at the bottom of that linked page-"The pepsi bottles sure do resemble wrinkly penis,'"- I don't think they asked their loyal drinking base first. 

And to the $1.2 billion...I thought we were in a recession?


Kelly J said...

that "O" totally makes it look like pepsi is supporting obama.

Kathryn said...

Looks cheap. But I agree with the first comment. Ride that wave, Pepsi.

Anonymous said...

i love the label - the bottle looked goofy to me and now i see it def does look like old peen.